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to want to apologise to the travellers camping across the road?

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nethunsreject · 02/06/2011 06:53

I live in a quiet village. Half a dozen travellers set up camp across the road last week. They have been quiet, tidy and their kids well behaved. However, this hasn't stopped some of my neighbours complaining to the council about them and plans are now in place to move them on.

I am ashamed by this NIMBY-ism.

OP posts:
beesimo · 06/06/2011 18:59

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

CheerfulYank · 06/06/2011 19:01

Beesimo's DDs are not children as far as I know, so when she said that a white man would try to hurt them she was not referring to "kiddy fiddlers" .

We don't have Romany people here (well, Wikipedia says we do, but I've never seen nor heard of any except for an episode of House), but I'm sure they must be like all groups of people...most are good, some are mediocre, a few are out and out bad'uns.

We have a large population of Mennonites here and some people in the community regard them with distrust and I've no idea why. The ones I've met are perfectly friendly (and amazing hockey players, which means a lot to Minnesotans :o) but they don't "dress like us" so they must be suspicious. Hmm

diabolo · 06/06/2011 19:03

I am not karma believer

How dare you insinuate that I am so low I need to hide behind another identity?

What cow you are!

diabolo · 06/06/2011 19:04

and beesimo why not check out my posts over the last year or so - you will also find I am NOT racist, as well as not being fake.

beesimo · 06/06/2011 19:06

If I was a cow I'd be a ordinary old cow you would be a class A milker!

fedupofnamechanging · 06/06/2011 19:06

Fail to see how beesimo. I assure you that diablo and I are not the same person, which is what I presume you are getting at. I'm sure MN could confirm that for you, but hey, why let the facts get in the way Hmm

diabolo · 06/06/2011 19:12

I can't actually believe how upset I am at your abusive messages "beesimo*. Seriously, if this is what you feel you have to face every day, then I pity you a lot.

But you may want to stop and consider one point: Do people not like you because you are an ex-traveller? Or could it actually be because you are not a very nice person, who makes ridiculous, nasty accusations and assumptions about people you either don't know, or barely know?

Oh - I answered my own question there didn't I?

LeQueen · 06/06/2011 19:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beesimo · 06/06/2011 19:14

You have managed to totally confuse me I have read last few post and realise a sock puppet is in your opinion not what I thought a sock puppet was.

I thought it was person echoing another which karma like it or not is what you do, I did not know all this about one person pretending to be two carry on.

Therefore I take back allegation of sock puppeting and apoligise I think you are silly in what you say but I do not think you are complete crackpots.

So once again I am sorry for sock puppet crack.


fedupofnamechanging · 06/06/2011 19:17

diablo don't let her upset you. She could search the posts for either of our names and know that what she's said is total bollocks. Instead she just opens her mouth and lets it all flow out, without giving it any proper thought first.

fedupofnamechanging · 06/06/2011 19:22

X posted with beesimo

Beesimo, I've been on this thread since quite early on. I assure you that my thoughts are my own. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that on any given thread some people will agree with each other. Still, I'll accept your half arsed apology and politely suggest you google in future like I had to before bandying phrases around.

beesimo · 06/06/2011 19:28


Thank you so much for kind post that is how I we are reared up to be, rich or poor in a big farmstead or at the side of the road that is how Romany be

LeQueen · 06/06/2011 20:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fedupofnamechanging · 06/06/2011 20:10

LeQueen, this is a long thread and I can't remember every post, but I think on the whole people didn't lump all travellers together and say they were all bad. I wouldn't want that to be the impression from recent posts.

LeQueen · 06/06/2011 20:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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