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To think that Waitrose should not ask my 23y DS for ID for fruit&veg delivery

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funnyperson · 04/07/2015 17:20

My foot fractured so when the local Waitrose home delivery came this morning my bearded DS went down in his pyjamas to answer the door. The delivery boy asked if he was over 18 years and DS said (truthfully) he was. I was then astonished to hear the delivery boy asking for DS's identification. This is probably our 15th waitrose home delivery, prepaid, mainly fruit and veg, milk and eggs, no alcohol cigarettes or medicines in the delivery. I asked DS to ask the delivery man to come upstairs and asked him why he was requesting ID. He said because if someone looks ver 25 and it is a delivery pf alcohol we need to see ID. I said but you have the list in your hand to be signed off and can see there is no alcohol/cigarettes etc. I signed the form.
AIBU to think my 23 yo son should not have to produce his passport to the local delivery of fruit and veg on a Saturday morning? Especially given it wasnt the first delivery? Abel and Cole simply leave their fruit and veg with my DD who is 21 and have never requested ID.

OP posts:
TurnItIn · 04/07/2015 20:58

Fucking hell. Are you unsure what terms and conditions mean? Why are you ignoring it?

MaggieJoyBlunt · 04/07/2015 20:59

You don't sound 50 OP. Not even close.

Can you show us some ID?

funnyperson · 04/07/2015 21:02

winter lol. Fully clothed and its my sitting room (3 storey town house). Neighbours get their delivery from Tesco and Sainsbury's actually. When I drive I often go to Lidl or the local market.

Good point though. I will switch my custom.

OP posts:
funnyperson · 04/07/2015 21:05

maggie haha. I look older. The RHS offered me a pensioners rate! I showed them my ID though and politely paid the higher annual fee.

OP posts:
Pumpkinpositive · 04/07/2015 21:07

maggie haha. I look older. The RHS offered me a pensioners rate! I showed them my ID though and politely paid the higher annual fee.

Did you get exercised about them thinking you looked ancient? Confused

MaggieJoyBlunt · 04/07/2015 21:07

Oh good, is this your sense of humour seeping back?

LongDistanceLove · 04/07/2015 21:19

Delivery driver gets into his/her van, he/she has 10 shops to deliver.

The most that delivery driver will read about each delivery is the address and any substitutions.

Delivery driver gets to Mrs Funny's house, expects Mrs Funny to open the door, but no Young Mr Funny opens the door, delivery driver is probably covering his arse in asking for I'D as your ds is under 25 and if he looks under 25 he has to prove he's over 18 to buy age restrictive products, the delivery driver has not got time to read your shopping list in detail, added to that the driver probably wants to make sure that he is delivering to the right house.

If the delivery had gone to a neighbours house, and no checks happened you'd be even more pissed off.

In the nicest possible way yabu.

freezation · 04/07/2015 21:24

Why are you ignoring all the posters who are telling you it's in their terms and conditions? This is what you signed up for. If you don't like it, shop elsewhere!

JemimaMuddledUp · 04/07/2015 21:24

I have to say I can see where you are coming from - maybe I'm feeling the sympathy as I am on crutches after a fall myself!

Interestingly, Tesco sometimes arrive at my house a couple of minutes before I get back from work (if I get stuck in traffic and they arrive right at the start of the time slot). The only person in the house will be my teenage DS, who isn't old enough to sign for the delivery. But the drivers have always started unloading the crates to the doorstep while they wait and chat with my DS. As long as I get back in time to sign it is fine. This strikes me as far better customer service than you had from Waitrose.

Redglitter · 04/07/2015 21:32

I can't believe the OP is still complaining despite the fact the 'delivery boy' (how fucking rude and patronising ) was going by the rules and the T&C she's agreed to.

Enkopkaffetak · 04/07/2015 21:36

Jemima we certainly have very different ideas of what customer service is then. As that is something I am not comfortable with. What would happen if you didnt arrive shortly? What would happen if it was a young teenage dd who later then tried to claim driver had said something untowards? I hope that wont ever happen to anyone. However I dont think this driver did anything wrong. However I think OP should have posted in chat for a rant. Not in AIBU when op is not willing to hear that she is op in this situation.

Op why would you take your custom else where? Driver asked for id. Didn't get it instead got asked to go see you.. Saw you - you sign and delivery is done. What is there to complain about? The fact you didn't read T&C? The fact you don't like them? The fact the driver followed policy? The fact you were mildly inconvenienced? The fact your delivery was delayed by what 4 minutes?

The worst thing actually is that if you did call to complain with the customer service Waitrose has you likely would get some sort of voucher..

cremedecacao · 04/07/2015 21:39

My (27 yo) DH was home to receive a Tesco delivery one day. The delivery guy asked him "is your mum in?". DH was mortified!

Patapouf · 04/07/2015 21:47

They say in their order confirmation that somebody over 18 has to be Present to receive an order. I think you are overly upset about this.

Nightboattocairo · 05/07/2015 00:31

Op, you sound a prize wally.

Jengnr · 05/07/2015 05:40

This thread is ace. I can't believe anyone would get so worked up over something so trivial Grin

tobysmum77 · 05/07/2015 06:29

But it's a ridiculous t&c, to compare it to buying alcohol is Confused .

We all overreact to things sometimes it doesn't mean that the op doesn't have a point.

Basically anyone under the age of 30 without id these days can have a supermarket refuse to sell them all sorts of things, including liquid nurofen (great, if you have a sick baby), a box of eggs or knife to cut food up (even baby cutlery)

The world has gone mad, yanbu op.

Chunkymonkey79 · 05/07/2015 07:00

If the delivery contains items that can only be sold to people over a certain age with ID then surely the driver only doing their job.

Although there may not be alcohol or cigs in an order, are certain medicines, and other products that require proof of ID.

I can see it is annoying if there has been a mistake and no ID is actually required, but I would rather a driver is extra vigilant and these products don't fall into the wrong hands.

lushilaoshi · 05/07/2015 07:16

Oh dear, first world problems!

DocHollywood · 05/07/2015 07:44

Your ds is 23 which means that producing id has been part of his life for 5 years. His id would have been somewhere where he could lay his hands on it and all he needed to do was to go and get it. I'm not sure why you needed to get involved at all.

cherryade8 · 05/07/2015 08:56

Yabu to get worked up over something so trivial.

afreshstartplease · 05/07/2015 08:59

I've never been ided for any shopping

And I look about 14

Infact I'm sure when I first starting getting shopping delivered I was asked if my mum was in, and still not ided

WhyTheDrama · 05/07/2015 09:53

OP - was your son outraged?

fredfredgeorgejnr · 05/07/2015 10:17

There is no legal problem with leaving the shopping with someone underage. At the very most it might become a contractual dispute, but even then at worst they refund the shopping.

But a contractual dispute with an under 18 is not going to come out well for the shop, and "refund the shopping" is hardly a great success, the policy is to protect the shop, the margins on home delivery are not that large, they can't afford the risk.


CrispyFern · 05/07/2015 10:29

Imagine if something ACTUALLY annoying happened to the OP. She'd probably spontaneously combust!

CrispyFern · 05/07/2015 10:32

"Man thinks my 23 year old son looks under 25, despite beard" - that is the outrage.

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