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To feel a bit shit that nobody sponsored me?

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MyGastIsFlabbered · 24/06/2017 19:35

I signed up to do the 10,000 steps a day thing for Cancer Research. I put my fundraising page on FB, Twitter but not one person has sponsored me. I know money's tight for most of us at the moment, but to not raise even a penny makes me feel shit. AIBU to take it so personally?

OP posts:
Silvercatowner · 24/06/2017 20:39

Mumsnet really is vile sometimes

Sure. This isn't that though.


Notknownatthisaddress · 24/06/2017 20:41

Yeah sorry OP but I wouldn't sponsor you either. Despite the 'mumsnetters are such bitches' cries on here, walking 10K steps a day nothing special. It's decent exercise, but it's nothing special or different. I am not being 'vile,' and neither is anyone else; just honest. Are people not allowed to give their (quite reasonable and honest) views without being called fucking VILE? FFS! Hmm

In addition, I get asked to sponsor quite regularly, and like with chuggers, beggars, and charities, I say no to them because I am fucked off with being asked, and because I haven't got to the stage in life yet, where I have started to crap money.

The fact no-one has sponsored you should tell you that many people feel the same as me, and many people on this thread.

rightwhine · 24/06/2017 20:43

Not that I wouldn't appreciate that it's difficult for those doing it. Just that they are doing it for health reasons themselves rather than purely for charity.

londonrach · 24/06/2017 20:43

Nothing personal but i never sponser now and the amount of steps isnt that much (nhs worker and busy mum)

neveradullmoment99 · 24/06/2017 20:44

Im quite surprised at the comments on here.
What difference does it make what the OP is doing?
Surely the point is to give the money to charity whatever the activity?
I think the people making comments about giving only if its a challenge are shocking. Surely its the charity they are raising money for that you want to give to? The activity largely is irrelevant.

NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom · 24/06/2017 20:44

Definitely take up the offers on here OP, some Mners are really lovely.

Silvercatowner · 24/06/2017 20:44

I've been doing 10k most days for the past 6 weeks. I have arthritis and have - finally - found a successful treatment plan. So for me it is fucking special, as it is for everyone who has tried REALLY hard to attain that. So fuck off to all the self satisfied 'nothing special' people - you have no idea.

Sophiealice95 · 24/06/2017 20:45

I am so sorry OP I think this is upsetting enough for you without having to see horrible comments . Take no notice you are trying to do good and are disappointed at ppls response . This is not your fault it is their total ignorance . Good Luck in your challenge .

1ofthesedays · 24/06/2017 20:46

From these sums the charity will receive an average donation of £140 and you will receive your parachute jump for FREE!"

I haven't done any of those, or know anyone who did. If I had, I would have pay the charity the amount of my "free" skydive or whatever.

I never expect anyone to give anything, and in my personal experience money was raised for a specific hospital - with updates on how the funds were used, for specific people - again with updates on how the money is being used. When raising for various well know charities, funds are still being used for research, or care.

I understand the boredom of constant fundraising requests - I get a couple a week too!, but I disagree that most are a con. For many causes, people genuinely care and are trying really hard to help. I just meant that I hope posters here keep an open mind!

AfunaMbatata · 24/06/2017 20:47

I think you're trying to do a great thing but people are just tired of being asked to give all the time.

Don't feel bad Flowers

MistyMean · 24/06/2017 20:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MistyMean · 24/06/2017 20:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Starlight2345 · 24/06/2017 20:50

For some people like you OP 10,000 is a challenge and good for you for challenging yourself..However like I said earlier , the challenge is not something others need to pay for.

Notknownatthisaddress · 24/06/2017 20:51

Oh for FUCK'S sake. People are entitled to their opinions.

Is it cold up there on your high horse, you people bashing the posters having the AUDACITY to say they wouldn't sponsor the OP. Hmm

Get a grip. Not everyone on a thread is going to say what the OP wants to hear. And as I said, obviously many people in the OP's life think the same as many people here.!

How do some people survive in the real world if they're so fucking fragile and sensitive and so easily offended at such trivial shit?!

