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To ask... What did your toddler eat today!?

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AlphaBravo · 13/10/2018 12:36

Following on from 'Chicken nugget-gate' on the other thread 😉 and the popularity of the "What did you eat today" thread. I have to ask...

What Did Your Toddler Eat Today?

OP posts:
AlphaBravo · 13/10/2018 12:42

MiniAlpha (17m) has so far had ...

Toast with butter
2 strawberries
Cup of milk

He will later eat...

Pasta with peas for lunch
Half a banana
2 Fish fingers and roasted spuds with some beans for dinner (as it's what we're having)

Also maybe some ricecakes or fruit throughout if he's peckish (he helps himself to the fruit bowl)

OP posts:
iliketomoveitmoveitMOVEIT · 13/10/2018 12:48

Hand made organic muesli
Strawberries and raspberries

Salmon with broccoli and brown rice for lunch

Low sugar blueberry muffin that we made together

Home made chicken pie with extra veg followed by grapes and melon

#blessed #organichomemade #YEAHRIGHT

In fact it’s more like:

Half a weetabix before inexplicably the other half is pure poison and must be dumped on the floor immediately

One strawberry

An hour of nagging for “something else” before we cave and give peanut butter toast. Sobs because there are crusts on the bread.

A cheese and ham sandwich, where she peels out the filling and chucks the bread on the floor whilst demanding a crispy (crisps), and a banana - most of which is eaten but some of which gets mashed onto the floor, naturally. She laughs hysterically at the hopeful slice of cucumber. And chucks it on the floor.

Dinner - chilli with hidden veg, which she does eat, ha gotcha sucker!! But only if we tell her it is little pieces of burger 🙄. A pear and more strawberries for pudding.

Observatorycrest · 13/10/2018 12:51

Bowl of porridge
Apple and a biscuit for a snack
Just about to have a Bowl of soup for lunch and dippy bread as he calls

AlphaBravo · 13/10/2018 12:51

We've only just conned him into eating shepherds pie @iliketomoveitmoveitMOVEIT by calling it "Mmmm Chips" 😂

OP posts:
dinodiva · 13/10/2018 12:53

A bit of toast and scrambled egg and half a banana.
Lunch will be whatever we can get in her (she’s just asked for fishfingers and peas) and probably a gingerbread man.
Tea will be homemade pizza and salad and fruit salad.
She was sick yesterday afternoon so is going to be a bit hit and miss. Oh, and she’s 3!

Thesearmsofmine · 13/10/2018 12:55

Breakfast- A bowl of cereal(that bear alphabet cereal), a pear

Lunch- A chicken roll with some cucumber and pepper sticks, cherry toms a few crisps and some berries

Dinner- Pasta in a veg sauce with grated cheese, a yogurt

And probably a biscuit mid afternoon for a snack.

TinyTickler · 13/10/2018 12:55

Breakfast - Bowl of blueberries, a banana and a tangerine
Scrambled egg and beans

A caramel wafer bar

Lunch - Chicken sausage, sweet corn and baby tomatoes (probs will refuse the tomatoes)
A yogurt


Dinner - probably a burger (lean steak mince one from the butcher, not a crappy one), potato waffle and peas (will refuse the potato and won't eat bread so no bun)
Angel delight

Probably some cereal or toast before bed.

PenApple · 13/10/2018 12:55


Fruity baby porridge & bad evil sugar yoghurt

Fruit pouch

Refused dairylea sandwich but ate apple and cheese cubes.

meepmoop · 13/10/2018 12:57

My DS has had

1 1/2crumpets plus raspberries and strawberries for breakfast.

Peanut butter sandwich, cheese cubes and cucumber sticks. Followed by banana for lunch

We were out and about so made him packed lunch he doesn't usually have that much bread in the day!

Dinner is going to be tuna, spinach and sweet potato patties with broccoli, peas and carrots

Ginger1982 · 13/10/2018 12:58

Breakfast - coco pops
Snack - breadstick
Lunch - cottage pie, grapes and raisins (most of the cottage pie went on the floor while he tantrumed)

It is honestly soul destroying at meal times sometimes. I spend half my life just clearing up the mess.

MisstoMrs · 13/10/2018 12:59

8oz milk (Nutramigen)
Piece of toast with apricot jam
Bowl of grapes

Bowl of animal biscuits (snack)
Small orange x 2 (snack)

Cous cous with veg and olives with sliced beef.
Apple and blueberries

Later will be
Granola bar (snack)
Strawberries (snack)
Chicken with roast potatoes, carrots and peas.

8oz milk (Nutramigen)

He’s 2 and dairy intolerant. He would eat sausage and chips / waffles for all three meals given a choice. That, or soft boiled egg and soldiers ‘wearing’ marmite 🙈

overmydeadbody · 13/10/2018 13:02

2 yr old has had:

One slice of wholemeal bread with marmite. Crusts left.

2 cartons of alpro soy strawberry milk as he's addicted to the stuff.

One tiny lock of hummus, 2 sweet chilli rice crackers and half a cherry tomato for lunch Hmm . Discarded the pita bread and fed me the cucumber.

Supper will be chicken and veg curry with rice. He'll pick out the chicken and eat that asking with about four spoonfuls of rice.

That will be it.

There will be endless demands for snacks throughout the day. Probably rice cakes, Apple slices, some raisins, hazelnut milk and a rich tea or two.

