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To think that Waitrose should not ask my 23y DS for ID for fruit&veg delivery

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funnyperson · 04/07/2015 17:20

My foot fractured so when the local Waitrose home delivery came this morning my bearded DS went down in his pyjamas to answer the door. The delivery boy asked if he was over 18 years and DS said (truthfully) he was. I was then astonished to hear the delivery boy asking for DS's identification. This is probably our 15th waitrose home delivery, prepaid, mainly fruit and veg, milk and eggs, no alcohol cigarettes or medicines in the delivery. I asked DS to ask the delivery man to come upstairs and asked him why he was requesting ID. He said because if someone looks ver 25 and it is a delivery pf alcohol we need to see ID. I said but you have the list in your hand to be signed off and can see there is no alcohol/cigarettes etc. I signed the form.
AIBU to think my 23 yo son should not have to produce his passport to the local delivery of fruit and veg on a Saturday morning? Especially given it wasnt the first delivery? Abel and Cole simply leave their fruit and veg with my DD who is 21 and have never requested ID.

OP posts:
funnyperson · 04/07/2015 17:22

I was really upset actually as we have shopped in that waitrose since before DS was born.

OP posts:
StrawberryMojito · 04/07/2015 17:23

Well it sounds like delivery man was wrong but I don't see that it's a big deal.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine · 04/07/2015 17:25

Why are you really upset? I can see how it might be a minor irritation, but not a massive deal surely?

FarFromAnyRoad · 04/07/2015 17:25

Have you rung them to register your displeasure? I would - and straight to Store Manager level. It needs identifying as a big hole in the training this delivery person has received.
I don't think you need to be 'upset' - it's not like he called you a twat or anything is it? Channel your upset into action and make the call!

penny13610 · 04/07/2015 17:26

Flowers I can see how it was annoying.
Try sending them a polite e-mail, they could remind their drivers how the system works.
Imagine if you had been out, your DS didn't know where his passport was and they had refused delivery, you would be fuming.

choccywoccywoowah · 04/07/2015 17:26

I lived alone at 17. Does that mean I would be unable to get my shopping delivered at all? Don't know their policies but sounds a bit daft. Delivery driver may only be following procedure though.

fragola · 04/07/2015 17:27

I'm sorry, I can imagine being slightly annoyed at the inconvenience of your ds having to find ID, but really upset? What's really upsetting?

milkingmachine1 · 04/07/2015 17:27

I think UABU, I'm not sure why you got so upset. Obviously it's a bit silly to ask for ID but hardly a reason to be upset.
Could it have been because the order was in your name?

TinyManticore · 04/07/2015 17:28

Ridiculous. It's like the time Tesco ID'd someone who was buying a quiche.

choccywoccywoowah · 04/07/2015 17:28

I agree that being 'really upset' over this sounds like a huge overreaction to me!

penny13610 · 04/07/2015 17:28

OP is temporarily disabled. Imagine how all these little niggles would build up if you were permanently disabled.

meditrina · 04/07/2015 17:29

I use Ocado, not Waitrose and they list age restricted products separately. They don't challenge if there are none. But they do cover all medicines, matches, knives and quite a bit of other stuff that never really occurred to me.

Are you sure btw it was a 'boy' who was making the delivery? Because they're probably on dodgy round if they have 17 year old drivers handling alcohol etc.

Artandco · 04/07/2015 17:29

Weird, we have been ordering from Waitrose online for years when we were still under 25 ourselves. And deliveries had alcohol etc in. Seeing as we were the only adults in house who do they think would sign it?

They probably just saw us answer the door with two small babies attached and thought fuck it, they must be over 18!

Mutt · 04/07/2015 17:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GinUpGirl · 04/07/2015 17:29

YANBU to be so upset. Supermarkets are strict upon ID - so what?

LashesandLipstick · 04/07/2015 17:29

YANBU. sounds like he was lazy and couldn't be bothered to check the list

PHANTOMnamechanger · 04/07/2015 17:30

ID'd for buying quiche? what was in it, vodka??

WorraLiberty · 04/07/2015 17:31

I'm confused.

Was it a delivery boy or a delivery man?

Why did he need to come upstairs so you could ask him the question, when your son could have asked him?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine · 04/07/2015 17:31

It's not about the alcohol...
"Goods must be signed for at the delivery address (or upon collection), by you, or by your nominated representative who must be aged 18 or above. Under no circumstances will goods be left unattended, for example in a garage, or with anybody below the age of 18."

TheImprobableGirl · 04/07/2015 17:31

It's policy with most, if not all online deliveries that the acceptor must be over 18 and unless they look over 25 then they have to give I'd. It's a legal requirement

Flisspaps · 04/07/2015 17:31

I wouldn't bother making a call.

NotJustAnyOldCat · 04/07/2015 17:32

The "delivery boy"? Is your Waitrose Victorian?

TheImprobableGirl · 04/07/2015 17:33

complain to management level wtf?! For her son being asked for Id?! I am sure as a 23 year old male (bearded or not) then he will have been asked for Id at some point, and most probably will be again.

LashesandLipstick · 04/07/2015 17:35

Why on earth would groceries need to be IDd? If a 12 year old walks into waitrose is it illegal for him to purchase a banana for example? That's a ridiculous policy.

WorraLiberty · 04/07/2015 17:37

Lashes the OP's son wasn't purchasing anything as the goods had already been paid for. I expect that's the difference maybe.

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