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AIBU you look ok from the front BUT>>>

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Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 17:59

So this is a big no no in my book.
You see this person looking lovely from the front, made up nice outfit, but they turn around and it's like they got dragged out of bed, the bra is on view,, all of it.
Now is this just me or do others of you think WTF.

OP posts:
SomethingOnce · 18/07/2017 18:10

I don't recall ever having had this experience.

Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 18:13

I think it's worse in the summer, as they don't put a jacket on, but the other day a person had on this lovely halterneck top, in green and am orrange bra, and at the back all you could see was an orange bra, have a look next time your out.

OP posts:
WonderfullySunny · 18/07/2017 18:14

I do sometimes wander if people check the back before leaving, I saw four people today where I could make out the pattern on their pants.

WonderfullySunny · 18/07/2017 18:16

Wondering also....

toosexyforyahshirt · 18/07/2017 18:17

If you can see someone's bra that means they look like they were dragged out of bed from the back?

Don't talk such shit. And mind your own business.

MaidOfStars · 18/07/2017 18:19

Indeed, toosexy

I don't wear a bra in bed.

namechange20050 · 18/07/2017 18:19

They probably don't mind that their bra is on show. In a Carrie Bradshaw sort of way.

Dawnedlightly · 18/07/2017 18:20

"have a look next time your out."
No thanks, I'm sorry you've noticed something that offends you, but I won't.

caffeinestream · 18/07/2017 18:20

Maybe they just don't care that people can see their bra?

MaidOfStars · 18/07/2017 18:21

I would say that someone who has paired orange with green almost certainly doesn't mind if someone sees a bit of it.

MaidOfStars · 18/07/2017 18:22

OP, you can currently see my bra...from the front too. I don't know how to hide bra straps under spaghetti straps, so I've picked a deliberately interesting colour under the black vest.

SomethingOnce · 18/07/2017 18:24

Indeed, MOS, I would think they were making a feature of it!

SomethingOnce · 18/07/2017 18:25


As you have!

Puffpaw · 18/07/2017 18:25

I have never noticed nor judged this...

coddiwomple · 18/07/2017 18:28


Who cares if the back of your bra is on show? I couldn't care less when I wear casual clothes, I do wear black with black but so what if you see the straps? I am wearing a clean bra everyday, but I am not buying one to match every single top I own.

Pretty sure some items are designed to show your bra
newlook top

Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 18:45

I supposed we were always taught you have too look smart from the back as well as the front, it's like people just don't care anymore.
I am not taling about your bra straps showing, or a seethrough top.
I mean about the whole of the back of your bra showing in an outfit, that makes something very pretty just look like you don't care how you dress.

OP posts:
MaidOfStars · 18/07/2017 18:50

But what if you have breasts that are difficult to support without a bra or in low-back bras (or whatever strap conformation is required for the outfit)?

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 19:01

This is quite bitchy IMO

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 19:02

Maybe they know and they don't care shock

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 19:03

If they've bought a halter neck dress and then put on a bra I'm 99.9% sure they know everyone can see their bra but they don't give a shit?!

PodgeBod · 18/07/2017 19:06

I circumvent this by looking like shit from the front, too.

Amrapaali · 18/07/2017 19:16

Podge Grin

elQuintoConyo · 18/07/2017 19:20

What a horrible thread to start.

"Women don't dress like what is naice, in my opinion" - Ms Gotnolife, Milton Keynes.

annasfarmgirl · 18/07/2017 19:22

coddi that is a hospital gown! Grin

OhHolyFuck · 18/07/2017 19:23

What the hell is happening that they can look lovely from the front and shit from behind? Surely not just a bit of visible bra?

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