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Tonight's headline news - Asian gangs, So what next for these young girls? (Triggering)

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DeadLioness · 19/10/2018 19:24

Apologies, posting here for traffic. Don't think we need a link, it's right across the news tonight. What I'm wondering is what next for these poor girls? The judge said 'It is likely that many, if not all, of these girls will never recover from the abuse they suffered'. But the psychological damage is colossal. There should be compensation and a massive care package. How will they get past this? A prison sentence does nothing to stop flashbacks. I speak as someone similarly affected. I am waiting for my perpetrator's trial to start. I also don't believe I'll get over it. The very best psych help the Nhs has to offer is not enough. I guess I want to hear that they'll be ok, so I know I'll be ok. But I know that isn't the case. Those men should have had life without parole, all of them.

OP posts:

gamerwidow · 20/10/2018 09:23

C4 fact-check in 2017 found 75% of these type of rings were Asian but whites made up a much higher proportion of lone offenders.
These groups made a judgement that the girls are white trash and noone cares about them and they were right. The police and social services looked the other way because they weren’t ‘good girls from nice families’. This will only stop when the ‘difficult’ girls are given the same respect by the police as the ones who don’t have chaotic home life’s.


newdaylight · 20/10/2018 10:09

These gangs are always Asian . I can’t recall a white British male gang imprisoned in recent years for similar crimes .
There have been plenty white British gangs jailed in recent years. Huge case in 2018. There are stats on this specific form of sexual abuse which is that between 75 and 85% of these types of gangs are Asian. However, there will be a far higher proportion of girls being abused in ways that goes unreported by individual men (often white British) abusing positions of power, often in their own families.


selfidentifyinggiraffe · 20/10/2018 10:22

@newdaylight to answer what could be done differently

Training staff to understand no child is capable of making a lifestyle choice to be a prostitute... and not employing people dumb enough to think that's possible.

I was told I made many bad lifestyle choices. Had they happened in the family home they'd class it as "neglect" by my parents. In care though.... it became known as a "lifestyle choice"

I also falsely believed and blamed other children who experienced abuse for their own abuse as a child because I believed the children CHOSE it. They absolutely did NOT choose their abuse/rape happening but language matters. I adopted the same attitude adults around me had and only realised as an adult myself later in life.

  • reporting to the police continually and not just thinking you need more details, more evidence first. You're not detectives. Report, report, report and let the police build the picture and adapt their policing methods like they did in the Derby(?) case. We don't need to rely on the children to make credible witnesses IF the police change the way they police this. Knowing who the girls are even if they know nothing of who the men are can help them do this (if of course you are in an area that the police are interested nowadays, they used to also take the lifestyle and child victims are criminals approach, and also lose records etc in my hometown)

  • getting involved with the families of the men where they are known to be associates or suspected themselves of abusers... clearly something has gone wrong... a social services referral would likely have an impact on their respectability in their community, parents often have younger children too in their care, often cousins and siblings are used at the start of the grooming recruitment process and might just start believing it's not only "naughty white girls" who get SS intervention

Just some thoughts

Puzzledandpissedoff · 20/10/2018 11:43

The racists will try and pretend that the gangs were allowed to operate out of a fear of being called racist, but that's bullshit

And yet that's exactly what the Jay report identified as one of the causes - perhaps you think it's authors are racist too?

To answer another point, nobody's saying that all asian men are abusers any more than they're saying all muslims are terrorists; to do so would be plainly ridiculous. But for me the issue of how cultural misogyny relates to abuse of women is an important one to consider, no matter what the culture involved

And asians don't get a "pass" from that because some might prefer it not to be mentioned


Puzzledandpissedoff · 20/10/2018 12:04

Who enabled it? And why?

IME the "why" often comes down to simple self interest, but here are a few modest suggestions as to "who":

All who, for whatever reason, consider females to be "lesser" and not deserving of a voice
Those who allow an agenda to cloud the facts of an issue
Anyone attempting to avoid their own professional responsibility
Those who work to close down free discussion
Funders who neglect to back controversial issues in favour of something more "fashionable"

And no doubt many more ...


