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Is beer a man's drink?

199 replies

rhubarbcrumbles · 13/12/2019 18:05

I don't think it is but I was buying some real ales for Xmas and the woman at the till asked if I was buying beer for my husband. When I said it was for me she was almost shocked that I wanted beer - 'Wouldn't you rather have a glass of wine?'

YABU - it's a man's drink
YANBU - it's for anybody

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?

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You are being unreasonable
You are NOT being unreasonable
rhubarbcrumbles · 14/12/2019 08:40

it's probably a middle class thing to worry about 'appearances' when drinking a pint as a woman

I'm apparently middle class and don't give a shit. Maybe I can identify as a member of the aristocracy one day and as a member of the working classes another depending whether I want champagne or beer Xmas Grin

Or I could just choose what beer to enjoy tonight and pop it in the fridge. I feel a trip to a local self brew real ale place coming on as I have to buy school shoes today and that always requires a little something to recover from the second mortgage Hmm Xmas Grin

OP posts:
MinnieMountain · 14/12/2019 08:55

I prefer Weissbeer (from the bottle). Beers of Europe near King's Lynn have a large range and they deliver.

When I'm drinking proper cider I prefer a half pint so I can try more types.

FizzyIce · 14/12/2019 08:58

PhilCornwall1 oh you’ve got some good ones down there , did the st Austell brewery tour in October.
Was like a pig in muck!

ColleysMill · 14/12/2019 09:01

There are some great breweries out there these days - big and small.

I Iove some of the Lakeland breweries, my county has a big (and still family run ) brewery but plenty of smaller ones producing some cracking ales. And there are some great festive beers out there too at this time of the year

KatherineJaneway · 14/12/2019 09:14

it's probably a middle class thing to worry about 'appearances' when drinking a pint as a woman

Growing up in the 80's it was rare to see a woman drinking a pint where I lived, it was seen as unfeminine and the woman must be common or rough to do it. I thought things were very different now and hope they are. Drink what you like, if someone wants to judge they will. Most won't give a toffee thankfully.

PhilCornwall1 · 14/12/2019 09:15


We have got some good ones. I want to do that tour as well. Sharps and Skinners are top breweries too.

ForalltheSaints · 14/12/2019 09:21

Is wine a woman's drink? No of course not.
Is beer a man's drink? No.

Sad to see a woman holding the view who works in the business. Also the presumption the OP was married, unless a wedding ring was visible and noticed.

squeekums · 14/12/2019 09:25

Its a drink for anyone of legal drinking age
One i dont understand how people like the taste of, male or female

Whats stupid talking of beer, non alcoholic beer, why bother?

Vodka girl myself, baileys on a cold winter night

MinnieMountain · 14/12/2019 10:02

squeekums I drank non-alcoholic Erdinger when I was pregnant because I liked the taste.

squeekums · 14/12/2019 10:27

Well there ya go
I just assume people deal with the taste to get drunk, personally to me it tastes like rancid muddy river water lol

queenMab99 · 14/12/2019 10:40

When beer was still drunk out of pint glass beer mugs in the 70s, lots of pubs would only serve women a 'half' in a 'ladies glass' Confused

dontgobaconmyheart · 14/12/2019 10:44

There is no such thing as a 'mans drink'. It's a drink. Obviously the checkout operator lives her life deeply enmeshed in misogynist nonsense if she thinks otherwise. I couldn't bring myself to care what someone with such restricted opinions thought. Drink anything you want safe in the knowledge that it really is all the bloody same, a penis is not required to digest it.

GoGoLego · 14/12/2019 10:46

My bff recoils in horror when I order a pint at the pub she thinks it's unlady like. Xmas Grin

Yanbu you ca m drink what you want

AllergicToAMop · 14/12/2019 10:50

to me it tastes like rancid muddy river water

That's US Budweiser for you😁

Thestaffarealwayswrong · 14/12/2019 10:50

I don't like beer, or wine or much of anything alcoholic these days, but I do work in a bar and sometimes do table service.
If serving the table I'll ask who's is who's but if serving at the bar, well I'll put it all in front of the person who ordered it, because they're the person I'm serving, don't comment either unless I'm asked for a recommendation or the customer strikes up a conversation about a drink.
Baffles me that bar staff do make assumptions, people drink all sorts 🤷 you just serve it and move on to the next customer.

