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AIBU you look ok from the front BUT>>>

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Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 17:59

So this is a big no no in my book.
You see this person looking lovely from the front, made up nice outfit, but they turn around and it's like they got dragged out of bed, the bra is on view,, all of it.
Now is this just me or do others of you think WTF.

OP posts:
kali110 · 18/07/2017 23:18

Because I don't think any of you did that today and it was a bloody hot day today... so in that case your all arguing with me becasue it's ok to do it not becasue you do it, which means your all just like me really,
How do you know this?
It's clear that no one on this thread cares like you do

Whodoesthis17 · 18/07/2017 23:19

Kali I have seen some of your comments on other threads, Glass houses dear,

OP posts:
MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:19

"...I wish I could've taken a photo..."

You remember that girl who took a photo of someone in the gym and her life was ruined. She was a bully. You are a bully. Please don't take photos of people to publicly shame them, purely because they don't live up to some weird 'standard' you have in your head.

Let me find a ya' go.. maybe you could be friends (I'm pretty sure she doesn't have many left!)

SerfTerf · 18/07/2017 23:20


Is your life a bit empty?

This reminds me of the creepy people who say "I LOVE people watching". As though 'people watching' is a credible pass time and nothing to be ashamed of.

Live your life. Leave other people alone to live theirs.

ArchieStar · 18/07/2017 23:20

Think of the horses 😂😂😂

I'm going to say a name now. Her fashion standards are completely unique and I can guarantee that she has regular work and social invites.

Helena Bonham Carter

That woman wears whatever the hell she wants and is perfectly happy doing so. Society would be a damn sight nicer if others (i.e. You) stopped judging and realised it's 2017. If I wanted to go out wearing a ra ra skirt, trainers and a sports bra I can.

Good day to you Judgey McJudgeface!

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:21

Yaaas to HBC! She's amazing. Odd shoes? Yep!!!

OP here you go, this is what she said...perhaps you'd feel the same if you had a conscience?!

“It was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do,” she said. “I chose to do what I do for a living because I love the female body, and I know body shaming is wrong.”

PiratePanda · 18/07/2017 23:22

Woman on the train the other day wearing an ostensibly cute and relatively formal short playsuit. Her arse cheeks were hanging out the back; I could see everything.

I almost said something because I bet she didn't realise. The playsuit was perfectly decent from the front (if much shorter than I can get away with these days).

SerfTerf · 18/07/2017 23:22

I wish I could have taken a photo, and the best bit is your all going to SEE it as well next time your out in a crowd, and no matter what you say on here in your heads you will think it,,,,



MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:24

I wore a flourescent neon coral bra today under a white top and....I WENT TO TESCO!!! Argggghhhhhhhhhhhh!

kali110 · 18/07/2017 23:24

And? I've never judged anyone by their clothes Confused
I still want to know why you think a persons standards go down if they show their bra?
Do you assume only a certain type of person wears this?

Ginlinessisnexttogodliness · 18/07/2017 23:26

@MumsOnCrack god yes that stupid butch that took that photo. She was so dreadful.

Ginlinessisnexttogodliness · 18/07/2017 23:26

Bitch not butch. Ffs

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:26

Yes Kali, she does. People with no respect for themselves...apparently Hmm

dinahmorris · 18/07/2017 23:26

I really wish I had the confidence to wear clothes like this without giving a flying fuck what other people think. And I'm immensely grateful to the women who ignored the judgemental twats who disapproved of women wearing miniskirts. I'm so bloody sick of arbitrary 'standards'.

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:27

Gin - awful! And the same chortling at people behind their backs spirit IMO - sad times

squishysquirmy · 18/07/2017 23:27

I honestly don't care how I look from the back, as long as my skirt is not tucked into my knickers. Don't care how big my bum is either. I can't see myself from the back, so its out of sight out of mind to me.

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:29

OP has clearly never lived in a big town/city; if you were concerned about modesty you'd be wandering around London covering people up or giving them advice every 10 seconds. Chill. Out. OP.

kali110 · 18/07/2017 23:29

But why? i really don't understand why a persons standards has to go down. I'm not having a dig Confused i just don't understand how standards and respect comes into it! It's clothes!

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:30

Kali - me neither, genuinely. I don't get it. At all. People can wear what they want and if doesn't 'say' anything about them.

Ginlinessisnexttogodliness · 18/07/2017 23:30

@squishysquirmy my wonderful best friend walked around town with her skirt tucked into her knickers after we had been to see a ballet and got pissed up on vodka. To add insult to injury she had toilet roll on her foot. We didn't realise until we sat down on the train.

squishysquirmy · 18/07/2017 23:31

"Sorry female under 50. but my parents are older, so it may be they influenced my views."

Wait, WHAT?
My parents are older than me too. I would wager a fair amount that's true for everyone else on this thread as well.

Ginlinessisnexttogodliness · 18/07/2017 23:33

@MumsOnCrack sad days indeed.

It's a sad day when someone seriously starts a discussion about a bra being on show as a sign of mental incapacity.


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MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:33

My DM is 72. I once walked about three miles in London with my arse out. My jeans had ripped down the inside of the back pocket. I don't think anyone even noticed.

squishysquirmy · 18/07/2017 23:33

Gin: She sounds as smooth as me! Grin
But its not so bad really because if anyone noticed, they didn't know her and she would never see them again. So who cares? If anyone she did know had seen, they would surely have discretely informed her of the wardrobe malfunction. Unless they were twats, in which case who cares what they think?

MumsOnCrack · 18/07/2017 23:34

Yes Gin (sorry don't know how to tag you!) or as a sign that they don't have any respect for themselves and somehow deserve to be ridiculed.

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