Scoogle · 20/10/2018 12:17

This is my home town. One of the guys went to school with me. He was a nasty unpleasant cruel bully back then. I remember being genuinely scared of him throughout both primary and secondary. He was cruel, really cruel and cold and when I saw him yesterday on the news, I wasn't surprised at all. My friends and i used to cross the street when we saw him, but I also knew his brother who was exactly the same. Whether it was a race issue or the family setting, that man was brought up with the belief that women were scum.


loveyouradvice · 20/10/2018 12:51

I think the key thing is that these gangs are always MEN... of different cultural backgrounds, but always with a low opinion of women and girls, and with a horrific sense of entitlement that they can use them as "things" ie sex objects

AND I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why we as a society can not start setting up "victim's funds" for those who have suffered to receive better psychological and other support... eg alongside a long prison sentence, large fines for the perpetrators plus som state money ... on this scale it is a huge failure of "duty of care" on the state's responsibility...

That said, I can see there would be issues around who benefits... but wow, it shocks me that

  1. we allow this to happen (people must have turned blind eyes along the way)

2. that we then don't say a huge sorry to the girls/young women affected - that we let this happen
3. that we then don't do more to help them survive such horror psychologically

It makes me ashamed to be part of a country where this happens - and goes on happening

DeadLioness · 20/10/2018 16:17

On top of what you've said loveyour there is tremendous shame to being a victim of abuse. We cannot talk about it opening because a large proportion of society can't bear to hear it. I've watched people wince and lean away when they hear my story. It's horrible for it not to be openly acknowledged & to not receive empathy. We are punished three times. Once by the initial abuse, twice by the flashbacks & living the rest of our lives with the mental disability and three times by other people's disgust. Child abuse & neglect is the taint we have to bear alone. Both my parents were abusive. I left my family to save my life and now have no-one. It's a life sentence, without possibility of parole.

OP posts:

Neapolitanicecream · 20/10/2018 19:02

Exactly what pp said they would never have treated a girl in a hijab like that religion and culture has everything to do with this issue. I was constantly in fear walking home from school by the lechness of some asain men who targeted by blonde friend more so ! And this is my personal experience and was well known that they consider other religions girls as targets for overt lechy behaviour that is my own experience


TheGroundIsBurning · 20/10/2018 21:25

I think there is a trend in some parts of Asian male culture to see white girls as sexualised creatures to be used.

I'm chilled by these stories because I feel like I touched the edge of this. In my 20s, I was in a borderline abusive (certainly very manipulative) 'relationship' with a Sikh man who saw me as his 'white slut' and got off on the idea of me having sex with other men, not to go into detail.

I would not be at all surprised if his name came up in one of these investigations.

I am in a privileged position, have a comfortable middle class life and am not known to be damaged goods, but even for me there are things I keep hidden from everyone I know.

Name changed, obviously.


fizzthecat1 · 20/10/2018 21:27

Nothing to do with Asians

Are you fucking serious!? Are you just going to ignore the fact that 3% of the population are committing 84% of the crimes because "facts are racist".

People like you, who care more about not being "racist" than young girls being abused is why this problem isn't being solved. To fix a problem you have to ACKNOWLEDGE it first.


fizzthecat1 · 20/10/2018 21:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gamerwidow · 20/10/2018 22:31

No they are saying that this kind of abuse causes permanently destroyed self esteem and a distorted view of normal relationships which leads to
Promiscuity, self harm, addiction, alcoholism, low self esteem, shitty abusive relationships


gamerwidow · 20/10/2018 22:32

Ie unless these girls have major intervention now that’s what their future looks like.


