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To contemplate reporting someone for possible benefit fraud? WWYD?

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WWYDhey · 30/11/2019 12:16

So there’s this girl I know. Not a close friend but someone I know and would say hi to in the street. We are Facebook friends. I know a bit about her through mutual friends.

She is claiming as a single parent of two kids but her boyfriend lives with her. Full time. They have actually just become engaged and she is pregnant. He has 3 kids to someone else with which he sees 2 of them every other week.

He is ‘unemployed’ but I believe he works full time for cash in hand. (Some kind of joinery or building work)

What has made me consider reporting her (if that’s something you can even do??) is that she spends all her ‘free’ money on weekly hair up appointments, professional make up done. New nails etc (we all know this as she documents everything on Facebook) always out at restaurants and nights out. Almost like she is bragging.
Doesn’t look like she spends much on her kids. They always look a bit scruffy and bored in her photos. (Think tops that look too small or worn out)

And now that she’s pregnant she’s uploading loads of expensive purchases for the baby (ted baker everything, massive pram ordained in Jewell’s)

Now I know some of the replies I will get here will be along the lines of ‘what’s it got to do with you how she spends her money’

  • well yes it has nothing to do with me but it is really irritating that I work full time with kids and pay a lot in tax and have to scrimp and save. I don’t get all of the luxuries she does. Yet ina round about way I contribute to it.

‘How do you know she’s on benefits’ our mutual friend knows she is for certain. Plus she works 18 hours per week in a cafe so it’s not rocket science.

So would you report someone claiming as a single parent when she isn’t?

YABU- Dont report her and don’t give it another thought

YANBU- Do report her

If so how would you report anonymously?
OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


You have one vote. All votes are anonymous.

SilverySurfer · 30/11/2019 13:06

I would do it, but a lot of people on here (left wingers) will disagree. These people are stealing money that should go to others who are in genuine need.

beautifulstranger101 · 30/11/2019 13:06

Calling it "naughty" doesnt lessen the fact it's fraud. If I stole money from your purse would you describe it as "naughty"? And yes, I too intensely dislike people who defraud the benefit system because it makes it 100% harder for people who genuinely need it to access it. Ive seen this first hand with my friend who has had huge issues getting financial help for her disabled son. Disliking people who commit fraud is not unusual or weird lol

YouJustDoYou · 30/11/2019 13:08

I have a severely disabled DD who I care for. We get a pittance in benefits and cannot even heat the house properly. Such people should not get away with stealing. she knows what she is doing. Just report her please

This. Just report her.

TheQueef · 30/11/2019 13:08

If you are off to fester here's a pic to print out and keep, please display it in your window so we know.

To contemplate reporting someone for possible benefit fraud? WWYD?
C8H10N4O2 · 30/11/2019 13:09

Sorry I’m not a new poster. I name changed specifically as if I reported her I would be doing so anonymously

So you name changed to bash benefits?


Outofmydepth75 · 30/11/2019 13:09

How on earth do you know so much about her life considering she's "not a close friend".? That's freaky!

Lifeisabeach09 · 30/11/2019 13:10

Whilst I don't agree with what she is doing, if proven, she will be taken to court and possibly given a prison sentence whereas the prick she is with will get nothing but will have reaped the benefits also (if not more so). She is the primary carer to those children.
Personally, I'd call HRMC on him.

Lifeisabeach09 · 30/11/2019 13:10


Betterversionofme · 30/11/2019 13:11

UHTMTOYH you have too much time on your hands.
Assuming people behave dishonestly must be tiring.

C8H10N4O2 · 30/11/2019 13:13

I would do it, but a lot of people on here (left wingers) will disagree. These people are stealing money that should go to others who are in genuine need

That assumes (a) that all the endless stories here about benefits scroungers are accurate (b) that benefit fraud is widespread and substantial enough to be the cause of poverty in others.

Doing something about the 150bn a year avoided by the better off is more likely to make a difference to those in need.

"genuine" need is such a weasel phrase. Which of us gets to judge who is "genuine"? We don't know the details of peoples' lives.

It smacks of the godawful panels people were subjected to before the welfare state where poor people had to explain every aspect of their lives to a bunch of smug middle class do gooders to get a loaf of bread for their children.

libdumps · 30/11/2019 13:13

Report her! I never understand people who say "mind your own business". They wouldn't say that about any other potential crime and if she's not doing anything wrong, then nothing will happen so she has nothing to worry about if she isn't committing a crime!

Elieza · 30/11/2019 13:14

You can report her, including her Facebook name, and if she’s done nothing wrong nothing will happen.

I hate benefit fraud. I knock my pan in and am horrified at the stories i hear about fraudsters who get money they wouldn’t be entitled to if the told the truth. Just tell the truth. Which is more than theyve done.

flouncyfanny · 30/11/2019 13:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Billben · 30/11/2019 13:15

I would report her. And wouldn’t feel an ounce of guilt about it either, I’m afraid. If she is innocent, she can prove it, surely.

Underhisi · 30/11/2019 13:16

For someone who barely knows her you seem to be obsessed about everything she does. Personally I would get myself a life.

Venger · 30/11/2019 13:17

Whilst I don't agree with what she is doing, if proven, she will be taken to court and possibly given a prison sentence whereas the prick she is with will get nothing

You'll probably get people telling you that this is ridiculous, she won't go to jail, they don't put people in jail for stuff like that especially when it's a first offence.

Except they do.

Someone I went to school with was claiming fraudulently as a single parent, all part of an abusive relationship including financial control. The judge ruled that she had opportunities to seek help and didn't take them (even though her defence argued that it was due to fear of the repercussions), she was jailed for six months. The DC went into foster care as there was no family and their dad did a flit.

Waxonwaxoff0 · 30/11/2019 13:17

@libdumps I wouldn't report ANY "potential crime" if I had absolutely no proof and only facebook for reference, unless somebody's life was in danger.

BloggersBlog · 30/11/2019 13:19

64% of us agree. Report her. If she isn't a defrauder then she can prove that. If she is, money saved to give to people who don't play the system.
All the "keep your nose out/sticky beak posters" are part of the reason cfs like (possibly) her get away with thieving for years.

Venger · 30/11/2019 13:19

OP, they will ask you why you think she's committing benefit fraud and why you're reporting it.

Do be sure to tell them "I've been looking in Facebook and she goes out loads but never takes her shabby looking DC anywhere".

Venger · 30/11/2019 13:20

If she is, money saved to give to people who don't play the system

It doesn't work like that.

Karen at number 34 doesn't suddenly get more money just because Becky at number 73 got done for benefit fraud.

BloggersBlog · 30/11/2019 13:21

More money into the pot then ffs as opposed to less because of thieves Hmm

CryptoFascist · 30/11/2019 13:21

Government snitch.

Purpletigers · 30/11/2019 13:22

Report her and don’t feel bad about it . If she’s wasting it on crap then she won’t miss it .

changeforprivacy · 30/11/2019 13:22

I always wonder why people having lots of 'stuff' makes them benefit cheats. Benefits are low and shit and even closing as a single parent with a partner who works isn't going to bring you jewel encrusted Prams. Something else is funding it or they have huge debts. But yes, report if you think you need to.

MuchBetterNow · 30/11/2019 13:25

I used to work with someone very like this, she pissed everyone off royally.

Personally I couldn't bring myself to report but wouldn't blame anyone else for doing so.

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