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To think that Waitrose should not ask my 23y DS for ID for fruit&veg delivery

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funnyperson · 04/07/2015 17:20

My foot fractured so when the local Waitrose home delivery came this morning my bearded DS went down in his pyjamas to answer the door. The delivery boy asked if he was over 18 years and DS said (truthfully) he was. I was then astonished to hear the delivery boy asking for DS's identification. This is probably our 15th waitrose home delivery, prepaid, mainly fruit and veg, milk and eggs, no alcohol cigarettes or medicines in the delivery. I asked DS to ask the delivery man to come upstairs and asked him why he was requesting ID. He said because if someone looks ver 25 and it is a delivery pf alcohol we need to see ID. I said but you have the list in your hand to be signed off and can see there is no alcohol/cigarettes etc. I signed the form.
AIBU to think my 23 yo son should not have to produce his passport to the local delivery of fruit and veg on a Saturday morning? Especially given it wasnt the first delivery? Abel and Cole simply leave their fruit and veg with my DD who is 21 and have never requested ID.

OP posts:
Redglitter · 06/07/2015 17:20

Asda would have told you it was tough and cancelled your order

Actually I got similar service from Asda. Member of staff got away from work early to deliver an order that never arrived just before Christmas. I also got a complimentary bottle of wine and a £10 voucher

EvansOvalPiesYumYum · 06/07/2015 18:56

MuminHants - I disagree. The OP placed the order, then wanted her son to accept it. As you say, the contract was not between the supplier and the son, it was between the supplier and the OP. Son was not party to the contract, to supplier is quite within their rights to request someone 'suitable' or 'of age' to accept the order, in place of the person who actually placed the order.

If OP's 23 yr old son wishes to purchase alcohol (or any restricted item) for himself, how will he prove his age, when requested, other than some form of ID, which now seems necessary, in the 21st Century. I'm not saying I agree with that, but that's how it is. So we have to suck it up.

I can remember us all having to prove age when going to "Discos" back in my day - we had to carry our Birth Certificates around. That was more than a nuisance.

EvansOvalPiesYumYum · 06/07/2015 19:00

If I place an online supermarket shop, I know that if I'm not here to accept it and one of my DC has to, they will have to produce ID to prove they are over 18. They both are - DS is nearly 20, DD is 22. I really don't have a problem with this. Because the contract was between me and the supermarket, not with either of my DC's.

muminhants1 · 10/07/2015 12:24

I've just had my delivery from Sainsburys. And now I'm confused about this entire thread! Does Waitrose ask for a signature before it gives you the goods? Sainsburys brings them all and then asks for a signature after you've taken them in. Once you've got them they can't demand them back if you can't find ID can they?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine · 10/07/2015 12:31

No, you sign afterwards too. But if you didn't look 18 they wouldn't give you the goods in the first place.

IrianofWay · 10/07/2015 12:38

Delivery 'boy' Hmm

ApplePaltrow · 10/07/2015 13:50

Was the delivery "boy" black or mixed race?

I'm trying to work out why are so determined to demean him. It could be because you are a crotchety old cow but am checking it's not just latent racism.

funnyperson · 10/07/2015 19:08

Delivery person white Caucasian with English accent.
DS mixed race
Possible that delivery person was pissed off with forriners shopping at Waitrose and daring to order home delivery who knows.
DS and DD are pissed off to have to produce (british) passports at their (british) mums place between bedroom and front door for fruit and veg delivery and have refused to do it again for me.
Luckily my fracture is healing.
Waitrose havent even aknowledged the complaint.

OP posts:
ApplePaltrow · 13/07/2015 10:41

Well I'm black and you sound crazy paranoid. Insanely so.

MaggieJoyBlunt · 13/07/2015 17:02

Possible that delivery person was pissed off with forriners shopping at Waitrose and daring to order home delivery who knows.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Grin

I know. You're quite mad.

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