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rolopolovolo · 09/06/2017 06:47

This is the best outcome by miles. No hard brexit. (The city now predicts soft Brexit or even no Brexit!!!) No more crazy ideas by either side. Compromise. Tories given a good slap in the face for this stupid election.

This is the first election day in a long time with a good result!

OP posts:
deeedeee · 09/06/2017 06:48

I'm completely with you .

The80sweregreat · 09/06/2017 06:48

Hung, drawn and quartered, the gamble didnt pay off.
interesting times ahead.

MaisyPops · 09/06/2017 06:49

Same. Also very happy.

We voted to leave the EU. I voted remain but accept we are going. I am so glad that Brexit negotiations will need cross party consensus and we'll leave but leave with a sensible approach and not "give me what I want or I'll go with nothing".

If Theresa May can't debate Corbyn, she shouldn't be negotiating Brexit.

Creampastry · 09/06/2017 06:49

The government will be one happy family .... as happy as the usual MIL and FIL posts on this forum. Five years of arguing, indecision and idiots.

originalbiglymavis · 09/06/2017 06:50

I don't know. We still haven't got a clue what the hell is going on brexitwise!

Cyclingforcake · 09/06/2017 06:50

Government by consensus? I really hope so. This is the outcome I was hoping for.

londonrach · 09/06/2017 06:50

Im not sure...half of me thinks we need a strong government to go through brexit, the other half thinks hung means you get the best of two parties like we did before lib dem/con. I do know one thing there be another election within 2 years!!!!

darceybussell · 09/06/2017 06:52

I don't see that we can easily negotiate a brexit deal with no government and probably after today no prime minister. I see what you're saying but I just think it will be more uncertain and much harder. I was a remained by the way.

Thewolfsjustapuppy · 09/06/2017 06:52

I'm waiting for TMs resignation the I will celebrate.

AlmostAJillSandwich · 09/06/2017 06:52

As long as the tories dont get 5 or more of the remaining 9 seats, otherwise they could coalition with the DUP for a majority.

histinyhandsarefrozen · 09/06/2017 06:53

It's better than the alternatives.

time4chocolate · 09/06/2017 06:54

A hung parliament is the absolutely worst outcome of all. I expect there will now be a leadership contest, a coalition to sort out and probably another general election very soon. All the time the clock is ticking on A50 and we have to start talks in 10 days and we don't even know who will be sitting in front of Bernier.

Angelicinnocent · 09/06/2017 06:54

Agree London, definitely going to be another election in the next few years. The Tories will be in government with the support of the dup but will struggle to get anything done. Whoever replaces May will call an election once brexit is done

NannyOggsKnickers · 09/06/2017 06:54

So, who is going to form a government and how the hell are they going to get anything done?

AdalindSchade · 09/06/2017 06:54

I'd rather have anything over a strong Tory majority for brexit negotiations. Even a squabbling mess.

MacarenaFerreiro · 09/06/2017 06:55

I don't think a hung parliament is that great for stability. The markets don't like it, we all lose.

Beyond ecstatic that Salmond is out on his ear though.

histinyhandsarefrozen · 09/06/2017 06:55

Why should we have just handed that arrogant may free reign? She wouldn't even tell us her plans!
She deserves this.

AdalindSchade · 09/06/2017 06:56

A hung parliament is bad news for some things but it's infinitely better than a strong conservative majority at this stage in the game

That1950sMum · 09/06/2017 06:56

Marvellous result!

Theresa May thought she had it in the bag, refused to take part in debates, produced a terrible manifesto and thought she could win us over by telling us her husband took the bins out. The population of Britain didn't go for it. Maybe that's because we're not the idiots that you took us for Mrs May!

Jeremy Corbin I salute you for running a hopeful and honest campaign, for galvanising the young voters and for getting us to a point where Brexit has to be negotiated through consensus.

annielouise · 09/06/2017 06:56

Thrilled too.

Sittinginthesun · 09/06/2017 06:57

I just think it serves them bloody right. The arrogance over the last few years, in every area of government has been breathtaking.

youarenotkiddingme · 09/06/2017 06:57

I'm hoping that as we have extreme left and extreme right wing politicians now in parliament we'll find some kind of middle ground that really will work for everyone.

But then I'm an optimist Grin

Toptrumps20 · 09/06/2017 06:58

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Ifailed · 09/06/2017 06:58

The sensible, pragmatic thing would be to have a Government made up with representatives across all parties, a bit like the National Government during WW2, as we head into one of the biggest challenges our countries face, with Brexit.

Sadly, this is highly unlikely, given the arrogance and selfishness of most politicians, as illustrated by May's decision to hold a snap election. So I expect well end up with some cobbled-together government who will spend more time looking over their shoulder at their back-benchers than doing what's best for all of us.

That1950sMum · 09/06/2017 06:59

TopTrumps I wish there was a like button! Grin

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