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AIBU you look ok from the front BUT>>>

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Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 17:59

So this is a big no no in my book.
You see this person looking lovely from the front, made up nice outfit, but they turn around and it's like they got dragged out of bed, the bra is on view,, all of it.
Now is this just me or do others of you think WTF.

OP posts:
NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom · 18/07/2017 22:30

I bought a top online recently which has an open back from the shoulders down, thought I'd be able to go bra-less... Unfortunately when it arrived I realised not as it's so thin if I did opt out of a bra I might as well not bother with the top Shock Figured I'd get a really bright bra to go under it as really like the top, hope I don't happen upon you OP hey?

Cailleach666 · 18/07/2017 22:30

Ha ha- quote misplaced- the rest of my post is in the correct place!

SuperBeagle · 18/07/2017 22:33

I hate when my bra shows. I have a few dresses where this is a problem and instead of just buying a strapless bra which would be the obvious solution I loosen the straps and tie them at the back, so that they can't be seen.

But I don't know that I'd notice on other people.

Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 22:44

Sorry female under 50. but my parents are older, so it may be they influenced my views.

A very bright bra under a backlace bra, and yes you know the wearer has done it as a fashion statement, and I bet you look good.

This was a case of this last few weeks, I keep seeing it and it's just so odd you can't unsee it, and once you see one it's sort of jumping out when you do see it, I didn't set out to judge, but it's often as bad as the shock images of a mankini would be, and I just wondered if this is now the norm, or am I just noticing it becasue I;ve now seen it and can't stop..

As I said before would never ever say anything to anyone about it, as that would be nasty, and I really don't do that in the world outside mumsnet.

OP posts:
kali110 · 18/07/2017 22:44

So you all think it's Ok to show the complete back of your bra, I suppose I will just still be old fashioned and realise it's Ok if people think it is Ok.
From your own post op...

kali110 · 18/07/2017 22:45

I pity you, if you think just because someone shows their bra straps that they don't respect themselves Confused

clumsyduck · 18/07/2017 22:47

Literally never thought this once I my entire life

Could also not give a fuck if I can see someone's bra . The horror Shock

Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 22:51

Kali I am not talking about BRA Straps. I never was.

I saw someone with a very pretty halterneck dress on and it looked lovely and they turned around to show a black bra from behind about 3 inches wide and you could see all of the back of it, as the dress was backless, it looked ODD, once I saw that I kept seeing people with big bras and no not all were on d-plus boobs.
From the back it really looked like they were just wearing a bra, and no tops, and I don't mean fashionable bras as a statement.

OP posts:
kali110 · 18/07/2017 22:53

So why does her showing off her bra mean she has no respect or standards?
Have we gone back several hundred years?

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 22:53

Just because you don't say anything, don't think the look on your face doesn't show exactly how ugly your heart is.

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 22:54

As PP said, respect for others is paramount. Whether you think they respect themselves or not, because they haven't got the right bra on.

Fucking hell.

Cailleach666 · 18/07/2017 22:55

From the back it really looked like they were just wearing a bra, and no tops, and I don't mean fashionable bras as a statement.

Think of the children.

And the horses.

The carnage.

"Society falls apart as we glimpse a bra!"

clumsyduck · 18/07/2017 22:56

Think of the horses 😂😂

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 22:58

Oh, the children!

Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 23:02

I wish I could have taken a photo, and the best bit is your all going to SEE it as well next time your out in a crowd, and no matter what you say on here in your heads you will think it,,,,

I know this becasue someone on here posted about men's pants and everyone wasn't as nasty as you lot and admitted they kept seeing it after it was posted.

OP posts:
DancingLedge · 18/07/2017 23:02

Shock news - lots of women wear bras.
More shock news- many women no longer feel an imperative to conceal this. Because its not the 1950s.
They think the word has got out.

DancingLedge · 18/07/2017 23:04

Op, listen carefully.

We. genuinely. don't.

Cailleach666 · 18/07/2017 23:06

I wish I could have taken a photo,

You sound like some weird stalker.

"Officer- It's part of my moral crusade you see, I'm really doing us all a favour by showing the world how badly dressed some women are"

Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 23:10

Ok if you walked out shopping with the bit of your bra showing from where your straps are at the back on view this week write I did as your first sentence, I may not know you lied but you will...

Because I don't think any of you did that today and it was a bloody hot day today... so in that case your all arguing with me becasue it's ok to do it not becasue you do it, which means your all just like me really,

OP posts:
Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 23:11

I mean the hooks bit, not the straps

OP posts:
MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:12

None of us are like you...

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:13

Dancingledge - if I could high five you, I would


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Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 23:15

But your here commenting so you do....hahah

OP posts:
Ginlinessisnexttogodliness · 18/07/2017 23:16

@Whodoesthis17 you should have just added your observation to the currently trending Irritating Judgy
Pants thread.
You might have found a kindred spirit or two on there.

kali110 · 18/07/2017 23:17

wish I could have taken a photo, and the best bit is your all going to SEE it as well next time your out in a crowd, and no matter what you say on here in your heads you will think it,,,, •
No op i won't because i actually think you should dress how you want.
I've already told you i have tops that have buts missing out the back and wear a bra with them, so no i wouldn't be a nasty judgemental person.
Take a photo, who does that Hmm

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