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To not answer the door if I don't want to?

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Meowstro · 21/07/2017 10:43

Just that really. I don't answer the door (on a busy road) unless I'm expecting a parcel or someone to pop in which would have been arranged or they can call once there. I don't even pretend I'm not in, I just don't care. AIBU?

OP posts:
Mittens1969 · 26/07/2017 19:39

Of course, I'm not someone who enjoys opening the door myself. I was referring to the person spoken of by a pp, who wanted to sue the hospital/police for not contacting them, when they had refused to answer the door.

Countdowntofour · 26/07/2017 20:24

Most of the time I do open the door - if I'm feeling abit antisocial for whatever reason I'll just keep my gate locked for the day so they can't get to the front door.
I hardly ever answer my house phone though - more often than not it's someone not 'familiar' - and if it's important then they can leave a message. Everyone I actually like has my mobile number lol.

Spangles1963 · 26/07/2017 21:01

Thankfully where I live in a second floor flat,there is a security door downstairs that can only be accessed by a special fob,or by buzzing someone's intercom to be let in. If I'm not expecting anyone,I don't have the intercom switched on! If someone DOES manage to get in the security door by buzzing someone else's intercom and giving some story about needing to get in (rare as all my neighbours are briefed not to do this,but the odd slip-up has happened) I get a good minute's warning as my cat hears if anyone comes in the downstairs door. If they approach our landing,she goes and stares at the front door. Very handy. My attitude is that in these days of mobile phones,there is no need for unannounced visits. And if it's something important that they are calling about,again,they can phone me. Anyone who knows me knows that my phone is nearly always on,so it's not a problem getting hold of me (unless they with hold their number!

ElasticGirl · 26/07/2017 21:07

I have also given up answering my landline, as it is only cold callers or my mother in law Wink

Mittens1969 · 26/07/2017 21:39

@ElasticGirl, I know exactly what you mean lol! Smile Far too many cold callers and my MIL, she mostly wants to speak to DH anyway. I also avoid answering if it's my brother as he tends to call at the most inconvenient time and with his mental health issues it's tricky dealing with him.

limitedperiodonly · 26/07/2017 22:13

Where do you all live that people constantly hammer on your door trying to sell you dusters or tell you about Jesus?

I live in central London and I'd die if I had to rely on strangers knocking on my door.

LoniceraJaponica · 26/07/2017 22:13

We always answer the landline. For many reasons:

  1. Our families use it as the default option
  2. OH works from home and receives business calls on it
  3. Both OH and DD have ongoing health issues and we get quite a few "number withheld" phone calls that are from the NHS.
LoniceraJaponica · 26/07/2017 22:16

I agree limited We usually just get a neighbour, friend, the postman or delivery driver knocking on our door.

limitedperiodonly · 26/07/2017 23:07

Has it not occurred to you that people in a situation where that is likely might actually dread answering the door?

Of course it has, but dread is a very strong emotion. I would not want to live in a society where people routinely dreaded opening their door apart from reasons to do with their mental health problems or specific things that had happened to them and were still likely to. As far as I know, I don't.

user1498911589 · 26/07/2017 23:12

. I would not want to live in a society where people routinely dreaded opening their door apart from reasons to do with their mental health problems or specific things that had happened to them and were still likely to.

Neither would I, however I know people who are waiting for that phone call/knock on the door with Bad News and they now dread answering a late night knock at the door or unexpected phone call.

runningyogabooze · 26/07/2017 23:16


Sometimes I am in the bath and can't be arsed

limitedperiodonly · 26/07/2017 23:17

We all have to cope with bad news.

Frazzled50yrold · 26/07/2017 23:51

I live in a rural area and thankfully have very few callers but usually if I answer the door it's someone trying to sell expensive tickets,the last one was a 20pds draw ticket, living in rural NI that gets problematic if you don't purchase the tickets as they're usually for sports clubs and there are implications of sectarianism if I don't buy them. So much easier to not answer the door, bizarrely I also have 4 doors so that's useful

BalloonDinosaur · 29/07/2017 03:14

In answer to the 'I've never met anyone in real life that doesn't answer their door', I've just asked at work and out of 9 people, 7 said they routinely don't if they aren't expecting someone.

aquashiv · 29/07/2017 22:57

I can't ignore it the dog hyperventerlates with excitement.

gluteustothemaximus · 29/07/2017 23:01

We never answer the door unless expecting someone.

It took me ages to realise I didn't have to answer the door.

Feel much happier now! YANBU.

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