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To think that Turkeys Voted for Christmas?

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StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 13:45

NC. This could appear goady but honestly it's a genuine confusion to me.

According to what we are led to believe by the media / some people on MN, "northerners" (as a generic group) voted for Conservatives because they are disadvantaged and fed up with the north south divide among other reasons.

How come disadvantaged Londoners voted Labour? I work in support sector and many people in my care will be in shelters this Christmas, and others rely on food banks. They were saddened and disheartened by Labour's loss and felt the Conservatives in no way represent them. This is on top of the Tory devised hostile environment and Windrush scandal making peoples' lives hell.

I understand that people are / have been pissed off and wanted to have their voices heard. But WHY would the very communities ravaged by the Tories in the 80's vote for them?

Why is it that Corbyn who lives in a very modest way, in Upper Holloway and who went to grammar school is seen as less acceptable than an old Etonian millionaire proven liar? How can Boris Jonson be seen as someone who can help the north south divide or to champion the working class FFS??

I completely accept Corbyn's leadership has been poor and don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan. BUT, given the alternative, I can't understand HOW working class people could vote for Johnson?

AIBU to think the turkeys just voted for Christmas?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


You have one vote. All votes are anonymous.

Trewser · 15/12/2019 14:23

Yet another post calling Tory voters stupid. It's getting very boring now

I'm finding it quite entertaining. The hubris pre-election compared to the panic now.

And no, that doesn't mean I hate poor people. I don't believe Labour would have done anything to help them anyway.

The80sweregreat · 15/12/2019 14:23

I was out all day Friday so it took a while for the news to filter to me that the seats in the north had gone blue. I went to bed Thursday still a bit hopeful that the polls were wrong.

I've watched a few interviews since and mostly it was a combo of distrust about labour and its leader and wanting to get on with things. If labour had won they would have put brexit on the ' back burner' ( done a deal , voted against it then tried to have another referendum) and the British people didn't want this. Neither did they want article 50 revoked.
The Brexit party didn't stand in areas the tories needed to target so they had their strategy in place straight away. Slogans helped ; people believe in slogans.
' labour isn't working' poster in the 80s was another good example of how words can be powerful and the tories can employ the best in order to get the message across even if it's dodgy or not strictly true!
The tories are just good at elections. Labour could do with a few spies in the camp and learn a few tricks.
I'm still gutted about the result though , but there is little point being so as we live on a democracy and this is how it works.

TheGirlFromStoryville · 15/12/2019 14:24

I voted Conservative (safe Tory seat)
Grew up in Liverpool but now live elsewhere - still in the NW though.

Tribal politics really annoys me tbh, voting the same as your parents, grandparents etc just because.
The danger for Labour is that tribalism gave them many safe seats but that link has now been broken.

Towns such as Redcar etc didn't improve much AFAIK under Blair's government and maybe they thought it was time for a change. Combined with Brexit and Corbyn it became a perfect storm imo.
Corbyn was clearly eurosceptic, judging by his voting record - maybe he should have been allowed to be honest about his opinions rather than his disastrous neutral stance. His stubbornness re apologising over AS in the LP was another big issue.

I hope Labour can reflect and reform to bridge the schism in their party. It's imperative to have a strong opposition in any democracy.

koshkat · 15/12/2019 14:24

Don’t compare people who created wealth for this country by doing backbreaking work in pits etc and got abandoned when they didn’t create profit anymore to fucking turkeys.


StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 14:25

Corbyn thinks that men can magically become women. He holds the same made beliefs as Swinson and look how well that went for her. He was going to not only amend the GRA but also the EA2010 which is VERY scary for women

That's not why they lost the election though is it.

OP posts:
Trewser · 15/12/2019 14:25

Everyone's a bit sick of Londoners saying they have it worse than anyone tbh. Try and visit some of the northern towns who voted Tory.

MidnightCircus · 15/12/2019 14:27

Flowers Wine feel better now OP? we now Labour are the best party, nay, the ONLY party with morals and who care, aren't racist etc, but basically, nearly half the country didn't agree and thought the Tories were best. If you do not understand why, is there any point trying to explain why? Would you listen? Why don't you ask lib dem voters why they didnt vote Labour btw?

ssd · 15/12/2019 14:27

@koshkat, spot on. People who lost mining jobs would never have voted tory. Thatcher destroyed them.

koshkat · 15/12/2019 14:28

Stormzy it is the reason that many women did not vote for them. But yes, I agree that there are so many other issues that this is just one of them.

x2boys · 15/12/2019 14:29

Pr,haps rather than just shouting people down and calling them thick for having a difference of opinion you need to.ask i why people felt they had no other option than to vote conservative, Leigh ,s town local to me traditionally working class and traditionally Labour voters now have a conservative MP for the first time ever,are they all just thick do you think of did they fell they had no option, being rude and obnoxious on social media is hardly going inspire people to vote Labour .

