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To ask how to hide a topic

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LEMtheoriginal · 01/10/2018 22:48

How can i hide a topic? I kniw how to hide threads but would like tohide a topic?


OP posts:
Wolfiefan · 01/10/2018 22:50

I don’t know but I hope you’re ok.

LEMtheoriginal · 01/10/2018 22:54

Im fine thak you (well actually not great but thats another thread 😂)

Just atopic i have no interest in taking up a lot of my active threads, be nice to hide it and make way for threads i ammore likely to engage with

OP posts:
Wolfiefan · 01/10/2018 22:56

Hmmmm. Me too. There aren’t enough topics to cover the variety of crap.
But yes. Some topics I could do without. Hope MN answer this.

7Days · 01/10/2018 22:57

Best to you LEM, I get like that sometimes too, don't want to see 'x' mentioned.
I'm on Android and i think it's clicking the self icon and then settings

10twinkle · 01/10/2018 22:59

It is feminism? I was just about to start a thread asking how to hide this 🙈 it's practically every thread in Active

Pebblespony · 01/10/2018 23:02

I've hidden the feminism ones. You have to be on the desktop site to hide it though.

Pebblespony · 01/10/2018 23:03

Sorry, posted too soon. If you Google this question it will bring up old threads which contain a link to the hide topics page.

10twinkle · 01/10/2018 23:08

Done, thanks

7Days · 01/10/2018 23:11

Naw feminist topic is great!!

Imo only - I suppose there are surges of interest in particular topics depending on what's in the news.

iggleypiggly · 01/10/2018 23:11

The feminism ones I’m desperate to hide. Will try on desktop Smile

LEMtheoriginal · 01/10/2018 23:13

Yes its feminism. But im on mobile cant get mnet on my laptop as i dont remember password. Looks like im stuck with it.
So offputting

OP posts:
flashbac · 01/10/2018 23:21

Yeah, go ahead and hide the feminism topics. Its no big deal. After all, the suffragettes were hysterical idiots and women didn't need the vote.
Right now the definition of woman is being widened to include men. This means women's hard-won rights and spaces like single sex spaces, sports, maternity rights etc will no longer mean anything and won't be protected. The law won't recognise us as a sex class affected by our biology hence in need of protection. But go ahead and stick your fingers in your ears and say 'blah blah'

Jakethekid · 01/10/2018 23:26

The op asked how to hide a topic. Not your opinion on her wanting to hide said topic.

10twinkle · 01/10/2018 23:27

OP I just went into the desktop site on safari on my phone

PeterPiperPickedSeaShells · 01/10/2018 23:27

And this is why we want to hide the topic....! Hmm

10twinkle · 01/10/2018 23:28

@flashbac I'll read feminism topics when I want to. But I'd also like to see something other than...

BackforGood · 01/10/2018 23:29

Yes, I had to hide it ages ago.
Er, sorry, can't help you on the mobile, was going to tell you how to do it on the desktop, but see that isn't any use to you.

Maybe report the post so someone techy from MNHQ can instruct you ?

10twinkle · 01/10/2018 23:29

And if ever I was looking for a reason to want to hide the topic, there you have it...

SpoonBlender · 01/10/2018 23:32 to hide topics. It's under the Talk header downarrow, on Customise.

RooCalledToby · 01/10/2018 23:39

Thank you SpoonBlender, what a relief!

DianaT1969 · 01/10/2018 23:40

I has to log onto a desktop pc to hide a topic. It isn't possible to do it from your phone. Yes, it was the Feminism threads that drove me to it. The sheer volume of similar threads being launched on the trans issue.
I also deleted baby names as that isn't of interest.

SpoonBlender · 01/10/2018 23:43

@LEMtheoriginal You can reset your password! Just go to and hit "forgotten your password?"


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SpoonBlender · 01/10/2018 23:45

OMFG I just muted a bunch of topics and Active is so much better! Up until this thread I'd completely forgotten it was something that could be done. Thanks LEM!

JillyArmeeen · 01/10/2018 23:45

Yea women's rights, so off-putting.

10twinkle · 01/10/2018 23:48

It's not just women's rights though. It's post after post after post about god knows what to do with 'feminism', and then every other one is to do with Trans Hmm

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