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AIBU? take 4 mo baby on glamping hen do?

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TomBowler · 01/08/2017 23:18

I am MoH and bride asked me before I got pregnant but she knew we were TTC. I have offered to step down.

Baby is EBF. I don't pump and haven't tried a bottle. Not totally against it though.

Would be arriving on campsite Fri afternoon. I would boob DD to sleep about 7ish. Deploy video monitor (our group has excl use of campsite and DD and I have own tent). Return to group for silly games.

Saturday morning breakfast and It's A Knockout. Lunch. Saturday afternoon outdoorsy activity I wouldn't be able to do (pelvic floor, say no more) so will chill at campsite. Sat evening boob DD to sleep and Butler In The Buff coming to serve cocktails and not games.

Sun morning breakfast in farm shop.

OP posts:
elevenclips · 01/08/2017 23:27

I don't think that sounds reasonable, sorry.

HipsterHunter · 01/08/2017 23:28

Is it far away? Just thinking that if it all goes tits up you might want to come home!

I kinda think it will really change the dynamic but you know the bride and the friendship group and if it can be done.

One of my friends had her little baby with her on a weekend away and the baby was the easiest thing - just slept in a sling the whole time and it didn't change things but not all baby's are so placid and not all mums are chilled.

Wolfiefan · 01/08/2017 23:29

What does the bride think? I wouldn't have wanted a baby at my hen do!

caffeinestream · 01/08/2017 23:29

I don't think it's fair on everyone else - sorry!

KERALA1 · 01/08/2017 23:30

Absolutely not. Sorry.

Peppapogstillonaloop · 01/08/2017 23:31

Depends totally on the bride. Does anyone else have kids? Will change the dynamic. If she is super chilled that might not matter but if not maybe be prepared for her to be unhappy about it..

ImperialBlether · 01/08/2017 23:31

Don't be daft!

Itsjustaphase2016 · 01/08/2017 23:32

Sound so good to me! I'm sure no one will be so precious as to object to your non verbal/non moving/teeny little baby being there!

egginacup · 01/08/2017 23:32

I think as long as you're willing to just take a step back and go to the tent with the baby if things get pear shaped then that would be fine- i.e don't sit there having cocktails with a screaming baby on your lap! Small babies are much more easily transportable than older babies/toddlers so I'm sure it won't be a big deal.

DingDongDenny · 01/08/2017 23:32

Does anyone else really hate the phrase 'boob baby to sleep'

KindleBueno · 01/08/2017 23:32

I would be massively put off going to a hen do if I thought anyone's kids were coming - baby or not. I know that sounds awful and in reality it probably wouldn't make a difference but it really changes the tone in my head.

Itsjustaphase2016 · 01/08/2017 23:32

I've done it btw! Was fine!

JustCallMeKate · 01/08/2017 23:33

Just thinking that if it all goes tits up you might want to come home!

Probably my sense of humour but this made me laugh.

OP IMO it's not the best idea to take a baby on a hen do.

Hairyfairy01 · 01/08/2017 23:34

No. I don't think that would be fair on anyone.

TomBowler · 01/08/2017 23:34

Bride is ok with it in theory. But exact detail of hen party is a surprise for her so not sure really.

Baby naps well and chills in sling. But is still a baby and sometimes screams.

Ah fuck.

OP posts:
HeyRoly · 01/08/2017 23:35

Don't do it. It's a hen weekend which is a baby free zone. You can't go.

MorrisZapp · 01/08/2017 23:36

You can't be serious.

MimsyFluff · 01/08/2017 23:36

I wouldn't even ask the bride or anyone else. Please don't go bring a child of any age will change the dynamic of the group and you'll be forever known as "that parent" step down gracefully from the hen do

egginacup · 01/08/2017 23:37

How long until the hen do? Could you try to get the baby used to a bottle before then, and then you could go for a night and let your hair down?

FilledSoda · 01/08/2017 23:37

God no, no one wants a baby on a hen do

TomBowler · 01/08/2017 23:38

DingDong - I hate the phrase too. Couldn't think of anything better at the time. Now obviously have thought of a million better ways of expressing (geddit?!) myself.

No other children. Among the 16 invitees only one other is a parent - she has a 2yo and a 4yo.

40 mins from home so could easily run away.

OP posts:
retreatwhispering · 01/08/2017 23:38

Oh goodness, no way! Absolutely zero soundproofing on tents and you could end up ruining everyone's weekend if the baby has even one bad night.

How close by is it? Can you join them on Sunday morning for breakfast?

talonofthehawk · 01/08/2017 23:40

Don't be so utterly selfish. Your pfb isn't welcome on a HEN DO!

Floggingmolly · 01/08/2017 23:41

Of course not. Seriously??

TomBowler · 01/08/2017 23:42

Not my PFB! Older DSs will be at home.

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