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dougieroseagain · 22/07/2015 20:58

Does anyone evil die, he says?

An d my point is/


2 gottles of wine. your honour, i feeallly don'e care.

OP posts:
PeppermintPasty · 25/07/2015 09:38

Thank you all Flowers
Ok, I am a bit clearer now and will watch that bit again, ta.

LikeABadSethRogenMovie · 25/07/2015 14:10

I love this thread. It's got everything. Spoilers, Harry Potter and competitive high achieving teenagers bragging Grin

00100001 · 25/07/2015 14:17

I want more spoilers...!

SuffolkNWhat · 25/07/2015 18:09

[spoiler] Winter is coming

dougieroseagain · 25/07/2015 20:50

Blimey. Is this thread STILL going??

We went to Warner Brothers Studio Tour today. Now THAT contained spoilers. Even a giant fucking snake on a table.

LikeAbadSeth - wait until I start high-achieving-8-year-old bragging. Everyone (oh, OK not everyone) 's had a go at me about the 17 year old, but let me tell you about his exceptionally high IQ and England trials / modelling career.

OP posts:
00100001 · 26/07/2015 10:15

[spolier] the snake eats charity Burbage

LindyHemming · 26/07/2015 10:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LindyHemming · 26/07/2015 10:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lottiedoubtie · 26/07/2015 10:55

Spoiler: The snake is a horcrux

00100001 · 26/07/2015 11:06

[Spoiler] Indiana Jones doesn't get squished by the rolling boulder

Zucker · 26/07/2015 11:57

Shock at the spoilers!

MNHQ really?

SuffolkNWhat · 26/07/2015 13:22

[spoiler] Tris is Divergent.

dougieroseagain · 26/07/2015 14:11

Hi Euphemia

We went to Watford yesterday... but we went to Universal last year (DS was 7). The HP rides are AWESOME. I hate rides with a passion but I loved the Harry Potter ride in Hogwarts. You can do 2 versions so your DD can still walk through the school and then take the stairs back down so that she doesn't have to do the ride bit.

We sat in a carriage for 4 people, spread out in a row, rather than the 2x2. DS sat next to DD. You have those things that come down over your head and shoulders: the ride flips you back 90 degrees so little ones can slide about in the seats if they're not holding on properly - this is why there's a height restriction.

During the ride both DH and myself were telepathetically thinking "OH SHEET we forgot to tell DS to hold on! POOR LITTLE BOY!" So, we got off the ride and both said "DS, are you alright?" - He replied "That was awesome!" His sister had looked after him and told him to hold on.

If you get motion sick, then I wouldn't recommend the ride unless you shut your eyes for half of it (as I did). It's amazing. But stomach churning.

Don't even think about getting your DD onto Duelling Dragons.

OP posts:
dougieroseagain · 26/07/2015 14:19

Sorry, just read that through and realised that you've already been so you know all this already. Oh well. I'm a bad Mumsnetter as well as a bad parent Wink

OP posts:
WaggleBee · 26/07/2015 15:21

OMG that treehouse! Shock Now there's a woman who knows how to spend her millions.

BertrandRussell · 26/07/2015 15:49

[spoiler] the answer is 42

00100001 · 27/07/2015 16:45

[spoiler] Oliver Twist is actually Edwin Leeford's illegitimate son Shock

EdgarAllenPoe · 27/07/2015 16:55

As a child of the 90s, I remember the Animals of Farthing Wood cartoon. Now there was a series in which everyone died in the end. In horrific and gory ways sometimes (preferably really, who wants to watch a badger die peacefully of old age anyway?). One of the worst instances in my memory was the butcher bird and the baby field mice.

Dumbledore ain't got nothing on that.

00100001 · 27/07/2015 17:26

Why about watership down??

BoyFromTheBigBadCity · 27/07/2015 19:41

Omg yes to Animals of Farthing Wood! And Watership Down. The crazy dictator from the other Warren haunts my dreams.

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