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To think this was a really cunty and odd thing to do

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CallingPeopleACuntOnFb · 21/07/2017 12:12

I had parked in the local co op car park and When I came out I'd been almost completely blocked in. it's a tiny car park anyway. I had to back out vv slowly and carefully. There wasn't enough space to turn around and go out forwards so my only option was to reverse out. I'm not feeling too great, it's red hot and 3 dc were all going apeshit, bickering etc. Whilst looking around to make sure it was safe to reverse I noticed a man next to my car, really staring at me, watching me, sort of smirking, arms crossed. It made me feel intimidated tbh. Kept slowly going back and I can see the exit.

Bloke still staring to the point where DC even noticed and said what's that guy looking at

I felt so weird and under pressure. Suddenly I heard a CRUNCH and my car jolts my heart sank

So out I get and I've scraped my bumper on a small bollard that was out of my eyeline 😰

And this cunt is laughing. he is actually laughing. Smaller dc are crying because the jolt / bang scared them

I have a very nice Audi (well it was nice 😰😰) It's not new but it's lovely and my pride and joy. And I'm female. I can't help but feel these facts are connected and the twat was hoping I'd bump the car cos it clearly made his day 😡

Btw I 100% realise it was no ones fault but mine that I didn't see the bollard. My issue is if I saw someone struggling to negotiate a situation like mine i would warn them if there was something in the way

OP posts:
CircleofWillis · 22/07/2017 09:12

Thanks Rolf. I'll tell her when she arrives back home how much I appreciate all the cunty things she does for me.

isupposeitsverynice · 22/07/2017 09:15

Men are so weird about women reversing cars. I am quite small and look young from a distance, and I usually drive a 4x4, so I have had people watch me reverse many times. Sadly for them I practise a lot so I'm reasonably competent. I particularly enjoyed the bloke who actually stopped his car by my house to watch me smash my gateposts to bits with a discovery - jokes on him, I reverse into my driveway every day so it's a fairly effortless endeavour. Dickheads.

RolfNotRudolf · 22/07/2017 09:20

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

derxa · 22/07/2017 09:24

I would have asked him to help me.

Eggandchipsfortea93 · 22/07/2017 09:24

It would be nice if you could track him down, and take all your mates to stand and point at him and laugh. Then follow him down the street a bit doing it Grin

user1497435493 · 22/07/2017 09:35


His wife probably left him for a nicer man with a full head of hair, their kids think he's a useless prick and keep forgetting to visit, his female boss doesn't understand his genius and his piles are bigger than his cock.

Spat my coffee allover my laptop reading that! Grin


wrenika, I can reverse park but I'm human and I make mistakes. You know, like your parents.

Woah, bit below the belt! Shock

I mean, her comments were a bit rude but that is a bit nasty.

VanillaLatteAndCake · 22/07/2017 09:38

Absolute bastard Angry
We have a new Co-Op with a tiny carpark too. The thing is that I know I'm crap at reversing so I've started to park elsewhere!

PatMullins · 22/07/2017 09:43

I thought the mistakes comment was funny Grin

CircleofWillis · 22/07/2017 10:00

Pat I thought it was funny too!

SassyLuvsPigeonPositivityPower · 22/07/2017 10:10

Ah the Co-op bollard...tis a slippery little sucker that pops up in the most unexpected of places and always out of your mirrors/sight! It is in fact a stealth bollard - so clearly it wasn't your fault OP! Nasty little feckers stealth bollards!

Your misogynistic voyeur was also a nasty little fecker but nothing stealthy about him! Do NOT give him any more headspace. He is very definitely NOT worth another of your thoughts.

Fingers crossed those frickin stealth bollards pick on someone else next time ....damn you with your cunning concrete ways!!! Flowers

CallingPeopleACuntOnFb · 22/07/2017 10:17

It WAS a stealth bollard! Was in my blind spot. Horrible little fucker

OP posts:
SassyLuvsPigeonPositivityPower · 22/07/2017 10:24

Yup they are! might have come a cropper with them myself on occasion, little feckers!

SquatBetty · 22/07/2017 11:27

You have my sympathies, I have also reversed into a stealth bollard but luckily I didn't have a tragic audience of a tiny cocked cunty mysoginist to witness it.

Pay him no more thought, OP.

RaymondinaReddington · 22/07/2017 11:39

C""""s like this get their own comeuppance - having to live with themselves is bad enough.

I had similar with a brand new beautiful car and s stealth bollard. Took out 2 panels on the car. Luckily it was s courtesy car and I had paid the insurance to waive liability for any damage excess so it didn't cost me a penny but was very mortifying.

A group of people just stood there and watched me do it and laughed their heads off pointing etc. A quiet snigger I could forgive but it was really loud nasty celebration.

Ginkypig · 22/07/2017 11:40

Iv only read the first few posts but wanted to say.

I bet he is the sort of nasty fucker that also laughs at an old person falling over in the street too!

CallingPeopleACuntOnFb · 22/07/2017 11:51

Raymond that's vile !!!

What is WRONG with people 😰

OP posts:
Maireadplastic · 22/07/2017 17:33

Stop insulting our wonderful genitalia by associating them with this man.

He is a cock.

Zippydoodah · 22/07/2017 17:37


If anyone watches me parking, which i had a spate of last year because i have a long car, i wind the window down as ask if there's anything i can help them with, if they're ok or say im not going to hit anything but they're welcome to guide me out if worried

SecondBreakfast · 22/07/2017 17:42

And I take as much pleasure in watching men fail at reversing as I do at women.

Nice Hmm

DagenhamRoundhouse · 22/07/2017 17:46

What goes around comes around........

CattyMcCatface · 22/07/2017 17:48

Sorry about your bump OP that is very upsetting for you. What a mean horrible man.

Our dentist car park is really tiny and I had an awful job getting out of it one time, didn't help with a Jag owner parking in the middle waiting for my space refusing to move in case someone else nipped in. Luckily a couple of people passing by helped me by directing me forwards and backwards till I got out. Bless them!

sharklovers · 22/07/2017 17:52

You have a "very nice" Audi but you're looking to fix it with eBay parts? Riiiight....

JiggyTuff · 22/07/2017 17:56

sharklovers - this isn't pistonheads Hmm

OP - he sounds like an utter cock. I'm sorry - it can be bloody stressful getting cars out of tiny spaces

CasanovaFrankenstein · 22/07/2017 18:02

I expect he was upset about Doctor Who and you've made him feel so much better...

Yes he's a knob...

Wickedstepmum67 · 22/07/2017 18:10

Prize twat. Hope you ran over his feet whilst reversing!

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