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dougieroseagain · 22/07/2015 20:58

Does anyone evil die, he says?

An d my point is/


2 gottles of wine. your honour, i feeallly don'e care.

OP posts:
nooka · 23/07/2015 07:17

I rather wished more people died in Harry Potter, especially at the end as it's all a bit of a damp squib with Voldemort just folding followed by one of the worst endings I have ever read. Enough that I have thrown the whole series out (with the approval of my children). I was amazed that they kept the ending in the movies, I thought if anything it was even worse than in the book. Not quite as bad as 'I woke up and it was all a dream' but not that far off.

BertrandRussell · 23/07/2015 08:17

"she got a whole generation of children reading"
Well, she got a whole generation of children reading Harry Potter.......,

EverybodyLovesMagicalTrevor · 23/07/2015 08:19

Massive spoilers?

The last book was written EIGHT years ago!

EverybodyLovesMagicalTrevor · 23/07/2015 08:20

bertrand she did. Children and young teen fiction has improved dramatically and increased so much since HP - it's incredible now.

EverybodyLovesMagicalTrevor · 23/07/2015 08:21

Pssst sorry to spoil it, but Frodo gets the ring to Mount Doom...

SuffolkNWhat · 23/07/2015 08:25

[spoiler] The Titanic sinks

EverybodyLovesMagicalTrevor · 23/07/2015 08:25

[spoiler] Darth Vader is Luke's father Shock

BertrandRussell · 23/07/2015 08:28

[spoiler] Elisabeth marries Darcy.......

nooka · 23/07/2015 08:29

There was plenty of fantastic children's and young people's fiction before Harry Potter, much of which she heavily borrowed from too.

What happened with HP is that for some reason one of the publishers decided to market the series very aggressively and very successfully and the success of the series led other publishers to realise that it was a market worth producing for. So lots of authors were reprinted and new authors sought out. Which is great!

Love the spoilers Grin

00100001 · 23/07/2015 08:34

[spoiler] Beowulf dies from a dragon bite

nooka · 23/07/2015 08:35

Cain kills Abel

CoolWheelsPan · 23/07/2015 08:38

Don't take a bite from the apple! It'll cause sooo many problems.

00100001 · 23/07/2015 08:39

[spoiler] Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!!!!!

HoneyDragon · 23/07/2015 08:50

That's a movie that pisses me off big time.

A small child looks at me and says "I see dead people" than the very first thing I'd do is have an existential crisis. Not bumble around for ninety bloody minutes of tedium.

HoneyDragon · 23/07/2015 08:53

Florian Fortescesue dies. According to a certain type of parent on Mnet he's probably the most evil character in the book.

At least Voldemort isn't a sugar pusher, or causes childhood obesity.

Mercedes519 · 23/07/2015 08:55

[spoiler] Jesus dies

SaucyJack · 23/07/2015 08:55

[more spoiler] But then he comes back to life three days later.

youarekiddingme · 23/07/2015 09:12

Was enjoying this thread immensely - as a HP fan.

Was Hmm at spoiler comment.

Then suitably Grin at all the ensuing spoilers!

I agree that the way JkR writes the books really beings the characters alive in your mind - her talent for that is greater than her plot endings. The films were an annoyance at first due to the cutting out of huge parts but they are effective and are the sort of films that will last. They chose the actors well for the films IMO.

sashh · 23/07/2015 09:22

To prepare you for Game of Thrones.

Yes Tonks is still alive in GOT. Well Osha is still alive but you know what I mean.

How are you going to prepare him for Hedwig?

Capricorn76 · 23/07/2015 09:23

I haven't read the thread it's the title that's the issue. My DD is only turning 5 so I want to read/watch them with her. I never had an interest before. You can post what you want in he thread but it's hard to avoid the title when you're scrollig through and it appears to reveal the ending of the series.

Just because you guys have older kids and have already watched/read them doesn't mean everyone has or should I assume you've all seen everything I have and start a bunch of threads with apparent spoilers in the title???

Turtletea · 23/07/2015 09:24

I wonder why jk hasn't been given a damehood?

SaucyJack · 23/07/2015 09:33

[spoiler] The Boy Who Lived doesn't actually die......

HoneyDragon · 23/07/2015 09:35

Some people on Mnet were old enough to read the HP series and now be parents themselves. Some people on Mnet aren't even parents. I'm astounded your planning to wait until your child is of age to read a book ..... You can read them more than once.

[spoliler] the hungry caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

RiverTam · 23/07/2015 09:36

Capricorn but if you're only planning to read them with your DD (who's a bit young for them and anyway might not actually be interested), ie you have no personal interest, then what does it matter?

SuffolkNWhat · 23/07/2015 09:40

[spoiler] Reader, she married him

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