1ofthesedays · 24/06/2017 20:51

What difference does it make what the OP is doing?

a huge difference. Most of us have a very limited budget and can't afford to give to everyone.
If it's for a very private cause, you would give money anyway, but if someone really pushes themselves, you give a bit more.
If it's for a well known charity, there's no real incentive if someone doesn't do anything special.

I get a couple of sponsorship requests for cancer related charity a month (at least). I can't give to everybody, but I will make more of an effort if someone goes the extra mile. I haven't got unlimited funds to give to everybody who asks.

DailyMailReadersAreThick · 24/06/2017 20:53

Silvercatowner You're being ridiculous. I'm disabled and probably don't do 1,000 steps a day. That doesn't change the fact that 10,000 steps isn't a Herculean effort for most people.

MyGastIsFlabbered · 24/06/2017 20:55

Honestly I'm not taking the '10k isn't much' comments to heart. I didn't want to dripfeed but I'm a single parent with 2 small boys, big MH problems from an abusive ex and even contemplating a marathon is just impossible. So I thought something like this was achievable for me, my friends know my history and would know how big a deal it was. And it's for a good cause so if the situation was reversed I'd donate even if I felt the 'challenge' was rubbish.

To all the lovely posters who offered to sponsor me, I'm not even sure if I've hit my target, I've been relying on my Fitbit to track my progress but I don't trust it, apparently I cycled outside for 20 minutes on Monday and I can't even ride a bike. But if you mean it, I will promise to do 12k a day every day in July if you will donate.

A friend is currently battling breast cancer, my auntie has had breast cancer but is currently in remission, another friend has had melanoma, my uncle died of a brain tumour, and my boys father is currently being investigated for testicular cancer. Cancer really is a bastard, horrific disease, and the sooner we eradicate it the better. Surely this is worth supporting?

OP posts:
FrenchDucksSayCoinCoin · 24/06/2017 20:55

I'm sorry MyGast, I would be really disappointed too. I think people do get a bit fatigued from sponsorships, they seem to come in clusters and no one can give to everything. Still sucks when no one manages your one though.

As an aside, JustGiving has come up a couple of times on this thread, and it's not the best option, just the best known. Not all charities are registered with all platforms, so there isn't necessarily a choice for the individual fundraiser or donator, but a couple of sources here -

TheFatOfTheLand · 24/06/2017 20:59

@1ofthesedays Maybe you and nobody you know haven't but they are definitely out there. One of them at my workplace actually, trilling on about how she's getting a free parachute jump whilst raising money for 'charidee'.

There's someone on my FB now doing a sky dive. It would be a bit crass of me to ask to see the receipt she got for paying for her jump so I have just quietly ignored the posts.

I'm really glad a couple of you think TM is a walk in the park enjoyable day

It's certainly not a walk in the park but it's bloody enjoyable (once you've finished). Hope you have a great day!

frasersmummy · 24/06/2017 20:59

Can I point out that cancer research actually set this activity as their fundraising event..10,000 steps a day everyday in June..the op didn't just decide to get fit and ask for sponsorship..
Cancer research asked and she stepped pun intended

TheFatOfTheLand · 24/06/2017 21:03

Meant to add that at the moment it's a very tough time to raise sponsorship. With the fundraising for the Manchester bombings and Grenfell you'll probably find that people have already donated whatever spare cash they have to the victims of these terrible incidents.

MyGastIsFlabbered · 24/06/2017 21:05

I do get that FatoftheLand but surely £1 isn't that hard to spare? If all of my FB gave £1 I'd raise over £200, not inconsiderable imo

OP posts:

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NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom · 24/06/2017 21:05

Thanks Thefat dreading it at the moment but hoping it will pan out to be ace, if I manage it I'll be proper chuffed with myself-seriously looking forward to the finish line pint Wink

NC4now · 24/06/2017 21:09

No-one sponsored me to do a Dryathlon and I'm a right lush. I was a bit sad, but I guess most people can do a few weeks on the wagon.

Duck90 · 24/06/2017 21:11

Is it cold up there on your high horse, you people bashing the posters having the AUDACITY to say they wouldn't sponsor the OP.


Your comment could easily be used to describe those saying 10000 is nothing, people should be doing that anyway.

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