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Aibu: PJs with pants underneath at night?*

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siacolouredthesmallone · 12/12/2019 15:34

I do, partner does, and so do the kids. However we didn't when we were kids, and my nieces don't when they come to stay. Was reading something on the NHS site about worms recently (prompted by the wildly inappropriate 'medicating-someone-else's-kid' post a few days ago - I mean the action was inappropriate, not the "thread") and it suggested wearing pants with PJs to combat thread-worms, implying that ppl don't normally??

Aibu in that we all do wear pants with nightwear as it's basic hygiene to me ?

*Not a pants-troll, but you'll either believe me or you won't....

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MyKingdomForBrie · 13/12/2019 00:00

No pants, no pjs for us, clean pjs every two days for kids.. (or more often if they need of course!)

Fr0g · 13/12/2019 00:06

well.... pants under PJ bottoms when i'm lounging

but all taken off regardless when i go to bed

youcancallmequeenE · 13/12/2019 00:08

Always wear pants under pjs! I change my pants everyday. I don't want to have to change my pjs everyday!

CoraPirbright · 13/12/2019 00:10

Spent years trying to find what was comfortable to wear in bed. Struggled terribly with everything bunching up everywhere - urrgh! Decided to go absolutely nude and it was utter bliss! So no to pants, pj’s and the whole shooting match!!

cyclingmad · 13/12/2019 00:16

museumum If I go on holiday then yeah I would, but then typically I would take 'older' pairs and chuck them out so don't need to bring them back. Same with socks.

Hazybobs · 13/12/2019 01:19

Always fully naked here. Everything needs to breathe!

TooManyPaws · 13/12/2019 01:29

Nice and clean loose pyjamas every night.

ilovepixie · 13/12/2019 01:32

I sleep naked. I like to air my bits!

movingdilemma1234 · 13/12/2019 05:16

Always pants under pj's for the evening, then just pants to sleep. PJ's washed every few days and shower and change underwear in the morning. Just can't settle unless my bits are well covered.
Oh and have never had thrush or any other infections

AnnaNimmity · 13/12/2019 05:26

I don't think anyone in my house wears pjs to bed. My dd is naked, my ds wears pants (well little short things). I can't wear pjs or nighties to bed - it's just too much material, but like a bit of loungewear for the evening. None of the teens wear pjs either (think they are in knickers and tshirts to sleep). I don't have a view on whether bits need to breathe - think it's ok if you're wearing cotton underwear and shower daily.

I'm either naked or just in knickers fwiw depending on my mood and whether my boyfriend stays over.

changedtempforprivacy · 13/12/2019 05:41

I live in a parallel universe, clearly. We are a pants on at all times unless you are in the shower household. Raised that way for modesty reasons, cotton pants. No thrush.

Namestranger · 13/12/2019 05:45

I'm shocked people don't

Then your shock threshold is hilariously low Xmas Grin

Mummyoflittledragon · 13/12/2019 05:58

I was not allowed to wear pants to bed despite desperately wanting to. Narcissistic mother. I didn’t have many clothes. I remember having one nylon onesie when I was around 9, which ponged by night 3 and it was washed circa every 3 days. Seriously skewed thinking imo.

My dd was allowed to choose and she chose undies and pjs. She changes them morning, when she comes home from school and after a shower in the evening. I go through a lot of washing. 🤯

DoesntLeftoverTurkeySoupDragOn · 13/12/2019 07:01

How else does the P meet the V?

WTF? The same way it does in any household.

Spaceprincess · 13/12/2019 07:08

I cant sleep unless I'm naked. I wear pjs in other peoples houses etc, but always wake up during the night with them annoying me.

z0fl0ra · 13/12/2019 12:33

For me it’s always Pants, Pyjamas, Socks and more often than not, bra Blush

JellyfishAndShells · 13/12/2019 12:42

For me, it’s always Pants, Pyjamas, Socks and more often than not, bra blush

It’s a chance to be blissfully braless, though - even for the larger busted.

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross · 13/12/2019 13:02

I like to air my bits!

So no duvet then?

Osirus · 13/12/2019 13:15

I always wear pants under PJs. I’ve never had thrush and I’m 37.

tinseltitsandlittlegits · 13/12/2019 13:30

No pants fresh pjs every evening

Clevs · 13/12/2019 13:38

I don't wear anything in bed, but when I used to wear pyjamas I never wore pants.

Spidey66 · 13/12/2019 13:45

I think it would encourage thrush.

Havaina · 13/12/2019 13:48

I’ve never slept without underwear under my pyjamas and I have never had any issues down under.

Keeping clean is more important than letting your bits breathe.

stripeypillowcase · 13/12/2019 13:52

why would it encourage thrush?

PortiaCastis · 13/12/2019 14:18

My bf has just moved in so whaddya think

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