CottonSock · 13/10/2018 13:05

Too much porridge

Bread and peanut butter
Crisps and about two bites of sweeetcorn
Refused ham, cheese, tomatoes

Mini cheddar
Flap Jack toddler bar

Tonight it's fish stew. She will probably just sniff it..not sure if I have a back up

AlphaBravo · 13/10/2018 13:06

@Ginger1982 I got so fed up with it that we just started feeding him only the things he likes to eat and wont go on the floor, and then adding bits around it so we can figure out more things he likes.

I figure he's not even 1 and a half yet - so as long as he's fed then we have years to build up to a full menu 😂

He may well turn in to a potato and chicken nugget before then though but only time will tell 🤔

OP posts:
TeddyIsaHe · 13/10/2018 13:06

So far 21 month old dd has had:

1/2 seedy bagel with marmite
Few blueberries and 1/2 banana

Lunch was veggie pad Thai which she loves and the only way she will eat egg.
Natural yog for pudding which she mainly smeared over the table.

Dinner will be sausage, mash, broccoli and Savoy cabbage. Gravy for me, none for dd as she hates it for some reason the strange child!

SparkleBanana · 13/10/2018 13:06

Rice Krispies for Breakfast
Jammy Dodger
Piece of fruit (apple or pear, got some food intolerances so can’t have some fruits)

Gammon or steak with chips and peas or beans (she has whichever meat we have that she fancies)
Strawberries and raspberries
Birthday cake with the jam cut out 🙄
Ice lolly

Yogurt before bed.

Just mainly has water (maybe with squash once a day, won’t drink milk)
3yrs 4months

And yes she does occasionally have McDonald’s.

Grumpbum123 · 13/10/2018 13:07

One weetabix and bowl of strawberries

Plain cheeseburger, carrots and milk from McDs (won’t touch potato in any form)

Will have a biscuit for a snack

Will have salmon, broccoli and pasta with grated cheese for dinner

Gizmo79 · 13/10/2018 13:08

Currently have a snotty grumbly teething 21month old.
Breakfast- weetabix x 2
Snacks- yoghurt, and yoghurt covered strawberries and some raisins.
Lunch - be lucky if he eats some sandwich (doesn’t matter what’s in it, he just shreds it and throws it around the room) apple, babybell
Snacks- chopped grapes, choc buttons (its his usual)
Dinner will be egg fried rice with some homemade chicken curry, and then a yoghurt.

I’ll be honest, he’s a bugger and probably does get more treats courtesy of dad and older siblings!!
He just ends up getting the same as them for meals, and seems to be surviving haha!

Gloopy · 13/10/2018 13:08

4 year old...

Toast and dippy egg and for breakfast
Half a crumbled custard cream (the other half had to be crushed into the floor) yoghurt for a snack
Popcorn chicken, onion rings and corn on the cob for lunch
No idea for later... Its my only day off work this week and I'm being very lazy...

iliketomoveitmoveitMOVEIT · 13/10/2018 13:09

I hear the pain with the fussy ones. At 1-2, DC was amazing and had the best diet in the world.

Oh. My. God. Now we are down to about 6 things she’ll eat Angry

StrugglingMumma · 13/10/2018 13:10

DD is 2 & half years old.

So far she has eaten:

Breakfast- small bowl of porridge with honey, whole banana & 3/ 4 strawberries and yogurt.

Lunch- pasta with peas & sweet corn.

And for dinner we will be having homemade burgers, slimming world chips and salad and wait for the ice cream van as a weekly treat.

Jezzifishie · 13/10/2018 13:11

My 3 year old had a fry up for breakfast (fried egg, toast, beans, ham, tomatoes), an apple and a pear for a snack, and pasta with cheese and broccoli for lunch. (I think she has hollow legs)


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SodTheBloodyLotOfThem · 13/10/2018 13:11

The 19mo eats far better than the 4yo.

So far he has had
Low sugar cheerios
A small cup of full fat milk

Some of my pancakes and bacon
Chopped grapes

A very small portion of pork and Apple stew. He'll eat some more of it after his nap.

He'll have some cheese cubes and cucumber sticks mid afternoon.

Dinner he will have cheesy pasta and veg or 'chilli non carne' depending on what I can be added cooking.

He prefers cooked veg to fruit, generally speaking.

The 4yo has had toast and peanut butter, two bites of Apple and a Madeleine.

girlgrower · 13/10/2018 13:12

Mine (2.5) has had 1.5 weetabix for breakfast, and small bowl of blueberries mid morning followed by a 'white ham' (chicken, but she won't eat it if we say it's chicken 🙄) 1 slice of bread sandwich with a bag of quavers (only half eaten) and half a banana.

Dinner will be omelettes tonight as we all have the same and that's what I fancy! Hers is 2 eggs and will have some actual ham, cheese and diced peppers and onion in it. She will probably spit out the onion and eat around 2/3 of it. Followed by a serving of full fat Greek yoghurt for pud with some strawberries and raspberries if she wants it.

Probably have a biscuit chucked in there at some point too with a drink while I'm feeding her baby sister.

She drinks water and full fat milk throughout the day, probably 10-12oz of milk daily still split between several drinks and breakfast.

Figmentofimagination · 13/10/2018 13:16

DS 17 months. So far he has had:

Breakfast - 1 slice of peanut butter on toast and some milk

Lunch - scrambled egg with a bit of beans, tomato, pepper and cheese. An apricot yogurt. Water to drink for the rest of the day.

Snack after nap time will be grapes and a baby biscuit.

Don't know about tea as I'm working so DH gets to decide. Think it's something with chicken.

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