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Alcohol support

The freedom thread ( continued ) Riding the rollercoaster of an alcohol free life!

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Adm1010 · 23/01/2022 13:06

Hello all

This is a thread for people who have decided that life is much better without alcohol!🤩 These threads were started by @Drybird, and they have changed the lives of many people.

Some posters on these threads have been sober for a long time, and some are only just starting. We are a very friendly and inclusive bunch and we are always excited when someone new joins the thread. The only thing we ask is that our posters have given up alcohol completely. Talk of moderation can be triggering for some people, so this thread is not the right place for that (there are other moderation threads🙂).

We are a supportive welcoming bunch. No question is ever to “ silly “ and their is generally someone around if you are struggling

So just come here to chat or vent or check in . Whatever you need as you ride the rollercoaster of an alcohol free life Smile

Thankyou to bunnies for hosting the last thread.
And here’s to the next 40 pages Grin

OP posts:
ChampooPapi · 20/03/2022 22:04

@Adm1010 how are you doing?

I was thinking I should set up the next thread, keep me accountable as well as doing my turn 🙋

AlloftheTime · 21/03/2022 03:51

Checking in
Have a good day all and I will let you know when I able to go home
Some inspiring stories here

SavBbunny · 21/03/2022 06:15

Morning all.
Frosty here just after I checked over my plants yesterday.
I am enjoying more clarity of thought. Hoping to hear re my scan this week.

Adm1010 · 21/03/2022 07:34

@ChampooPapi I’m doing good! Just having a mad busy time but staying sober 😊 Thankyou for checking in x

OP posts:
Kindtomyself · 21/03/2022 17:53

Hi all. Just checking in. Feeling calm with a sense of clarity today.

AlbinoAxolotl · 21/03/2022 18:10

Checking in, thanks for the warm welcome all. Luckily I’ve been doing better at staying AF than contributing here!
I’m so far behind, I can’t name check, but Congratulations to all those reaching milestones, and well done to those climbing back on the wagon, the sooner one does the easier it is I think…
And to those in hospital or recovering from surgery, I hope you feel better soon FlowersCake
I can’t believe I’ve got to day 78! The last few weeks have been a bit easier (in some ways) as OH had covid so was (pretty much) off the booze, but still had some pretty left field pangs. A bit annoyed with him today tbh, he had a few last night, really rough today, but it can’t be that… Hmmgrrr.
Hey ho. Onwards and upwards, wishing everyone a calm and sober Monday evening Smile

Borrowbox · 21/03/2022 18:44

Checking in, hope everyone is doing well. I had a lovely sober weekend, and now looking forward to my evening.

Have felt really busy but the sunshine has also really helped my energy levels. Feeling very positive.

Breathmiller · 21/03/2022 21:06

I just had theee best cup of tea. And I turned to dh and said this gives me as much pleasure as booze used to. I remember my granny (who didn't really drink) always say that there was nothing better than a cup of tea. And I used to think she was wrong. Turns out, she was right all the time.

I stopped drinking black tea when I went dairy free years ago because I didn't like any of the milk alternatives in it. I drank green tea and herbal teas. Now, I have found oat milk from aldi and I drink black tea with milk again. And it's bloody lush.

BunniesBunniesBunnies · 22/03/2022 06:34

Ugggghhhh I dreamt that I drank. Haven’t had a dream like that in ages. It didn’t even make me feel good (in my dream), I just felt so disappointed and regretful☹️

Am now enjoying the perfect coffee though (your post about the perfect tea made me laugh @Breathmiller! I relate!)

Breathmiller · 22/03/2022 07:38

Oh how horrible bunnies dreams are funny things aren't they? Keeping us vigilant, maybe? Be proud of the fact it was only a dream.

Enjoy your coffee.

I have the most ridiculously busy week this week and I suddenly have the fear that I won't manage it all. It's just a head down and get on with it type scenario but I am a bit annoyed that I have over stretched myself. Again! When will I accept I am not superwoman and cannot do it all? So glad that I don't add in drinking and all it's shit too.

Kindtomyself · 22/03/2022 08:14

Morning. Enjoy your coffee @BunniesBunniesBunnies, dreams are very odd sometimes- I shouted out the other morning 'there's not enough room' I can't quite remember what it was about but I was really frustrated because someone was trying to fit something into a space that was obviously too small but trying anyway and I was really annoyed about it. I think that represents me on a fairly day to day basis, I'm quite practical and logical and sometimes people seem to over complicate things. I have to practice calmness and don't always manage it, perhaps I'm just intolerant.

Your tea sounded fabulous @Breathmiller Grin. I can totally relate about over commiting, I do that too and then burn out and make myself ill. I picked up yesterday that I was achieving loads and being generally very productive but then had a word with myself to calm down and have some space. Do you have to do everything this week? Is it possible to move some of the stuff to give you some space mentally? If not it's great that you have recognised that you have a lot on so make sure you plan some self care into your week too.

Breathmiller · 22/03/2022 08:54

Ha kindtomyself I feel like I could shout that too. "There isn't enough room!"

I can't pass anything on this week sadly but I can make sure I fit in pockets of self care I suppose. Good to be reminded. And it is temporary. I can get overwhelmed quite easily but it does feel manageable... at the moment. And it's all good stuff. I am lucky that my work is my passion. Probably why it's so easy to over fill my time with it. But downtime is important too.

Just got to plod on, enjoying each part and ticking off til it's done. And breathing in the small spaces between.

