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Alcohol support

The freedom thread ( continued ) Riding the rollercoaster of an alcohol free life!

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Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 13:06

Hello all

This is a thread for people who have decided that life is much better without alcohol!🤩 These threads were started by @Drybird, and they have changed the lives of many people.

Some posters on these threads have been sober for a long time, and some are only just starting. We are a very friendly and inclusive bunch and we are always excited when someone new joins the thread. The only thing we ask is that our posters have given up alcohol completely. Talk of moderation can be triggering for some people, so this thread is not the right place for that (there are other moderation threads🙂).

We are a supportive welcoming bunch. No question is ever to “ silly “ and their is generally someone around if you are struggling

So just come here to chat or vent or check in . Whatever you need as you ride the rollercoaster of an alcohol free life Smile

Thankyou to bunnies for hosting the last thread.
And here’s to the next 40 pages Grin

OP posts:
SavBbunny · 23/01/2022 13:21

👋 hello from @SavBbunny

Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 13:30

Hello Grin

A shiny new thread as we keep marching on

OP posts:
Kindtomyself · 23/01/2022 13:36

Hi. Thanks for the new thread @Adm1010. I wonder what our next chapters will reveal

Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 13:54

The world is our oyster @Kindtomyself

One thing I’m wondering as I sit skiving …. Is seedlip worth it??

OP posts:
SavBbunny · 23/01/2022 14:03

I have been thinking Seedlip too?
Waitrose must do a af wine with some real taste to it surely?

Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 14:09

We can wait together for the verdict @SavBbunny Grin

OP posts:
Newmum738 · 23/01/2022 14:43

Joining new thread. 57 days and still counting 🙌🏻

Drybird2020 · 23/01/2022 15:07

Thank you, @Adm1010, for the new thread.

I have just calculated, and this my day 753. 🙂

The roller coaster ride becomes less challenging and more enjoyable as it goes on. A special pat on the back to everyone in the tough first three months and a special wave to everyone lurking. I know you're there, I lurked on threads like this for a long time before I was ready to start. I hope you will be ready soon. 😊

HangingOver · 23/01/2022 16:02

Greeeeeeeetings lads.

shares out vegan cookies and pops kettle on

AlloftheTime · 23/01/2022 16:30

Checking in 👍
Thanks to bunnies and to @Adm1010 for a lovely new thread

BunniesBunniesBunnies · 23/01/2022 17:40

Yay new thread!!! Thanks @Adm1010!

@SavBbunny seedlip is quite nice, I’m enjoying a bottle someone gave to me though I don’t think I would personally pay £££ (can’t remember how much but expensive!) for it. If I really loved it I probably would but I’m just as happy with a sparkling water and lime🙂

Love the new thread title! My life has always been a bit of a rollercoaster, but since quitting life feels like the good bits of the roller coaster - lots of laughter and excitement and feeling very much alive (cringe, sorry!) whereas before it was more of the nausea and fear part of roller coaster rides😂

Sorry I’ve totally destroyed that analogy😂😂😂

SavBbunny · 23/01/2022 18:12

Mouth tonight good people like a ferrets arse. Nothing to drink other than milk or squash. I am out tomorrow hunting AF items.
Waitrose has rhubarb aperitif so will treat myself and report back. Already over £100 up on booze save.
Thank you for starting new thread. Supportive.

Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 18:27

@BunniesBunniesBunnies it’s very expensive ! I’m thinking for the party at weekend? I’m just not sure

I need to get a grip . I think I’m experiencing cross addiction . I’m eating to much . Mainly crisps and chocolate . To an unhealthy level . I’m already very overweight and I’ve gained another half stone . I’m making excuses in my head and substituting alcohol with food . Anyone else do this? I know it’s not a physical craving at this stage.