ThroughThickAndThin01 · 15/12/2019 14:30

when exactly have I called people stupid?

If you do not understand the phrase ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’ OP, I suggest you stop using it.

koshkat · 15/12/2019 14:30

People who lost mining jobs would never have voted tory. Thatcher destroyed them.

And the current Momentum crew have no interest in the working classes other than to berate them for not doing as they are told. Is it any fucking wonder they have given up on Labour?

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 15/12/2019 14:30


Trewser · 15/12/2019 14:31

If you do not understand the phrase ‘turkeys voting for Christmas’ OP, I suggest you stop using it

X 2

StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 14:32

@crispy The thing is, Boris at least went and did the schmoozing and listened to people and is probably fairly likeable. He’s sort of an “apologetic toff”. “Yes yes, I know, I’m a posho! I have silly hair - let’s have a beer though and tell me about your thoughts”. He did it very well. His speech thanking people for lending him their vote was also believably humble and in good taste. Corbyn’s refusal to accept any responsibility for his catastrophic defeat on the other hand shows how HE DOES NOT FUCKING LISTEN TO PEOPLE. Corbyn is unlikeable and standoffish. No one wants to have a beer with him. No one relates to him. He pretends he’s one of the people but isn’t and couldn’t give a straight answer re Brexit preference.

This is a really interesting comment. I can very much see your point on some of this. I get (and agree) that Corbyn came across as prickly / gets riled up too easily and wasn't relaxed or humourous. And of course Boris is lighthearted and quick witted and if you didn't know anything about his views and behaviour you might get the impression he is likeable.

HOWEVER- this doesn't change who is actually the more decent person? Despite his many flaws I'd say Corbyn with his 40 years of public service has the edge on Johnson in terms of charity and decency. Johnson is a self declared racist homophobic and has said some awful things. And yet this can all be brushed under the carpet because he's funny??

Contrary to what many posters have tried to accuse me of, I have never accused anyone of being stupid. But in your comment above, you seem to have done just that, perhaps unwittingly. You've suggested that to the "red wall" type voters, Johnson was able to win them over through style rather than substance.

OP posts:
Awwlookatmybabyspider · 15/12/2019 14:33

Poor people voting Tory is like
Turkeys Voting for Christmas.

NameChangeNugget · 15/12/2019 14:33

Get over the result OP and have a quiet word with yourself

MrsAgassi · 15/12/2019 14:33

Given the numbers involved it is impossible that everyone that voted Tory is thick and wealthy.

Why are Corbyn supporters so arrogant to assume that they are morally and intellectually superior beings?

There is a whole myriad of reasons why people choose to vote a certain way.

crispysausagerolls · 15/12/2019 14:33

Why is it people are prepared to overlook these aspects of Johnson but rip into corbyn

  1. corbyn is supposed to represent the many, not the few. Few people could afford a 700k house.
  2. corbyn is not likeable. As I said in my post, his response to the election is everything. He comes across as a serious and angry, unpleasant man. Boris is charismatic and likeable. You may not personally agree; but many do. He did the baking of the pies and the milk deliveries and PEOPLE LIKED IT.
TheGardenFairy · 15/12/2019 14:34

Poor Jeremy. The hardship he must have faced. Heartbreaking! 💔😭

What on earth makes you think JC has had anything less than a privileged life?

Just because he wears the same bloody navy suit every time we see him doesn't mean he can relate to anybody suffering hardship and poverty. He is a scruffy git by choice rather than need.

To think that Turkeys Voted for Christmas?
crispysausagerolls · 15/12/2019 14:34

Ah sorry - x posted let me read your response to me

Trewser · 15/12/2019 14:34

HOWEVER- this doesn't change who is actually the more decent person? who knows? Unless you know them personally you will never know.

Boris has a cute terrier though which helps Grin

koshkat · 15/12/2019 14:35

Johnson is a self declared racist homophobic I do not remember him 'declaring' this?

ThroughThickAndThin01 · 15/12/2019 14:35

Stupid then Awlookatmybabyspider?

FFSFFSFFS · 15/12/2019 14:35

People don't want Socialism.

Socialism has provided time and time and TIME again to not work as a model.

It has also proved time and time and TIME again to be closely linked to totalitarian regimes which don't tolerate dissent and don't let people hold any other opposing views. (Sound familiar).

And it was Corbyn who made this election about Socialism. One of the biggest political own goals in history.

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