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Wedding Drama

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Namechanger86745 · 28/09/2018 11:59

I’ve namechanged as this is very outing.

A close friend of mine has got engaged and has asked me to be bridesmaid. I, of course, said yes and have been happily helping her plan. She’s had some bridezilla moments but they are mainly with her MIL who is a bit crazy.

So the problem is with the bridesmaids’ dresses. I’m a firm believer of wearing whatever the bride wants you to. She has also asked us all to pay for our dresses but she told us upfront when she asked us to be bridesmaids that we would need to so we are fine with this (within reason). There are 6 of us and we all absolutely hate the dress she has picked. She has found it online with her DM and it is honestly the fuglest dress I have ever seen.

We’ve decided to tell her how we feel and drew straws. I obviously drew the short straw. So AIBU to tell her that we do not want to wear and pay for these monstrosities? How do I do that without upsetting her? She’s so stressed and I don’t want to add to that.

She wants them in yellow btw. Not a flattering colour on any of us

OP posts:
diddl · 29/09/2018 16:54


Sounds as if you need new friends...

CurlyWurlyTwirly · 29/09/2018 17:01

She told you to Fuck Off. Nice.
Not particularly funny and you’d think a bride to be had better things to worry about.
(Are they all quite young?)

GerdaLovesLili · 29/09/2018 17:02

Oh I was so hoping for lots of drip-feedy updates, whackily-named characters, and twelvety-billion threads. 4 /10. Grin

Namechanger86745 · 29/09/2018 17:07

gerdalovelili sorry to disappoint lol. I’m sure this wedding will bring more drama and I’ll try harder next time! 😂

OP posts:
Sunflowerr · 29/09/2018 17:20

This ending tipped over the bullshit-o-meter in to overdrive.

Figural · 29/09/2018 17:21

Christonabike! I'd tell them all to fuck off, too. What a horror show. Is there a real groom involved
in this kiddies' party?

sabs22 · 29/09/2018 17:26

I don’t get asking people to pay to be a part of your wedding. You want someone to be a bridesmaid, you pay the expenses that come with that. 6 bridesmaids seems unnecessary if you can’t afford to pay for them. As for the dress, why would anyone look at that and think it’s nice? I’m thinking she wants you to look bad! I would be upfront about telling her you don’t like it, but I don’t agree with one person doing it, you all need to. If you are paying, you shouldn’t have to get something you hate! I can’t understand why a so called friend would want people to wear something they don’t like!

RangeRider · 29/09/2018 17:29

This ending tipped over the bullshit-o-meter in to overdrive.
This ^^. Some people have too much time on their hands.

twoshedsjackson · 29/09/2018 17:47

I'd skip the drama and withdraw from being a bridesmaid; let her exert her strange sense of humour on her other friends. If you're still on the guest list, turn up in beautiful outfit which you feel happy to spend your hard-earned money on.

BlueEyedPersephone · 29/09/2018 17:48

Glad you didn't have to wear the hideous dress!

TemptressofWaikiki · 29/09/2018 17:53

Mmmmh, what goes for humour these days. I would drop out now.

DPotter · 29/09/2018 17:59

That's not nice, not funny and I'd even go as far as to say - it's bullying you. She would have known you would worry and fret, and she's humiliated you in front of 5 other people, plus any social media they are all plugged into.

I know she's your friend but the job of choosing the bridesmaids dressings is not a role I would take on for anyone - far too much potential for falling out, especially if it's still the case of the bridesmaids having to pay for their own dresses (definitely not the done thing this side of 'The Pond'). You'll be having to please at least 7 people - her, her Mum, 6 other bridesmaids and yourself.

I would be very tempted to call and say you've given it a lot of thought and decided you're not up to the job and pass it all back on her.
Not a nice person in my view

ektomarie · 29/09/2018 18:02

That is just so utterly depressing and sad to read - straight out of Muriel’s Wedding movie that I really hope it’s embellished, OP. Otherwise you’re a doormat and these bitches wipe their shoes on you. Then squeal just kiddiiiiiiiing as you wipe off the shit.

LuluJakey1 · 29/09/2018 18:04

A practical joke you say?

RangeRider · 29/09/2018 18:24

It's not real guys.....

ILoveHumanity · 29/09/2018 19:30

That’s cute memories ignore everyone else

Kisskiss · 29/09/2018 20:00

This is gonna make great material for your speech at the wedding 😂. Your mate will probably find it hilarious if she ever sees this forum thread

(Kicking myself that I didn’t think to do something like this when I was planning mine lol)

FunSponges · 29/09/2018 20:57

Didn't you hear their phones ringing if they were just behind the door? Surely they weren't all on silent.

Not sure I get their joke tbh. And why would the rest of the BMs go along with it. It's not even funny.

ArrivisteRevolt · 29/09/2018 21:01

You sound lovely.

Just say ‘ we are all looking forward to the wedding but some of us are strapped for cash. I am so sorry but I think we are going to need to buy dresses we can wear again. We’ve discussed it and we’d love to be in a colour style of your choice, but we need to each choose something that will suit us. We love you though and can’t wait to be by your side’.

tenlittledinosaurss · 29/09/2018 21:14

Ok 🙄

ree348 · 29/09/2018 23:40

Really not funny! Epic fail on her part!

ThumbWitchesAbroad · 30/09/2018 03:54

I feel the same as Whocansay - I don't like practical jokes like that at all and would be really fucking upset and angry that anyone thought it was remotely humorous to put me through that level of stress and anxiety just for lolz.

Fuck that.

FloydWasACat · 30/09/2018 04:46

Please OP, turn up in that dress for the wedding day. You will get all the attention and she will hate that! Que sera sera+

shearwater · 30/09/2018 05:10

Yeah right Hmm

Nightwatch999 · 30/09/2018 05:23

I think they look nice. I see the dilemma, you are right you should wear what the bride has requested, but in your case you are paying.

I think for 1 day seen it would mean so much to your friend to just wear it. It may look a lot better after the flowers and other bits have been added. Bite your tongue don't spoil her day.

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