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To think that Turkeys Voted for Christmas?

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StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 13:45

NC. This could appear goady but honestly it's a genuine confusion to me.

According to what we are led to believe by the media / some people on MN, "northerners" (as a generic group) voted for Conservatives because they are disadvantaged and fed up with the north south divide among other reasons.

How come disadvantaged Londoners voted Labour? I work in support sector and many people in my care will be in shelters this Christmas, and others rely on food banks. They were saddened and disheartened by Labour's loss and felt the Conservatives in no way represent them. This is on top of the Tory devised hostile environment and Windrush scandal making peoples' lives hell.

I understand that people are / have been pissed off and wanted to have their voices heard. But WHY would the very communities ravaged by the Tories in the 80's vote for them?

Why is it that Corbyn who lives in a very modest way, in Upper Holloway and who went to grammar school is seen as less acceptable than an old Etonian millionaire proven liar? How can Boris Jonson be seen as someone who can help the north south divide or to champion the working class FFS??

I completely accept Corbyn's leadership has been poor and don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan. BUT, given the alternative, I can't understand HOW working class people could vote for Johnson?

AIBU to think the turkeys just voted for Christmas?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


You have one vote. All votes are anonymous.

WobblyAllOver · 15/12/2019 14:05

OP saying turkeys voting for Christmas is the same as saying they are stupid.

R1R2 · 15/12/2019 14:05

Wonder why you were punished so badly in these supposed northern labour strongholds. Maybe its because you're all for the working class as long as they do what you tell them. Keep the attitude up and you will never be in power again.

StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 14:05

@DullPortraits yes but the polls are showing that Brexit apparently only accounted for 17% of the reason for people's vote. Apparently leadership was the biggest factor.

OP posts:
Sparkletastic · 15/12/2019 14:06

Interesting article in the Guardian today where the journalists visits ex mining town to interview lifelong Labour voters who switched to the Conservatives in this last election. Extremely negative views of Corbyn (including that he is 'unpatriotic') and a desire to leave the EU due to perception that it would make Britain Great again seemed widespread.

Tellmetruth4 · 15/12/2019 14:06

It’s because of Brexit. The ‘red wall Northerners’ (yay another new identity!) wanted Brexit because they think it will benefit them in some way and know the Tories will give it to them. Once phase 1 of Brexit is over, the votes are all to play for again especially as they’ll see no tangible benefits during this parliament.

Wtfdoipick · 15/12/2019 14:06

It's cos we is thick init. That thick that we can't remember what the last 2 labour governments did to the country, We is that thick that we think that the economy is probably in safer hands with those cruel tories. That selfish that we are not worried at all about what it would do to disadvantaged people if Labour completely bankrupted the country.

Just thick selfish bastards

StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 14:06

@Trewser how did Labour come across as if they didn't give a shiny shit about people lives compared to the Tories??

OP posts:
StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 14:08

All those saying "not another one" "give it a rest" "just get on with your life and enjoy Christmas" ... I assume that a) you voted Tory or b) you're so wealthy that you have nothing to worry about.

OP posts:
Justanotherlurker · 15/12/2019 14:09

This is best way to approach the biggest electoral defeat since the 30's

The same rhetoric that you have used for the past 3 years was shown to work on thursday, so any intelligent person would double down on it.

It would be comical if this type of thread wasn't appearing across social media. It really shows who is in fact lacking in any form of critical thinking.

Kinder, Gentler, Politics.... that little sound bite has aged well.

StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 14:11

@The80sweregreat thanks for this response- someone actually being thoughtful. I agree with you I think. I def agree about Corbyn, but most of the polls suggest that Brexit was lower down on people's priority list than we all thought it would be - which is why I'm confused.

It seems a lot of the anti Corbyn scaremongering seem to really stick on him, whereas Boris could just get away with saying actual racist / homophobic things and come away unscathed.

OP posts:
Tellmetruth4 · 15/12/2019 14:12

They’ll have to own their decision in the coming years.

koshkat · 15/12/2019 14:13

Corbyn thinks that men can magically become women. He holds the same made beliefs as Swinson and look how well that went for her.
He was going to not only amend the GRA but also the EA2010 which is VERY scary for women.

Trewser · 15/12/2019 14:13

Love that lurker

Wish i had the guts to post it on my FB

ssd · 15/12/2019 14:13

@koshkat, momentum rhetoric my arse. Its the truth, nothing else. I don't care who you or anyone else here voted for, no one can answer the ops question with a decent reply saying she's wrong.

StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 14:14

@Scarletoharaseyebrows how is this clutching at pearls? For your info, I'm already engaged in the party, and also I work on the frontline with the most marginalised communities so the reason I get up in the morning is to change things for the better.

As I've said, when exactly have I called people stupid?

OP posts:
koshkat · 15/12/2019 14:14

So you think that anyone who did not vote for Labour is thick?

Trewser · 15/12/2019 14:15

For your info, I'm already engaged in the party, and also I work on the frontline with the most marginalised communities so the reason I get up in the morning is to change things for the better

Well, you don't have to stop doing that do you? Read the Janice Turner article. There's a thread on it on here with a link.

crispysausagerolls · 15/12/2019 14:17

The thing is, Boris at least went and did the schmoozing and listened to people and is probably fairly likeable. He’s sort of an “apologetic toff”. “Yes yes, I know, I’m a posho! I have silly hair - let’s have a beer though and tell me about your thoughts”. He did it very well. His speech thanking people for lending him their vote was also believably humble and in good taste. Corbyn’s refusal to accept any responsibility for his catastrophic defeat on the other hand shows how HE DOES NOT FUCKING LISTEN TO PEOPLE.

Corbyn is unlikeable and standoffish. No one wants to have a beer with him. No one relates to him. He pretends he’s one of the people but isn’t and couldn’t give a straight answer re Brexit preference.

People also don’t like the heavy implication that they are morons or heartless for not voting for Corbyn.

WYP2018 · 15/12/2019 14:18

OP I’m born and bread in one of these areas and a lifelong Labour voter. And I’m sick of condescending posts from people like you. Labour used to be part of the very fabric of our communities, growing up I actually though Labour was a local party. That’s long gone here. Nothing has really changed for these communities since Thatcher fucked off. People have very little agency for change but what they can do is vote differently to how they have always done. I’d never vote Tory but I have compassion and understanding for people who made a different choice to me in the probably vain hope that something will get better for them.

Don’t compare people who created wealth for this country by doing backbreaking work in pits etc and got abandoned when they didn’t create profit anymore to fucking turkeys.

Justanotherlurker · 15/12/2019 14:18

... I assume that a) you voted Tory or b) you're so wealthy that you have nothing to worry about.

EvEryOnE wHo DiSaGrEeE wItH mE Is rIcH, rehashing the past 3 years of arguments is why the results are as they are.

It would be comical if it wasn't so tragic that you are being serious.

KenDodd · 15/12/2019 14:18


In my opinion this election was essentially a second referendum. People want Brexit,

If it was a second referendum (I disagree btw) then Remain won as more people voted for Remain/second referendum parties than voted for Leave parties.

Trewser · 15/12/2019 14:20

His speech thanking people for lending him their vote was also believably humble and in good taste. Corbyn’s refusal to accept any responsibility for his catastrophic defeat on the other hand shows how HE DOES NOT FUCKING LISTEN TO PEOPLE

This ^^

CosmoK · 15/12/2019 14:21

Yet another post calling Tory voters stupid. It's getting very boring now.

Boulshired · 15/12/2019 14:21

Some working class of the north have been taken for granted especially those not in the big cities. Instead of being listened to the have been informed that the are wrong, that their views are unworthy of the Labour Party. Until labour (momentum) stop insulting and start listening they will keep turning voters away. Momentum were the Turkeys who refused to listen.

StormzysHat · 15/12/2019 14:23

As Corbyn’s London house is knocking a £million, he went to a privileged prep school where the education no doubt helped him get his grammar school place whilst growing up with his parents and brothers in a house called Yew Tree Manor, I don’t think this ‘modest’ man is too much different from ‘an old Etonian millionaire’. Tbh OP

This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about!! I lived in Upper Holloway two streets away from Corbyn. I guarantee you haven't been there or you wouldn't say this. It is inside the borough of Islington but is NOT the same area as Emily Thornberry's Islington area of Angel / Upper Street. It is in the 4th quintile for poverty and is extremely diverse and has a huge number of challenges. His house is very cosy but is a 'normal' terraced house- they are all worth upwards of £700k in London!
He is middle class- not working class but did not attend Eton. Grammar school? Not comparible!

You totally IGNORE any comparison to Boris Johnson, old Etonian, paid £275k for a weekly column, sitting on a fortune, owns numerous properties worth tens of mill!

You see, this is WHY I'm asking. Why is it people are prepared to overlook these aspects of Johnson but rip into Corbyn for less?

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