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dougieroseagain · 22/07/2015 20:58

Does anyone evil die, he says?

An d my point is/


2 gottles of wine. your honour, i feeallly don'e care.

OP posts:
MrsVamos · 23/07/2015 16:03

Can I just ask, if everyone dies in Harry Potter, is there an 8th book I didn't read ?

00100001 · 23/07/2015 16:25

[Spoiler] not everyone dies in Harry Potter

MrsVamos · 23/07/2015 16:27

What ? Shock

So the title means nothing ? And its not a spoiler ?

What nincompoopery. Grin

screamingarmadillo · 23/07/2015 16:31

[MetaSpoiler] This thread contains spoilers.

TopazRocks · 23/07/2015 16:33

It's all J(K)R's fault. Or Jakey Rowling as she is known here. Grin And, no, I've not read the thread cos I keep thinking I might get beyond para 2 of book 1.

00100001 · 23/07/2015 16:37

[Spoiler] it gets better, plough through it... It even better skip to book two

TopazRocks · 23/07/2015 17:24

I have seen the first few films BTW so I know the gist. And been present at numerous discussions amongst my sons. Then ds1 was old enough to send him as the 'supervisor' at the cinema so I loitered outside with coffee and cake and a bit of work. Smile

dougieroseagain · 23/07/2015 17:59

Blimey - is this thread still going? I only put it on because I was drunk last night.....

OP posts:
00100001 · 23/07/2015 18:08

[Spoiler] this thread got derailed pretty quickly

StillFrankie · 23/07/2015 18:13

because its a war, and in wars, people die. not just the bad guys.

My DD was in bits when Dobby died :(

dougieroseagain · 23/07/2015 18:14

Have just read it through and am crying actual tears and shrieking so loudly DH came running in and SPOILER ALERT thought Voldemort had been up to his old tricks.

BUT WTF???? Hedwig????? JHC I'd forgotten all about that.

OP posts:
dougieroseagain · 23/07/2015 18:19

Actually, with regard to the spoiler alert, we went to Harry Potter World in Florida last year and the Gringotts ride contains newspapers which shout out the headlines DUMBLEDORE DEAD etc etc. DD had to shield DS from them so that he wouldn't find out.

Now THAT's a spoiler.

OP posts:
SuffolkNWhat · 23/07/2015 18:31

[spoiler] The butler did it

00100001 · 23/07/2015 21:01

[spoiler] Katniss volunteers as tribute!

Reignbeau · 23/07/2015 21:26

[spoiler] Charlie gets the chocolate factory

KatieScarlettreregged · 23/07/2015 21:40

Miss Melly dies.
Rhett leaves Scarlett.

dougieroseagain · 23/07/2015 21:53

[SPOILER ALERT] Harry's parents die. And Voldemort kills them!

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 23/07/2015 22:13

I have rolled my eyes every time this thread pops up in active conversations because of the spoiler alert.


SoupDragon · 23/07/2015 22:14

It makes me want to start a thread titled "OMG, Dumbledore dies!"

TheTravellingLemon · 23/07/2015 22:17

Voldemort is TOM RIDDLE Shock

haircuthelp · 23/07/2015 22:22

Surely TOM RIDDLE is Voldemort?

Oh and Mrs. Weasley kills Bellatrix

teeththief · 23/07/2015 22:30

Hang on.....who killed Lucy Beale if it wasn't Bobby??

TheTravellingLemon · 23/07/2015 22:51

teeththief twas bellatrix

HoneyDragon · 23/07/2015 22:56

Bellatrix killed Lucy Beale? Wow! I wonder if Tim Burton knows?

dougieroseagain · 23/07/2015 23:31

Is that why they had separate houses, Honey?

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