I am working today but do have a quieter start so I am relishing it. Just enjoy these moments of peace.

I always love the saying
"How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time ". Not the most vegan of sayings but it helps me.

Same for those overwhelmed at the thought of not drinking forever. Forever can be overwhelming. Just one bite at a time. One day at a time. One hour or even just one moment.

Every moment that you don't drink is a great big fat tick so celebrate them.

And enjoy that cup of tea/coffee.

BunniesBunniesBunnies · 22/03/2022 09:01

You’ll get through it @Breathmiller!!! I always overstretch myself as well it’s horrible, I don’t know why I do it. All the kids at home with COVID as well at the moment, not sure how I will manage with work😭 Soooooo grateful not to be drinking though!

What’s your goal for next month going to be @Breathmiller? Maybe the focus should be self care and not over-booking yourself😉 That’s definitely something I would benefit from……

BunniesBunniesBunnies · 22/03/2022 09:02

Cross posted with you @Breathmiller! Hope you manage to find little pockets of self care this week😊

Breathmiller · 22/03/2022 09:28

Oh no bunnies over stretched and adding in covid is not fun. We had the same a few weeks ago. Luckily it didn't go to everyone. Hope it eases for the household. And you get pockets of breathing time too.

Yes, April is the month. I have 2 weeks off and I plan to enjoy every moment. Dh has already raised his eyebrows at how I'm already filling the time up. So I am definitely going to plan in some down days with no plans. Haha. Terrible that I have to plan to have no plans.

Feel better soon bunnieshousehold

Fortheloveofgodwhy · 22/03/2022 10:21

checking in day 44, i am unreasonably excited to be so close to 50! i am much better able to see the big numbers, 100, 6 months, 1 year etc. The bit i am finding hardest is not preaching to everyone i meet... also the odd occasion when the children (aged 10-15) make comments about alcohol and wanting to drink.. I sincerely hope they take after their dad not me and can moderate their intake or even better just don't bother drinking at all.

in other news i have booked myself onto a summer school course for painting, something i would probably not have done before. Anxiety/time/cost etc. now i am able to say, hell i don't spend money on wine and so i can justify the cost, i don't care about getting up earlier to drive the 40mins there, and i will really enjoy it.

Fortheloveofgodwhy · 22/03/2022 10:22

sorry and also @Breathmiller hope your week isn't too awful and i can concur about really good tea and coffee, it is an absolute treat.

Crunchymum · 22/03/2022 11:15

Bit of a moan from me, but ever since I decided to cut back (Jan and Feb) and then totally stop (35 days now) I have been suffering so much with my arthritis.

I have had my medication reviewed and increased, I have had a steroid injection, I am maxing out on pain relief but for the past two days I can barely walk.

I know it's an illness that flares but I wish my stupid body would work for a change.

BunniesBunniesBunnies · 22/03/2022 11:50

@Crunchymum that’s so frustrating, I think another poster here (@SavBbunny?) suffers with it too (apologies if I got that wrong!). I do hope you feel better soon. And moan away meanwhile!

@Breathmiller who weeks off sounds lush! Do plan in some rest days and enjoy yourself🤩

Kindtomyself · 22/03/2022 15:20


Bit of a moan from me, but ever since I decided to cut back (Jan and Feb) and then totally stop (35 days now) I have been suffering so much with my arthritis.

I have had my medication reviewed and increased, I have had a steroid injection, I am maxing out on pain relief but for the past two days I can barely walk.

I know it's an illness that flares but I wish my stupid body would work for a change.

That's rubbish for you. Is there a link between the alcohol reduction and pain?
SavBbunny · 22/03/2022 18:18

Evening all.

@Crunchymum Tis me who has rheumatoid arthritis.
Worse since giving up the grape. The booze knocked out the pain.

However recent blood tests showed factor 125 liver (120 is normal) and I did have 160 in early January.
In myself I feel better (73 days) but I cannot say I don't miss the wine.
When I have had a blip it has really effected me. Very spacey and I feel dreadful for a full 24 hours.
I have just won a business award. That would be a champagne moment but I didn't even think way hay. New lipstick I think.
Drinking muscat af from the weekend. Too sweet but pricey so I will finish it.

BrightonBunny · 22/03/2022 19:26

Hi everyone. I am still AF but my God - THE CHOCOLATE!!!!

I am going to give myself until the end of the month and then that's it. No more using chocolate as a booze substitute. Just in time for bloody Easter Angry

Sorry to hear that those of you with arthritis are suffering. I have Ehlers Danlos hypermobility and my back has been dreadful. I think as PP said, the alcohol is an anaesthetic and helps numb the pain.

I am travelling for work this week and that usually means I treat myself to a nice few glasses of red, but not this time.

ChampooPapi · 22/03/2022 20:45

Evening you marvelous people. Checking in, day 10 🙌

Feeling accountable and focussed

ChampooPapi · 22/03/2022 20:48

Waves @BunniesBunniesBunnies hope your okay 🙋💜

BunniesBunniesBunnies · 22/03/2022 22:05

Thanks @ChampooPapi I am surviving the week! Had a lovely swim just now. Would have never swam this late when drinking. Lovely. Hope you’re okay too.

Well done on the award @SavBbunny, do treat yourself to a nice lippy!

@BrightonBunny I don’t normally have a sweet tooth but I’ve discovered some horribly delicious expensive chocolate truffels from M&S and they are my nemesis. Was relieved to see the end of the box then my partner bought me another one🤣🤣🤣 They are delicious!!!

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