OP posts:
SavBbunny · 23/01/2022 18:51


I downloaded a new app today nutura check (might be spelt differently) Free 7 day trial then £3.99 a month. Really easy and very comprehensive. I will give it a go.
I have over eaten for two decades. I don't scoff unless I am boozing but I am big enough for wls which was the reason for going AF.
Very hard going

Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 19:13

How’s your eating going since AF?

OP posts:
Drybird2020 · 23/01/2022 19:26

I really want to kick my sweetie habit. To begin with I was all "oh well as long as I'm not drinking, anything goes..." but it has become a Very Bad Thing

BunniesBunniesBunnies · 23/01/2022 19:28

@SavBbunny I saw on the other thread you have lost 7lb, that is amazing. Is there a particular amount you need to lose before the surgery?

@Adm1010 sorry to hear you are struggling with overeating. Cross-addiction is very real and very common and very very difficult. I have also suffered from it (not with overeating, other stuff) and I’ve always found it baffling how some things are easier to “give up” than others.

Food of course is in many ways the hardest of all as you cannot simply quit food! I don’t have any wise words though I wanted to tell you I hear you, cross addiction is a bitch, but you can do this. Being kind and patient with yourself is essential. Keep at it.

SavBbunny · 23/01/2022 19:28

AF is helping my bindge eating. I have a savory tooth so wine ment cheese and crisps.
I have been sticking to 1500 calories. Today 1900 but tis Sunday.

Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 19:33

@Drybird2020 that’s where I’m at , the oh as long as I’m not drinking this third bag of crisps is ok!! This coupled with me changing jobs into a more sedentary role is lethal !!!

@BunniesBunniesBunnies maybe I need to realise just as my reward centre cries out for alcohol it’s now going it for “ comfort food “ I’m eating when I’m not hungry!!! And getting stomach ache . Ridiculous

@SavBbunny is that app like my fitness pal?

OP posts:
BunniesBunniesBunnies · 23/01/2022 19:44

@Adm1010 about eating when you’re not hungry, I have found HALT really helpful when dealing with my cross addiction issues:

Everytime you want to eat (drink/smoke/etc) ask yourself:
H - am I hungry
A - am in angry
L - am I lonely
T - am I tired

There could be different feelings too but just questioning the root of your feelings when reaching for that third bag of crisps can really help I think. I now realise I didn’t actually want alcohol many of the times I drank, I was in fact tired/stressed/lonely etc. Get to those feelings, it’s the way forwards.

SavBbunny · 23/01/2022 19:48


I just checked it is nutura check. Works out calories allowed for required weight loss and you get more if you shift your bum.

I have a pattern of addiction.
Wine, boyfriends (when young and gorgeous), clothes, more wine.
I have never smoked and I take lots of medication for illness so no drugs.
With my recent redundancy i stopped spending but can't give up my posh food.
Some is trauma based. I am hoping to start some counselling shortly. Better out than in.
With wls you have to follow a liver reducing diet. Less fat, salt and no alcohol. I need to loose about 7/8 stone all together.

Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 19:49

@BunniesBunniesBunnies Thankyou . That’s great advice x

OP posts:

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Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 19:50

@SavBbunny what a journey you’re setting off on!

OP posts:
HangingOver · 23/01/2022 20:58

I'm very guilty of that too....I'm like welllll I'm not drinking OR taking drugs OR smoking I'm allooooowed to buy myself loads of shit from Amazon.

Blackberryblossom · 23/01/2022 22:06

👋 thank you for the lovely shiny new thread @Adm1010 and thank you for the last one @BunniesBunniesBunnies

Re Seedlip - it’s alright - I don’t really like the garden one so much. Now there’s AF Gordons I tend to have that instead. I prefer Wilfred’s though which is bitter orange and rhubarb, I like it with tonic or ginger ale. I think it’s online only.

Congratulations to everyone marking milestones, especially hanging with 600 days and everyone who is in the early hours/days/weeks.

I’ve been looking into using my car less. Had a very strange dream about replacing my car with an electric/wine hybrid. Still scratching my head about that one!

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