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To hate Lily Allen

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ClappingThighs · 16/06/2017 01:00

I can't stand her. Always popping up somewhere that she's not required to put her 2 cents in. It's like her music is so shit and unpopular she's decided to just stick her oar in wherever she can now. I've never disliked anyone this strongly before (that I've never met!)

OP posts:
MrsOverTheRoad · 16/06/2017 01:10

YABU. You don't even know her.

PersianCatLady · 16/06/2017 01:15

I don't hate her because I don't know her but she really does need to start thinking before she speaks publicly about things which she doesn't have the full information about.

TBH I think that she damages whatever cause she is trying to help by getting her facts wrong and looking unknowledgeable.

littleblackno · 16/06/2017 01:20

So who should be saying what she has said? Who will be listened to and get the publicity? I could; but noone gives a shit... the residents of Grenfell did- noone gave shit... politicians just dont give a shit.... who can and will raise enough awareness to someone who actually gives a shit???

I dont live anywhere nearby, im not personally affected by this event but i feel so very very angry by what has happened that i think if there are peole with any sort of influence to raise awareness they should do so.

If lilly Allen has people talking and questioning why this has happened then good for her.

HeartShapedBox · 16/06/2017 01:20

I've not heard anything from/ about Lily Allen in years. What's she been opineing on that's pissed you off?

Iwasjustabouttosaythat · 16/06/2017 01:22

YABU. People ask her what she thinks and she says what she thinks. It's her job.

sleepingdragons · 16/06/2017 01:24

YABU. Are you a bot?

sleepingdragons · 16/06/2017 01:27

I've not heard anything from/ about Lily Allen in years. What's she been opineing on that's pissed you off?

She's tried to use her position to help the residents of Grenfell.

Strange thing to get pissed off about, I don't understand the mentality at all. If I see Lily Allen on TV talking about the horiffic fire I think about the residents who had to experience this terrible thing, not how much I do or don't like LA.

HeartShapedBox · 16/06/2017 01:29

So she's trying to do something positive. YABU OP.

RedBullBlood · 16/06/2017 01:30

Tbf, you're not required to pop up here and give your two cents, either. What's the difference?

PeaFaceMcgee · 16/06/2017 01:31

YABU and pathetic really.

BigYellowJumper · 16/06/2017 01:31

I think she needs to not speculate on numbers, given that the police and fire fighters haven't confirmed it. I don't think that that is fair to the families.

I do sort of think that she's not the sort of person that people take very seriously, and that if she thought a little bit more about how to word things, people might have more time for her. I think she could do a lot of good, because I do think she cares, but I don't think she thinks before she speaks, so it is really easy to dismiss her.

She would do a lot better if she asked the community around Grenfell what they were thinking and then voiced their thoughts, because obviously people are going to print whatever she says. But what she was saying today, my immediate thought was just 'oh God, please stop', and I am someone who usually tries to listen to what people say.

MrsTerryPratchett · 16/06/2017 01:33

Didn't she offer to open her home to displaced people from the fire? Bet that's more than most have done.

scottishdiem · 16/06/2017 01:35

I can think of way more offensive people than Lily Allen. You can start with Nigel Farage and Jayda Fransen.

Or, if you want to link it to the current tragedy, then how about Paul Golding who was baiting Muslims trying to help people and families affected by the fire.

Must be a very closeted, privileged, yet hateful existence the OP has to hate Lily Allen more than Britain First.

PersianCatLady · 16/06/2017 01:41

Lily Allen definitely has her heart in the right place.

Unfortunately she sometimes says the wrong thing and it means that people don't take her as seriously as they otherwise would.

It is a shame really because if she was more careful and didn't say some of the thing that she does, she could really be a great spokesperson for people who haven't otherwise got a voice.

Untangled07 · 16/06/2017 01:45

I like her music. It's Not Me It's You is a brilliant album. But I agree with you OP, she's been unbearable since she started her new career as a political commentator. She can say what she wants on Twitter (I can just unfollow her) but I wish serious news shows like BBC and Channel 4 would keep her away.

MrsOverTheRoad · 16/06/2017 01:49

People can't BEAR outspoken women. Even other women struggle with it.

scottishdiem · 16/06/2017 01:50

I would rather Lily Allen get the air time rather than the pointless Farage.

BigYellowJumper · 16/06/2017 01:51

mrs I LOVE outspoken women. I am an outspoken woman.

I just think that the stuff she says could be worded a lot better. And I didn't like the way she speculated on how many people died when the emergency services have not given a number.

MrsOverTheRoad · 16/06/2017 01:58

Yellow it sounds to me like she's spent a lot of time within the community there and she's echoing what they've been saying. They are probably in pieces...they want numbers...they're not thinking straight.

She's just been pulled in and spoken out. No need for anyone to hate her.

MrsTerryPratchett · 16/06/2017 01:59

Your rent-a-gob choices are her, Nigel or Katie. I'd listen to her all day long with those choices. Remember. We are all tired of 'experts'.

BigYellowJumper · 16/06/2017 02:02

mrs Well I wouldn't say I hate her. I just don't think she does a very good job of speaking up.

sleepingdragons · 16/06/2017 02:02

People can't BEAR outspoken women.


Who let you out of the 1950s? What an offensive attitude.

BigYellowJumper · 16/06/2017 02:03


She wasn't being offensive. She was pointing out that a lot of people can't deal with women having an opinion.

Which is, sadly, true.

GinSwigmore · 16/06/2017 02:04
Fluffypinkpyjamas · 16/06/2017 02:08

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