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To take the body lotion and soap from a £250 a night hotel? They have asked for it back!!!

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mum2sons · 05/04/2007 09:36

DH and I spent our wedding anniversary in a v expensive boutique hotel. I took the body lotion and soap home as I usually would do (sad, but I get v excited about these things!)Yesterday we received a letter from the hotel asking for us to send the 2 items back for the future enjoyment of guests!!! Talk about humiliation! Looking forward to MNetters views

OP posts:

Katy44 · 05/04/2007 09:44

Yes, tell us. I'm going to ring up and put my posh voice on to book a room "as long as you don't reuse the toiletries"


Katy44 · 05/04/2007 09:45

Is "toiletries" the right word? Or would that out me?


powder28 · 05/04/2007 09:45

Did you also take stuff from the mini bar and then put it back refilled with something else?


NadineBaggott · 05/04/2007 09:46

where is the OP

I need answers to all your questions .....


pinkchampagne · 05/04/2007 09:46



mum2sons · 05/04/2007 09:48

they were normal shop size not minitures. I guess I should turn myself in now!

OP posts:

powder28 · 05/04/2007 09:49

I expect it was a small Hotel? If it was aboutique one it might be the one i once looked at. I cant remember what it was called but the rooms were themed. Some holtels spend a lot of money on the little details so if you took a bottle exclusive to the hotel then you should really give it back


NadineBaggott · 05/04/2007 09:49

whoever suggested writing and saying about it being included in the price - I'd go with that myself and ask which of their guests would want to use second hand goods!


mum2sons · 05/04/2007 09:49

No stuff from the mini bar and no towels either! I did assume we could take them and I actually felt quite good that I had left the bubble bath and shower gel!!

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 05/04/2007 09:50

Name and shame these people!

Who the hell is this giving out used toiletries to guests when they're paying that kind of money for a hotel?

I want to know, because I'll phone them up and pretend to be an outraged tourist - I'm foreign and people always believe my tourist ruse.


Carmenere · 05/04/2007 09:50

Well you knew that they were not for taking so you are a bit naughty but they are also a bit over the top writing to you. They have done themselves a disservice because they have tainted your experience of them and bad news travels much faster than good........,


shouldbedoingsomethingelse · 05/04/2007 09:51

tell them you used the whole bottle during a pleasureable sex session with your DH!


powder28 · 05/04/2007 09:51

No need to complain, just send the items back and don't do it again you naughty girl


Saturn74 · 05/04/2007 09:51

At £250 per night I'd have smuggled the bed out, let alone the toiletries!


mum2sons · 05/04/2007 09:51

I also would have thought that they could charge whatever it cost to the bill rather than this. I do feel really !!!
I am not normally a tea-leaf!

OP posts:

hunkermunker · 05/04/2007 09:51

We stayed in a Malmaison a little while ago - they tell you to take the stuff with you!


Blu · 05/04/2007 09:52

I don't think I would have taken bigger size bottlesd, tbh, but am gobsmacked that they actually wrote to you!


expatinscotland · 05/04/2007 09:52

I wouldn't send them back FA.

I'd tell them I dropped the lotion on the floor and it went everywhere and that I used the soap.

After I cancelled the credit card I used for the hotel so they can't put the charges on there.

Greedy gits.

I still want to know who they are, because I don't want to stay in a hotel where they fob off used toiletries on guests.

That's rank.


mum2sons · 05/04/2007 09:52

I am ROFPMP to sex toys, good one!

OP posts:

Katy44 · 05/04/2007 09:52

Wonder whether they mark the bottles so they can see how much you've used (if you leave them of course )


babybore · 05/04/2007 09:52

Was it a London hotel?


NadineBaggott · 05/04/2007 09:52

tell em to feck off


Carmenere · 05/04/2007 09:53

Well that is my point, writing to you about toiletries is very unprofessional. If they are that bothered they should have just charged it to your card like they do for towels and robes ect.


Cappuccino · 05/04/2007 09:54

I have no problem using larger bottles of toiletries in hotels even if they have been used by previous guests

I would rather that than attempt to clean myself with the half teaspoo-full of watery oddness that comes out of the little sachets

what's wrong with you all? second hand toiletries

you all must have Issues


expatinscotland · 05/04/2007 09:54

Who is this? What hotel?

No way I'd patronise a place like this.

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