PBo83 · 14/12/2019 11:56

Drink whatever you like.

I think there's far more stigma for a man to drink wine than there is for a woman to drink beer. I know men who will drink wine out of a tumbler because they think it's less 'girly'.

I do think it's still considered an exception for women to drink pints which is odd. If I see a woman order a pint at the bar I'll thing 'Good on her for drinking what she likes' which means there must be certain expectations.

MereDintofPandiculation · 14/12/2019 12:06

Where would Port/ Sherry and Mulled Wine fall in the sexed alcohol chart? Port and lemon is an old lady drink ("old lady" as in this old lady regards it as something ladies much older than her would drink). Sherry is what women in my family were given at Christmas dinner when the men had beer. Drunk on its own, I think it's seen as a woman's drink, but a decent sherry drunk with a meal is OK for men. Mulled wine - I only come across it as a the big bowl everyone is avoiding at a party, or in combination with mince pies at Christmas themed events.

Who drinks mead?

ScreamingValalalalahLalalalah · 14/12/2019 12:11

I love mead, when I can get it. I see that as a unisex drink.

PhilCornwall1 · 14/12/2019 12:13

Here's a thought, some of the drinks that are classed as "for ladies" are stronger than beer. So that's why women can really show us men how to get pissed! Grin

NCasIknowMNetters · 14/12/2019 12:21

I'm a lapsed CAMRA member and was volunteering at beer festivals in my 20s. Also an ex hop-picker - I used to tell any new employer that I WOULD be having the first 2 weeks of Sept off to work my 'fun' job. Pick hops all day, drink the end product all evening. Was a sad day when that farm stopped growing hops. I'd got my DH into hop picking for the last year.

I always drink pints out of pint glasses. I'm also middle classed as much as anyone can be; by career choice, parents' career choices, DH career choice, and posh regional accent.

FIL's attitude to my beer drinking (he can just about tolerate a IPA, he pretends to like it and be 'in' with beer drinking) has in part led to us being NC. It wasn't the beer, it wasn't the way he dressed me down for drinking it at my own wedding where I had supplied the polypins, but it was the way he still lies about that incident to this day he was witnessed shouting vile things at me, but says that other random guests at a wedding are against him... that led me to say 'enough' on top of many, many other things he's been a twat over.

Leave us beer drinkers alone. It's not harming anyone if a woman can quaff beer as well as the next human.

LemonPrism · 14/12/2019 12:22

@PhoneLock well, obviously, but then you always run out of your beverage way before the man finishes his pint because there's less liquid - do you drink extra slow, order more or wait?

AllergicToAMop · 14/12/2019 12:27

Who drinks mead?

Gods and my husband and I sometimes


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TheBucketResidence · 14/12/2019 12:38

Know your place. A Babycham for you, and don’t get flirty!


I love an ice cold beer in the summer, can’t beat it. I do like wine but I get the most atrocious hangovers from it so usually stick to cocktails if I’m out.
I did try mead last year (it was Monk’s Mead) and while it was lovely, a few glasses of it nearly put me on my arse. Strong stuff!

70sWitch · 14/12/2019 12:40

Well, it was said that Queen Elizabeth I liked a flagon of ale. 🍺Grin

Rowgtfc72 · 14/12/2019 12:53

I'm not a IPA drinker, prefer a dark beer.
I have discovered Tiny Rebel brewery recently. They do Pump Up The Jam. Raspberry donut beer. Was very very suspicious of it but it was a lovely pint.
rhubarbcrumbles, I'll let you keep your rev james. I have a waggledance and bombardier in my fridge at the minute.

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