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To feel a bit shit that nobody sponsored me?

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MyGastIsFlabbered · 24/06/2017 19:35

I signed up to do the 10,000 steps a day thing for Cancer Research. I put my fundraising page on FB, Twitter but not one person has sponsored me. I know money's tight for most of us at the moment, but to not raise even a penny makes me feel shit. AIBU to take it so personally?

OP posts:
HotelEuphoria · 24/06/2017 19:55

I do a min 10,500 a day, i am 51 and work from home, it isn't an effort and not worthy of recognition tbf.

Ni58 · 24/06/2017 19:55

Put the link on - I'll sponsor you £5

LiveLongAndProspero · 24/06/2017 19:55

he did dry January and not one person gave him a penny besides me!

Why on earth would you think anyone would give him money for not drinking? Confused

DailyMailReadersAreThick · 24/06/2017 19:55

MuncheysMummy So sorry about your mum and friend's diagnosis. Flowers I think it's probably the same as a lot of replies here - many people think not drinking for a month shouldn't take much effort.

1ofthesedays · 24/06/2017 19:55

Tough Mudder-12 mile run with 20+ hard obstacles, I'd be utterly fucked off if I didn't get sponsors for that...

I am not sure I would sponsor you for that, it's just a really fun day!

(I got most sponsors by showing photos of my bruises Grin )

60sname · 24/06/2017 19:56

Muncheys It's because so many people give up alcohol anyway in January these days, for their own health and their own wallet. Now dry December, I'd sponsor Grin

jennielou75 · 24/06/2017 19:56

I'm doing the shine night marathon walk in September. I have no sponsors yet but will get some nearer the time. I know there will. E loads of friends doing the race for life, fundraising is very popular now.

georgjensen · 24/06/2017 19:57

My DH is a big social drinker and the year my lovely mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and my friend with terminal bowel/stomach cancer he did dry January and not one person gave him a penny besides me! You'd have though a few close family and friends would've given a quid...nope not even his mum or sister

I thought that you donate the money that you save from not drinking? never heard of anyone being sponsored for this

SantasLittleMonkeyButler · 24/06/2017 19:58

I'm sorry but there is always somebody asking for sponsorship for something nowadays. If I were rich I would happily give to everyone - but as we're only just making ends meet as it is, I give to only a few best friends or events that require a huge amount of effort (like climbing Everest).

Slightlyperturbedowlagain · 24/06/2017 19:58

Everything seems to be sponsored these days, it irritates me that people don't just do things for fun or for a personal challenge anymore and donate to charity as a separate issue. Dont take it personally.

rookiemere · 24/06/2017 19:58

There are just so many requests for sponsorship these days.
I only give to those who are actually doing something that requires long term effort and are doing it for the first time.
Aiming to get up to 10000 steps each dsy is great for your overall health but not something I'd sponsor for.

Terfing · 24/06/2017 19:58

I don't donate to Cancer Research because they test on animals, so I wouldn't sponsor you whatever the challenge.

skyofdiamonds · 24/06/2017 19:59

Just adding that it may be your charity choice.

I personally do not donate to cancer research and wouldn't sponsor somebody doing so.

I prefer more involved charities, either the smaller ones or ones that I personally feel make a difference.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler · 24/06/2017 19:59

I also agree with pp re: dry January.

You donate the money you save - you don't expect others to sponsor you!

headinthecloud · 24/06/2017 20:00

That's a normal days steps for an active individual. I wouldn't have sponsored you either.

OptimisticOllie · 24/06/2017 20:00

I think people have got wise to sponsorship now and just how much money is actually funnelled out of "research" and "finding a cure" and actually goes towards marketing and advertising, employees' salaries and bonuses and so on. It's a big swizz!

NeitherKilnerNorMason · 24/06/2017 20:01

You meant well seriously, we all get bombarded with sponsorship requests.

PinkBuffalo · 24/06/2017 20:02

I don't sponsor via social media. I do sponsor if friends/colleagues speak to me about it, and bother to have an actual form. How much depends on my circs. Sometimes I can do a fiver, other times I can only manage a pound.

expatinscotland · 24/06/2017 20:02

'Tough Mudder-12 mile run with 20+ hard obstacles, I'd be utterly fucked off if I didn't get sponsors for that...'

Really? Just sounds like a good day out, a personal challenge you set for yourself. Why do you think people should give money for that?

2rebecca · 24/06/2017 20:03

I run and cycle for fun and rarely give to sponsored exercise. People should exercise for fun or because they want to. If I do give it's because the thing the person is doing is a major effort for them and the cause is one I support. On the whole I think people should give to their own charities and leave others to give to theirs. If you choose to walk more and support a charity you should give to it.
I'll sponsor children if they're relatives or neighbours.
Doing a bit of walking doesn't sound a big deal.

PhyllisNights · 24/06/2017 20:04

I would invite your nearest and dearest friends to your place and express your disappointment in them not sponsoring you. Hopefully that will give them a nudge to donate.

2rebecca · 24/06/2017 20:04

Agree Tough Mudders cost a fortune and are popular and often over subscribed. If you don't want to do it then find something you do want to do. Don't do it because you want a halo and other people to give money.


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CheeseCrackersAndWine · 24/06/2017 20:04

Another one who only sponsors people for something I would consider a 'challenge' for them or at least for a charity that is close to home etc... 10,000 steps per day would be something I would see as a personal challenge rather than something that warranted sponsorship! Sorry. Maybe run a marathon or something if you want to raise money - I always sponsor people for marathon as to run one (in my opinion) takes hard work, dedication and unlikely to be over enjoyable...

LaurieFairyCake · 24/06/2017 20:06

Actually the average daily steps in this country is less than 4000. Only a tiny percentage of the population make the 10,000 steps. All of you who do it easily have very active lives.

I've walked over 14,000 steps today but that's because I've been out all day, walked nearly 7 miles and walked for 4 plus hours in a busy city.

expatinscotland · 24/06/2017 20:06

'I would invite your nearest and dearest friends to your place and express your disappointment in them not sponsoring you. Hopefully that will give them a nudge to donate.'


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