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dougieroseagain · 22/07/2015 20:58

Does anyone evil die, he says?

An d my point is/


2 gottles of wine. your honour, i feeallly don'e care.

OP posts:
funnyperson · 24/07/2015 00:33

I'm glad mine grew up with the books: queuing up, predicting the plot, watching the films etc. DS campaigned for the cleaners at his uni. They were in their mid teens when the last books and films came out.

I wouldn't show an 8 year old the later films. A 17 year old sib is being the decision maker here. It sounds as though this could be morally lazy, though it doesn't surprise me. Teen daughters can be very serious competition to mums parenting because they have more energy and are more articulate and think they know it all. Sometimes I think a daughter can do serious harm to a mum and dads relationship.

I think this generation of primary school children have been and are being exposed to unprecedented sex and violence. Game of Thrones tv on demand, 18yo computer games with lonely fathers.

funnyperson · 24/07/2015 00:41

Not that I care that much really. HP is harmless.
JKR was a bit of a Goth in her youth wasn't she, and the darkness of the later films reflects that imo.

Voldemort dying in Kings Cross station never really impressed me though.

I was sorry Harry broke the elder wand, and always felt a sequel with someone descended from Draco or Luna picking up the resurrection stone in the forest could have been fab.

TryToEngageBrainFirst · 24/07/2015 01:08

[spoiler] Mr Rochester marries Jane Eyre

TryToEngageBrainFirst · 24/07/2015 01:09

[spoiler] TODAY's the day the teddy bears have their picnic, so don't go down to the woods today.

TryToEngageBrainFirst · 24/07/2015 01:11

p.s. Sadly having to be up to pick up DD from a trip. The coach (due back at 11) delayed by roadworks. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This thread has been a nice distraction from how tired I am!

Seffina · 24/07/2015 07:23

Why does Harry not use the Elder Wand to fix his own wand in the film? Does movie Harry use Draco's old wand forever?

But then again, [spoiler] the films are shit and a poor effort. IMO, they should not have made any films until all the books had been written. I don't enjoy watching PoA because all I want to do is shout about the Marauders. Angry

They should remake all the films, but properly. And longer.

00100001 · 24/07/2015 07:43

[spoiler] The insy-winsy spider climbs the water spout twice!

dougieroseagain · 24/07/2015 11:13

Love the judgemental comments about my family situation regarding a mature, kind, generous-hearted 17 year old who volunteers in primary schools, has spent this summer working in a school in Uganda and who enjoys the sense of responsibility I share with her regarding family input. She's an A* Psychology student with a special interest in peadiatric neuroscience.

I'm glad she isn't an indulged lazy-arsed self-absorbed entitled little shit type of teenager that some people think is acceptable because the kids have never been allowed to make a decision in their lives.

SPOILER ALERT: some people just need to get over themselves.

OP posts:
PeppermintPasty · 24/07/2015 11:35

Can I just run and ask a very stupid question Please?

-harry drops the resurrection stone in the forest. Why?why is it even there? Is it there in case he decides, after talking to Dumbledore in KC station, to come back? Which of course he does.

I mean, does he need it? What happens to it? I don't understaaaaaannnnd!

IamnotaStepfordHousewife · 24/07/2015 11:35

Indeed dougieroseagain. She sound lovely. Imo the films are not that bad, no sex, rape, only v minor language and any actual deaths are not full of blood and gore.

00100001 · 24/07/2015 11:53

Harry drops the resurrection stone in the forest.

Why? becasue he knows he won't ever use it, and drops it to do what Needs To Be Done

why is it even there? because he had it with him in the snitch all the time

Is it there in case he decides, after talking to Dumbledore in KC station, to come back? No, I think that the KC thing was a weird thing, not a usual death.

dougieroseagain · 24/07/2015 11:54

"It's because the Resurrection Stone can't bring people back from the dead because they don't belong there anymore. He drops it so no on will find it again and try to use it which is why he also snaps the Elder Wand," says the 17 year old.

OP posts:
dougieroseagain · 24/07/2015 11:55

OP again - thank you IamnotaStepford Flowers Smile

OP posts:
HoneyDragon · 24/07/2015 12:07

Yup. In the book and the film, the message is he's worthy of the gallows as he uses them for the greater good.

He destroys the harmed stone and wand and keeps the cloak so further generations of Perverells/Potters can reap mayhem at Hogwarts.

funnyperson · 24/07/2015 13:19

dougierose it doesnt matter how intelligent or brainy your daughter is (she sounds lovely) the point is you are letting her take your parenting decisions. You could let her contribute her opinion, but ultimately it should be clear to everyone in the family that ma and pa take the decisions.
Thats my advice. Do as I say not as I do, though. In our family we are worse than you and DD (oxford psychology graduate) takes decisions regarding her (highly intelligent fully functioning) older DS.

funnyperson · 24/07/2015 13:20

Sorry ...our older DS. (freudian slip)

haircuthelp · 24/07/2015 13:21

He uses it to bring the shadows of the dead people that mean the most to him to support him going to his own 'death' - it gives him strength for that very specific situation but he drops it because he would rather it wasn't found and used for evil in the future.

funnyperson · 24/07/2015 13:29

Anyway, given that we know Harry's, Draco's and Rons children went to Hogwarts, I think the time is right for JK to write a series of sequels involving the resurrection stone, invisibility cloak, the lovelies from Beauxbaton etc.
The main issue though is who would be Hagrid and who would be the baddie

dougierose your family might like this: we all found it very funny back in the day

Georgethesecond · 24/07/2015 13:33

Can she spell paediatric neuroscience? Grin

funnyperson · 24/07/2015 13:42

Nevilles birthday party

nooka · 24/07/2015 15:55

Oh god no, not the Harry Potter puppets! My kids were addicted to those back in the day Grin

dougieroseagain · 24/07/2015 16:33

Georgethesecond - she can probably spell it better than me.

"In our family we are worse than you"

rolls eyes

Am going to change my name to patronsisemewhydontyou - In RL I'm sure we'd be the best of friends, but stop digging that enormouse hole, please! Cake

OP posts:
00100001 · 24/07/2015 17:00

Why are people questiong OPs parenting decisions on a thread about SPOILERS!!!!!!


[spoiler] Marlin and Dory find Nemo

SteveBrucesNose · 24/07/2015 17:11

Snape, snape, Severus snape...

Oh god. I forgot about that.

SuffolkNWhat · 24/07/2015 17:58


My class are obsessed with that video and used to quickly settle at the end of the day to watch it!

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