BitOfFun · 21/10/2018 02:49

The Rochdale Child Sexual Exploitation Report is worth a thorough read. It demonstrates quite clearly how taking a "hands-off" approach to uncomfortable socio-cultural realities has so badly let down the abused girls.


surferjet · 21/10/2018 08:58

Thanks for the link bitoffun
Shocking isn’t it. Angry


ConcreteUnderpants · 21/10/2018 10:33

Im so sorry for all the fellow sufferers of abuse. I cling to stories of survivors who have made a life for themselves and become happy. Outwardly, this seems to be me. Inside i am just existing.

There is most definitely a cultural aspect to this particular mode of grooming and abuse.
The prevalence of Asian owned takeaways and taxi companies etc facilitated this model of abuse.
Unfortunately the vulnerability of the victims, the fear of racism, ineffective authorities made everything so much worse and allowed it to continue for far longer than it should've.

I am so ashamed that society allowed these factors to come before the welfare of these children.


IfyouseeRitaMoreno · 22/10/2018 07:03

That report makes me so angry Angry


IfyouseeRitaMoreno · 22/10/2018 07:06

Unfortunately the vulnerability of the victims, the fear of racism, ineffective authorities made everything so much worse and allowed it to continue for far longer than it should've.

And don’t forget the sexist attitudes of the authorities too: the culture of sexual harassment and bullying at the council, and the attitudes of the police that these girls were “slags”, their inability to see the psychological complexity involved in grooming.

It wasn’t just about a fear of being seen as racist.


staydazzling · 24/10/2018 12:15

In a channel 4 documentary about Rotherham a man appeared to speak in favour of his brother 'mad ash'. They are both now in prison along with some other brothers. WTAF went on in that family to create 4 violent sex traffickers!!! ...agree with PP social services need to have an eye on families where this is known to have occurred and i think we were frighteningly quick to overlook their upbringing individually rather than culture.


George4444 · 23/08/2020 20:31

There is a petition asking for a public inquiry into grooming gangs. Here is the link click on the link and read the petition if you agree click to sign it. Feel free to share the with others. We need to get the petition to at least 10 000


George4444 · 02/09/2020 11:00


The Petition asking the Government to set up a public inquiry into grooming gangs has passed the 7500 point. Three quarters of the way to 10,000 when the government will be asked for a written reply.

If you have an questions about the petition let me know. Some details:

The petition is supported by the Maggie Oliver Foundation which is a Charity for survivors
There has not been a public inquiry into grooming gangs so far. There is much research and other investigations into failings.
I am a business person and not in any way political or linked to any political party or organisation.
When you are signing the petition its important to click on the link that the petition body sends to your email address. If you don't click to confirm your signature is not recorded.


workhomesleeprepeat · 02/09/2020 11:22

I think its important to acknowledge that the British care system failed these young women and girls long before they started getting sexually abused. I remember reading news coverage of this when it first started coming out, and the language used about these girls in mainstream papers was horrendous - definitely implied that they were 'running off to their boyfriends' rather than being groomed. Just awful.


George4444 · 02/09/2020 11:44

Hi Workhomesleeprepeat,

Yes I agree wholeheartedly. Top management of Social Services and Local Authorities should be questioned about their response to get to the facts. To determine what happened, who was to blame and to ensure victims are not dismissed out of hand whilst the predators continue un hindered in short so that the situation is prevented in the future.


George4444 · 18/09/2020 11:08

There is a petition asking for a Public Inquiry into Grooming Gangs here is the link.

The petition is Supported by a Charity helping survivors, the Maggie Oliver Foundation

Last year we learned 57 young girls were thought to have been exploited by up to 100 members of a grooming gang. There is clear public concern, and appear to be failings by Police, Social Services, Local Authorities and the CPS to protect the most vulnerable.

A public inquiry should answer: What happened? Who is to blame? What can be done to prevent this happening again? Is there a racial/religious element to this type of offending? How are survivors being supported and should more be done.

Petition is at 8,000+ it needs to get to 10,000 for a written government response. Your help is much appreciated.

All about awareness and protecting children and young adults.

Click on the link. Click on sign, provide your email, and confirm your support by clicking the link that the parliamentary website send to your email address.

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