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To just not understand how Epstein had such a steady stream of girls to abuse?

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AbsentmindedWoman · 03/12/2019 17:56

It's obviously horrifying, in the most authentic sense of the word. But I think it's really only now that I am realising the scale of how many kids he abused - he bragged about huge numbers - just how? And how brazen he was, people knew to varying degrees, so how did this all go on so long?

How are there SO MANY vulnerable kids out there, that this can happen? It is on a different scale to an opportunistic predator who manages to abuse a kid because their parents maybe don't know where they are but assume they're ok, would never suspect the abuser, think he's decent, or whatever.

Just how are there so many kids who literally don't have someone to notice if they have been taken away in a plane by a middle aged man?? Wtf. And of course Epstein was an extreme predator with a lot of money to carry out his crimes, but the fact it happened at all probably means there are many men who are modestly well off who can pay for access to underage girls to abuse, fairly easily.

I can't get my head around it. It is my understanding that the majority of child abuse is perpetrated by a family member or someone close to the child, and that things like Rotherham are rare, relatively. But all the Epstein stuff suggests that abusing kids is sort of an accepted open secret in certain circles with money, where they aren't automatically ostracised or shunned for it. Wtf Sad

OP posts:
Jodie77 · 03/12/2019 17:58

I don't think we've seen or heard anything yet. I feel like this is just the start of it tbh, and that more and more famous/wealthy figures are going to be exposed as time goes on. You don't get away with things on such a big scale without an awful lot of apologists and accomplices

araiwa · 03/12/2019 17:59


The girls were given money/ things

Wildorchidz · 03/12/2019 18:01

Sure Jimmy Savile abused hundreds of children. In full view of other people.

Themyscira · 03/12/2019 18:01

Parents are groomed alongside parents.

But I am of the opinion that there is a vast, international child trafficking network and many world leaders participate or turn a blind eye because it generates income.

Slavery very much exists, basically.

PigAuntie · 03/12/2019 18:02

I read a really awful fact the other day. 30% of abused children (in photos or on film) are recognised in real life - how many men (and women) are there out that that watch this stuff in order for 30% of children to bump into them in real life when you take into account the amount of people in the world and places these children live.

Themyscira · 03/12/2019 18:02

Alongside children, that should say

leckford · 03/12/2019 18:03


Inliverpool1 · 03/12/2019 18:04

He definitely didn’t kill himself though

Confusedbeetle · 03/12/2019 18:08

OP you are very very naive

AbsentmindedWoman · 03/12/2019 18:08

Sure Jimmy Savile abused hundreds of children. In full view of other people.

Yes he did, and it seems like despite the mass outpouring of revulsion towards him it is like the world is going backwards in terms of human rights.

OP posts:
HariboBrenshnio · 03/12/2019 18:09

Most girls were trafficked after being promised money/fame/work. From the US and other countries. It's a huge international people trafficking network and he had friends in high places that could make things happen.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD · 03/12/2019 18:13

Girls don’t really understand what is really going on. They introduce their friends to these ‘nice guys who spoil them’...

PanicAndRun · 03/12/2019 18:14

You severely underestimated what money and power can get you.

America is huge, that makes the victim pool huge( the "easy" picks being homeless, runaways, foster care, chaotic and/or abusive home lives,grooming or being handed over by their parents/guardians) ,and that's without considering young girls being trafficked into the country.

AbsentmindedWoman · 03/12/2019 18:16

OP you are very very naive

I seem to be, yes, and tbh am grateful that I've never had to realise how corrupt some systems are, that allow men like this to act with impunity.

OP posts:
ImGoingToBangYourHeadsTogether · 03/12/2019 18:17

Good grief op. I'm sorry. I grew up on a typical English sink estate. Note that word 'typical'. There are loads of kids he could pick on.

I'm continually surprised by the lack of awareness of better off people. This kind of male predation is unfortunately typical of certain types of male too, aided and abetted by what I call the 'high adrenaline' lifestyle that only rich can afford.

Sadly life in Britain and the US if you're not rich does not offer much and so many kids fall into these traps.

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername · 03/12/2019 18:18

Isn't it a thing for lots of female college students to have 'sugar daddies' these days...?

lyingwanker · 03/12/2019 18:20

When I was a teen at high school there was an old man who used to buy friends of mine the latest trainers, CDs, booze and give them cash to supposedly hang out with him. Often in his flat. There were rumours it was in return for touching him and letting him touch them. He wasn't rich just a dirty old pervert.

PestyMachtubernahme · 03/12/2019 18:20

It is the US, maybe he offered them health insurance.

There is a huge pool of really poor people in the States.

Passthecherrycoke · 03/12/2019 18:21

He was doing it for 20 odd years

American high schools have thousands of students. He was preying in high schools in impoverished areas

ByeByeMissAmericanPie · 03/12/2019 18:23

I’m on holiday with some Americans who’ve told me about a number of high profile American men are down as having been on countless flights on Epstein’s plane.
None of their names are in the British press. As yet.

AndWhat · 03/12/2019 18:26

I think the age of the child clouds some peoples judgement. In the UK age of consent is 16, therefore there will be some who don’t see JE as the child abuser he was.
Vulnerable children were groomed by JE and his friends with promises of money, security and travel.

Buster72 · 03/12/2019 18:31

Money talks and naive young girls promised modelling contracts or university tuition were willing to go along with him to "further their career" once in his orbit he used violence and threats to keep them quiet.

I don't believe that there is a huge conspiracy, just nasty predators.

Passthecherrycoke · 03/12/2019 18:32

@ByeByeMissAmericanPie the flight records are readily available though aren’t they? They’ve been published

Zucker · 03/12/2019 18:33

He had money to burn. Just look at the phenomenon of the "yacht girls". Rich men taking advantage of young girls by waving wads of cash in front of their noses. That particular abuse happens in the full glare of social media / tabloids and still no one bats an eye at it.

Iamnotagoddess · 03/12/2019 18:34

Secondary school in a poor area.


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