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To not answer the door if I don't want to?

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Meowstro · 21/07/2017 10:43

Just that really. I don't answer the door (on a busy road) unless I'm expecting a parcel or someone to pop in which would have been arranged or they can call once there. I don't even pretend I'm not in, I just don't care. AIBU?

OP posts:
Huffletuff · 24/07/2017 21:52

I find it very odd that people think it's rude not to answer the door.

It's purposefully ignoring someone

Yes. Yes it is. Someone I very probably haven't asked to visit my house so I will definitely purposefully ignore them. It's rude to knock someone's door without being invited to, unless there's a delivery or an emergency.

I'm disabled now so answering the door is a lot of painful effort for me, therefore I don't do it unless I'm expecting post. I didn't answer it when I was able either though. I don't want to, therefore I won't. It's my house and my choice.

Elphame · 24/07/2017 22:03

I usually answer the door as I'm curious as to who it may be but sometimes I don't. If it's a cold caller who has ignored my notice then they'll probably wish I hadn't!

It's my door and my choice.

eddiemairswife · 24/07/2017 22:29

I wish I'd thought of that shesabloodyloon. I had 4 quite close in age and was forever answering the door to various friends,

Witsender · 24/07/2017 22:31

I also don't answer my phone unless the number pops up and is a real area code.

sweetbabboo · 24/07/2017 22:36

I don't answer either. I generally out at work during the day anyway so if I am home I'm usually ill. I'm not interested in signing up to charities on the doorstep or hearing about Jesus so unless it's the postie or a courier I remain on the sofa (in my jammies and mad bed hair).

sweetbabboo · 24/07/2017 22:42

And I never answer the landline either (bloody pointless having IMO but there you go). No-one I know EVER calls me on it, always use my mobile, and the occasional time I've nearly broken my neck hurtling downstairs to answer it it's always some idiot insisting I've got unclaimed PPI or that I've been in an accident!

aurynne · 24/07/2017 22:51

"I also don't answer my phone unless the number pops up and is a real area code." --> Police, hospitals and emergency services don't show a "real area code". Good luck with that!

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 24/07/2017 22:55

Police, hospitals and emergency services don't show a "real area code". Good luck with that!

I don't answer calls to unknown numbers either. If it's important, they can leave a message.

GladAllOver · 24/07/2017 23:02

My Truecall phone doesn't accept anonymous calls. It replies with a message that you must call again without withholding the number. Police and doctors have no trouble calling again, appropriately.

LoniceraJaponica · 24/07/2017 23:14

I'm with you ShesABloodyLoon. MN is a parallel universe. We get very few chuggers. People coming to our door are usually delivery men or friends. It wouldn't occur to me not to answer the door - or the phone.

Notknownatthisaddress · 24/07/2017 23:34

You know, plenty of people probably don't answer the door most of the time in 'real life' either; they just don't go round telling people about it. Did THAT not occur to people? Do you seriously think people will admit to never answering the door in real life???

If they did they would get judged and laughed at like they're a freak with mental health issues, like they do on here! Hmm On the internet, people can feel free to say it because it's an anonymous forum. So that is why more people 'admit' it on here!

Just because people don't tell you in real life that they don't usually answer the door, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. They're just not choosing to share the information ( probably coz they know you are a judgemental person who will probably take the piss out of them. )

MrsBakedBean · 24/07/2017 23:41

I live in quite an exclusive area but I don't always answer the door.

I didn't (always) answer the door when I was 23 either.

I don't answer the phone when I don't want to. Does this make me evil?

limitedperiodonly · 25/07/2017 08:06

if I find your keys left in the lock, rather than let myself in and surprise you on the bog, I will knock then stick them through your letterbox.

The postman thought of that, but decided that wouldn't be much use if my mum was out of the house because she'd be locked out. And because she was elderly and he cared about her, he wanted to check she was all right. I think that's good and so did she

Witsender · 25/07/2017 08:22

That's fine Aurynne, not sure why I need good luck but thanks for the kind thought. Wink

Mittens1969 · 25/07/2017 10:38

What really annoys me is when someone keeps knocking or ringing the bell, not taking no for an answer. Sometimes it can be quite a few minutes before the person leaves! Angry

I do ignore the phone if it's a number I don't recognise. I confess, sometimes I ignore my MIL's number if it's inconvenient as she goes through phases of calling us a lot. Same with my brother, who has mental health problems. Then we call them back when it's convenient, for example when our DDs are in bed.

Trouble is, though, my MIL will sometimes call again and again until we answer, not thinking that if was inconvenient 10 minutes ago, and she's left a message, why would we be able to answer 5 minutes later?

goldopals · 25/07/2017 10:45

I always answer the door. My screen door is always locked, so I just open the wooden door and keep the screen locked if I don't know the person

MammaTJ · 25/07/2017 10:53

Most of my local friends know that I do not answer the door unless I am expecting someone.

If they pop over, they will shout 'Hey it's (name)', then I will usually answer.

I don't want to engage with randoms, I do not answer my door.

My choice.

aurynne · 26/07/2017 00:46

Witsender, my best friend's parents, when they got the call from the hospital, decided to answer the phone to an unknown number, and fortunately had time to see him alive for a short time after a car accident. He died an hour after they arrived.

Perhaps you now understand the "good luck" thing.

worridmum · 26/07/2017 01:35

what i love is we had a neigiour who quite happliy ignored the door being knocked repeatly whe saw them in the window (lots of people were knocking as there bloody garage was in the process of flooding and falling down (they have a big garden so cannot see it from house.

And they had the cheek to have a moan at us for not warning them until past neigbour said we tried but you wouldnt answer the front and her response is why should i answer the front door? and we basically said then thats why you have 50K damage to your properity and walked away (dont know why they no longer speak to anyone lol)

Dieu · 26/07/2017 01:39

YABU. Seriously odd behaviour on here.

worridmum · 26/07/2017 01:40

oh its also the case with phones when i was a practicing solicitor i had a case where someone wanted to sue a hospital / police service for not contacting them when a close family member was in intesve care and sadly passed away shortly afterwoods

Expect both the hospital and the police attempt to contact them via phone calls (they dont answer phone unless its in there address book/ know who it is) and refused to answer the door when the polcie arrived.

They said they didnt try hard enough to contact them and its there right not to answer the door / phone and they needed to do there job of informing them and because they were not informed missed the last moments and for some reason did not get it was there own fault and my old company for some reason told them they had no case.

Mittens1969 · 26/07/2017 11:42

Those who choose not to answer the door need to live with the consequences if they miss something important like a close relative being in intensive care. Why wouldn't they open the door if it was the police?! Just how did they expect to be contacted?

Yes, it's your choice not to answer the door, and your right. But what about an emergency? That's why you should always check to see who it is.


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Jessiecat27 · 26/07/2017 17:19

I only answer the door if I see the postman or I've invited someone. If I know you and you weren't invited, I'll hide!

user1498911589 · 26/07/2017 17:30

Those who choose not to answer the door need to live with the consequences if they miss something important like a close relative being in intensive care. Why wouldn't they open the door if it was the police?! Just how did they expect to be contacted?

Has it not occurred to you that people in a situation where that is likely might actually dread answering the door?

Daydream007 · 26/07/2017 18:08

Nothing wrong in that. Your home, your privacy.

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