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Fed up of labour voters righteousness

232 replies

NemophilistRebel · 12/12/2019 19:31

The amount of people I’ve seen on social media say -

I’m voting labour because I don’t hate poor people / disabled people / the elderly etc

I’m just fed up of it

It’s as bad as children’s charities saying that if you don’t donate then you obviously condone child abuse.

No, it doesn’t mean I hate poor people or the disabled or the wealthy.

You don’t get this from the LIb Dems supporters, or Green Party Supporters or Tories

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


You have one vote. All votes are anonymous.

RoseHippy1 · 12/12/2019 19:32

You certainly wouldn’t get it from a Tory !


TheDarkPassenger · 12/12/2019 19:34

Yep! I’ve got so many people on ‘30 day snooze’ on Facebook. It’s doing my box in!


littlepaddypaws · 12/12/2019 19:34

everyone has an opinion, not always going to agree on everything, but some need to get the sticks out of their arses and stop being so pious.


Random18 · 12/12/2019 19:36

Hate might be a strong word.......

But you can't really claim to care for them


Batmanandrobin123 · 12/12/2019 19:36

I agree and I think it does more harm than good for the labour party.


PinkiOcelot · 12/12/2019 19:36

I’ve read plenty of drivel on mine by tories. And on here actually.


Random18 · 12/12/2019 19:37

If you vote Tory that should say......


Monsterinmyshoe · 12/12/2019 19:37

I don't agree with it either, but it does demonstrate how angry people are, and that many people feel that their needs are completely ignored by the Tories because they aren't of the typical demographic that will vote for them.


NemophilistRebel · 12/12/2019 19:38

* I agree and I think it does more harm than good for the labour party.*

This exactly

OP posts:

teagivesmejoy · 12/12/2019 19:39

Yes. Tedious to say the least.
Think they're in for an incredibly bad Friday 13th.


Random18 · 12/12/2019 19:39

What does the most harm to the Labour party is the Right Wing press.

I was listening to someone then other day an thought "you buy the Daily Express". What paper did they have the next day Grin


MoonlightBonnet · 12/12/2019 19:42

So why do you hate poor people and the disabled?


boxcar · 12/12/2019 19:43

There’s no way on God’s Earth I’d have voted Tory today. But I totally agree with you. I can’t stand people who effectively say ‘If you don’t agree with me you’re stupid / evil.’


NemophilistRebel · 12/12/2019 19:43

I never did moonlight.

OP posts:

NemophilistRebel · 12/12/2019 19:44

@boxcar yes well said

OP posts:

NemophilistRebel · 12/12/2019 19:45

@Random18 I think most of the broadsheets are right wing - Times, Telegraph Etc

OP posts:

BentNeckLady · 12/12/2019 19:46

Oh yes, the “I’m voting labour because I’m not a cunt” tribe of cunts.

Fucking yawn.


Fivetoomany · 12/12/2019 19:46

I agree OP. Trying to make out Tory voters are evil. Maybe they are the just the best option for us. To be honest though anyone would be better than Corbyn!


shirleyschmidt · 12/12/2019 19:46

Totally agree, it's tedious. Ffs it won't suddenly make anyone go "oh hey, Sarah from my old school is voting labour to save the NHS - think I'll do the same!" 🙄


DBML · 12/12/2019 19:47

I had to delete one FB friend who was quite aggressive about her political stance and how everyone should support labour. She was demanding to know who her friends were voting for and chastising anyone who voted differently. If you didn’t say, you’d be accused of voting Tories and harangued, with memes; gifs and articles posted every minute.

I just couldn’t hack it anymore. She’s not a real life friend, just on FB - so I in-friended. Feel much better now.


flyingchip · 12/12/2019 19:48

I was struggling up to the last minute today on who to pick. Reading the endless tory bashing threads by labour supporters made me decide I couldnt associate with myself with such small minded and abusive group of people (also on all other social media, tv, radio call ins etc) that I voted green. I know a few in my friendship group and family who have done the same.


WorldsOnFire · 12/12/2019 19:50

I’d got so fed up with the way labour voters were behaving and have found it so completely disgusting I was fully prepared to vote Tory. Honestly the self righteous, argumentative, childish, bullying I’ve seen from labour voters makes me think they don’t bloody deserve all the support they’d get from a labour government.

I couldn’t do it though and went Lib Dem instead 👍🏻


Northernsoullover · 12/12/2019 19:50

See? Exactly Moonlight look how tedious..
I didn't vote Conservative, Lib Dem or Labour or anything dodgy like Brexit Party. The reason I didn't vote Tory? Does it need any explanation? I couldn't have voted Labour though. Corbyn (in my opinion) is in cloud cuckoo land with all that he's promised. The numbers do not stack up.
I'm not middle class by a long shot but I do have a brain and independent thought. I wonder if labour voters had concentrated on providing good arguments as to why I should vote for the party instead of spewing bile I might have thought differently.


NemophilistRebel · 12/12/2019 19:51

@DBML I had that on a Facebook group

Someone created a poll. If anyone said they weren’t voting labour one particular person would come out with all sorts of false news and insults. It was embarrassing to see someone get so rude about it

OP posts:

Swirlygirl · 12/12/2019 19:52

I agree. And ‘vote for the policies and not the person’ ...

How can I vote for party when the leader is trampling all over my rights - it’s actually coming out of his mouth!

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