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to be finding Tom Cruise strangely attractive?

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freddiefrog · 07/04/2013 22:59

Am watching Rock Of Ages Blush

Knock some sense into me Grin

OP posts:
DameDoom · 11/04/2013 12:32

We'll just have in running on a loop constantly then? Since becoming a like-minded individual on half term break I have done no school work and it is mounting up big time. Thank goodness I still have a big chunk of biography/autobiography writing to do with my class. Might plan it round TC - will have big display in classroom. In DT kids could design and make own glittery codpieces ( might not get away with that).

NotTreadingGrapes · 11/04/2013 12:54

NotTreadingGrapes · 11/04/2013 12:57

When do we start pestering HQ for a webchat? I bet he'd say yes as well. What with him being adorable and all. Have they a sofa at HQ he can jump on?

KatyTheCleaningLady · 11/04/2013 13:01

I don't think he'd be good at Web chat. If you watch him in interviews he doesn't really say anything. He's just very affable and lets others around him be witty. He just shows what looks like sincere interest in them and reflects the glow of their adoration.

DameDoom · 11/04/2013 14:17

Before imminent webchat commences we will have to get HQ to delete
your comments on page 5 KatyTCL. The ones you made before you became a stalker.

I have just had a frenzied rifle look through DH's VHS collection and found a copy of Eyes Wide Shut. Have no VHS player to watch it on Angry.I wonder if it is in Sky library.

Seriously, am one click away from browsing Scientology website. What started out as a harmless crush is turning me into a cult clicking weirdo.
Instead,must stay on sites dedicated to TC sniffing fridges - there are many. My own fridge is minging but I will now endeavour to make it sniff worthy and gleaming in case TC wants to pop round. Bet he likes a clean house.
May as well rinse pubes out of shower while I am at it.

addictedtotoast · 11/04/2013 14:19

He looks like a creepy sad little man...YABU

DameDoom · 11/04/2013 14:32

addicted we all said that until we watched Rock of Ages. Just get the bugger watched.

NotTreadingGrapes · 11/04/2013 14:34

Damedoom!!! Dd poorly on sofa wants to know why I just snorted tea through my nostrils and not for the first time this thread. Somehow I can't quite think of a sentence involving pubes and shower that would be fit for her ears.

I remember being horrified at Nicole Kidman weeing in front of TC in EWS. That was a weirdfuck film.

I was once courted by a scientologist. (I talk about it frequently on those date-from-hell threads) he took me to his boudoir, sat me gently on the bed and reached for L. Ron Hubbard. That was a Sunday afternoon I'll never get back.

NotTreadingGrapes · 11/04/2013 14:36

I have had to go back and read page 5 again now and want to nominate this for QOTW (if not the decade)

" Because I'd rather have nightmares about being eaten alive by giant sea lice than have sex dreams about Tom Cruise in a rhinestone cod piece."

Still18atheart · 11/04/2013 14:43

YANBU I also have a thing for Tom Cruise, secretly wish I was Kelly Mcgills in Top Gun

He looked so good on Graham Norton last Friday too

NotTreadingGrapes · 11/04/2013 14:45

lol- am now remembering MadFiona (her real name) (apart from the mad thing clearly) who so wanted to be KM that she had a KM haircut and walked round with a white shirt on and a pink jumper tied round her neck saying "I am going to marry him". I think she lives in Croydon now.

AphraBehn · 11/04/2013 14:59

Mind if I join you? I, too, watched RoA on Saturday and was slightly uncomfortable about how much I fancied TC. I've not felt that way about him since his before-Nicole days.

I have just had my daily you tube viewing of Pour Some Sugar on Me!

freddiefrog · 11/04/2013 15:08

God, you've all gone mad!!! Grin

OP posts:
DameDoom · 11/04/2013 15:25

Where have you been freddie? Aphra welcome. It has been five days since my obsession began. Am going to mark week long anniversary on Saturday - not sure how yet. Might get dressed up as MadFiona from Croydon.
DH knows nothing of this. Am deleting history on the hour every hour.
Hope Tom doesn't murder anyone before Saturday - would have to go to ground - had to delete entire gallery when I found out what kind of man Oscar P really is.Was particularly enraged as I had done some lovely and individual-looking borders around his photosConfused - two hours I'll never get back.

KatyTheCleaningLady · 11/04/2013 15:32

I love that I don't have to go through this alone.

I have now reached the point where I would not mind a sex dream about Tom Cruise. But I am not ready to rub one out to him.

That's still Henry Rollins' job.

EldritchCleavage · 11/04/2013 15:39

I don't get the Oscar Pistorius thing either (sorry to be awkward). He just looks grumpy.

I can almost get the TC thing in that film Collateral where he is greying and really ruthlessly evil.

Not really though.

DameDoom · 11/04/2013 15:48

Eldritch there is no need to apologise. If, for research purposes, you You Tubed him on Dancing with the Stars Italy, you may see where that other little obsesh started. However, that is probably in very bad taste knowing what we know now.

I have top and bottomed my heinous fridge in 20 minutes flat. Wish I had some artfully arranged artisan cheeses in it . Have actually halved a lemon and a lime to make it smell all Annick Goutal. Thanks Tom.

NotTreadingGrapes · 11/04/2013 15:51

Well wouldn't you look grumpy if you were an (alleged) psychopathic murderer? Grin

I am uncannily re-enacting the man in the flyby tower on TG this afternoon because every time I get a cuppa in my hands, someone on this thread says something outrageous and I pour it down myself chortling and muttering "goddamn it maverick mumsnet"

NotTreadingGrapes · 11/04/2013 15:53

I had a new washer last Friday, I keep sniffing that actually because it smells a bit weird when it's not got my Lenor in it.

NotTreadingGrapes · 11/04/2013 15:54

I've just put that TC pic on my Fb. I needed a cull. Let's see how many of the 228 are still there when I go look.

EldritchCleavage · 11/04/2013 15:59

Can we not have a Tyrese Gibson thread? I really need some kind of help with that obsession.

freddiefrog · 11/04/2013 16:09

Sorry, went bowling with the kids and came back to find you'd all become Tom Cruise obsessives Grin

I might have to watch RoA again, my lust is waning

I watched Bad Boys last night and I've switched allegiance to Will Smith Shock

OP posts:
DameDoom · 11/04/2013 16:12

Ooh, he is rather hot. Never heard of him but he has a very nice shaped mouth. Unfortunately, for Tyrese, I can only have one proper obsesh on the go at a time t'otherwise I would have to split the day in 2 and I am a very busy woman.

NotTreadingGrapes · 11/04/2013 16:14

Will Smith is lovely. But he's not got that madness-to-fancy-him-because-he's-bonkers element which I think is essential.

I have converted 1 FB friend. I quote "bloody bloody hell, that can't be TC" My work is 1/228 done.

(was veh disconcerted to have my TC pic pop up on my timeline next to a lovely pic our local young (ex student of mine) parish priest had put up of him being all priestly. I had to hide his eyes quick sharpish I can tell you)

JillJ72 · 11/04/2013 16:18

This is funny reading. And I get it. I haven't seen RoA, I don't go looking for TC films, but when I happen to see one, there is just something about him in character. TC no, him acting yes. . I got OP too.

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