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To be annoyed my kids are not invited to MIL 80th party

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ARoomSomewhere · 20/10/2018 22:32

MIL is having an 80th Party.
H is invited. Kids (14 and 11) and I are not.
The other grandkids (early 20's) are.
That's crap, isnt it?

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Aprilislonggone · 29/10/2018 15:58

Maybe suggest his trip his one way?


ARoomSomewhere · 29/10/2018 21:04

not rich no.
I expressed that badly sorry.
I am disabled, ds has ASD (dd may too) so between all our health needs i struggle to work. And benefits are precarious and not fun for anyone.

but yes, its better they have meagre 'things' than a meagre emotional experience i agree. I just wanted better for them i guess (dont we all).x

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