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Offensive Note On Car Today Whilst Shopping

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Drycleanonly7 · 31/07/2017 19:45 feel saddened.

After shopping with my husband and three year old I discovered I had been left the following note under my wipers: "You stupid bitch. Where's your child? You have parked in a mother and baby space. Did you leave them at home?"

My three year old sat in the trolley today as we shopped. He arrivived in his car seat.

People disappoint me all the time at the moment. I did get the Manager to check the CCTV but they didnt see the note being placed.

OP posts:
Rossigigi · 31/07/2017 20:14

Sweetheart just ignore it they are idiots and I bet aren't thinking about this now as you are

MumsOnCrack · 31/07/2017 20:14

Totally wrong...but it does really really fuck me off when people park in the mother and baby spaces and they have an adult sat in the car with the baby whilst their DH/DW goes shopping. Not you, obviously but man!

Drycleanonly7 · 31/07/2017 20:15

Youthinrevolt - top ideas. Will do. I just don't like being called a bitch unfairly. I wanted to be able to put the person straight really rather than take it to the High Courts!

OP posts:
ForalltheSaints · 31/07/2017 20:16

Whilst you may laugh at it, there is a serious point. If a person is prepared to write such filth, do they do this to vulnerable people?

kali110 · 31/07/2017 20:17

Trollspoopglitterwell congrats that you would be ok, but some people would be upset.
Ignore the sarcy replies op, some people have sad lives, including the note maker!

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut · 31/07/2017 20:18

The day I start writing notes and sticking them on cars legally parked is the day I give up on it all.

What a saddo the notewriter is. Pity them and their lack of decorum.

misssmilla1 · 31/07/2017 20:18

Maybe they took the hump as they assumed the spaces are for people with babies and not toddlers?

I've wondered this lately at our supermarket - with a two year old how long can I reasonably keep using the spaces for?

HotelEuphoria · 31/07/2017 20:19

Some people are just vile. I take my DD out once a week, he has Alzheimer's, degenerative heart failure, diverticulitis and osteoporosis. He is 86. He has a blue badge. Almost every week without fail a couple will stare hardly at the font of my car and look me up and down whilst I try to get dad out of the back of the car.

Entitled, don't sweat it.

lottieandmia · 31/07/2017 20:21

The problem with mother & baby spaces is that they make people feel that if they have a child they have the same right to those spaces that disabled people have to disabled spaces. The fact of the matter is that they don't they are a marketing ploy, nothing else. If people without children want to park in them they can. And they basically need to grow up!

GinaFordCortina · 31/07/2017 20:21

Op was your car seat in the car when they wrote the note?

Drycleanonly7 · 31/07/2017 20:21

The Manager didn't think it was at all odd to have been asked to check the cameras. As I have said I wanted to see if they could trace the person; their car too so that I could speak them in person.

OP posts:
Mummyme1987 · 31/07/2017 20:23

I get it a lot with my blue badge as I'm not my hubby pulls into the space we get looks and even when the blue badge is on show, there's people looking and judging. We have been challenged more than once. Even after hubby got me my wheelchair out of the boot. Ive had you are too young to be disabled! As if age matters! Not had a note yet but I'm sure I will before long. It's annoying.

oobedobe · 31/07/2017 20:24

I think in most cases it is a good idea to stop using the mother & baby spaces when the child is around 3 (obviously if you have a safety issue with walking your child through the carpark or another reason that is different).

I think they are really for the heavily pregnant or people with kids under three, who may be too heavy to carry or not want/be able to walk to the shop.

This is just my opinion BTW not a dig at the OP. Sometimes it gets to be a habit using that space but maybe someone needs it more than you?

londonrach · 31/07/2017 20:24

That reminds of of the time i was shopping with my mother who was in a wheelchair. Its a nightmare getting wheelchair on and off pavements. We had a massive bag so i left mum opposite the car on otherside of the road, crossed the road dumped bags in boot tobe stopped by lady shouting at me. She wouldnt let me get aword in.(hidden disabilites). In the end I locked car pointed at mum, across the roAd whowaved and returned to mum, when i looked back lady had disappeared. People too quick to judge. Maybe she didnt see your dd.

hmcAsWas · 31/07/2017 20:25

HotelEuphoria - I've had similar when driving my mother (84, also with degenerative heart failure and only able to walk 3 or 4 steps unaided).

Ghjklf · 31/07/2017 20:25

That stupid would have upset me too but I'd have been pissed off at myself for being upset.

Have a moan then throw it away and forget about it. There are a few of nasty people about who get a kick out of being unpleasant. Unfortuanately sone of them are on Mumsnet.

londonrach · 31/07/2017 20:25

I have ddaged 1 and really think parent parking should be back of the car park with safe walk to door.

EdmundCleverClogs · 31/07/2017 20:28

As I have said I wanted to see if they could trace the person; their car too so that I could speak them in person.

Why would you waste energy tracking down a silly person who couldn't even see a child's car seat in your car? The fact they left a note at all suggests they were an unreasonable and unapproachable person. You've already been quite upset by their silly note, how would confronting them have improved matters? Genuine question, I don't understand the need to track this person down to prove that you were in the right? Do you often let such minor (though obviously rude) things play on your mind so much?

Awwlookatmybabyspider · 31/07/2017 20:28

I don't think its a bit funny.
Its strange these CCTV cameras never seem to pick up genuine arse holes.

PetalMettle · 31/07/2017 20:28

A quick google suggests child should be under 12
So 3 is fine. I assume they saw you going to get the trolley and thought you were on your own.
It would've upset me too, but try to think that thing about them obviously facing a really bad day to act like that

TroysMammy · 31/07/2017 20:28

I've got a car seat and no child. It's for my niece who I pick up from school once a week. I never park in parent spaces with or without her. It's never occurred to me.

Drycleanonly7 · 31/07/2017 20:30

Gina - Yes. The car seat never left the car.

OP posts:
lottieandmia · 31/07/2017 20:31

I think you have every right to want to trace and report someone like this. They have absolutely no right to harrass you about a child space whether you had a child in the car or not.

People have a right to make a challenge (nicely) when the law backs what you are saying. There is nothing in law which says that entitled mummies or daddies can't cope without mother and baby spaces.

Bluntness100 · 31/07/2017 20:32

I never ever understand the people who nominate themselves as parking police. I really wonder what is wrong with them that their lives are reduced to policing car parks for free.

I posted before how when my daughter was little and I was going to get her from nursery, I parked in parent and child and this woman came rushing over and did her nut about how I couldn't park there as it was for parent and child only, she was fuming. I waited till she finished with this look on my face Shock and then said quietly I'm just going to get her from nursery and pointed at the nursery.

She didn't even apologise. She just turned on her heel and stomped off fast. All I could think was she was totally deranged.

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 31/07/2017 20:32

They were wrong, you were right, please don't dwell on it.

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