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Alcohol support

Day 1 for anyone just starting out

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Justdonthavethefirstone · 02/08/2020 13:58

Hi all. This is my day 1. I have joined some other threads for support but thought I would start a new one for anyone just starting out on this journey. I have a drink problem. It got worse over lockdown.i have had day 1 before and failed but this time I am starting off prepared. I have books to read. I have joined Mumsnet for support and have told my family and friends.

OP posts:
OrchidJewel · 10/08/2020 08:41

@ymna not sure what the rules are Smile we have to find out Smile. I was looking at the AF beers and I'm dodgy about the taste. Did you have a goo on you? That would be my fear but I'm very weak

Ynwa12345 · 10/08/2020 08:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrchidJewel · 10/08/2020 09:13

Sorry goo here means a longing for more :) you can do this 💪

Ynwa12345 · 10/08/2020 09:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noel66 · 10/08/2020 09:22

Thanks orchid 🙂don't beat yourself up ynwa. Start fresh today🙂

Ynwa12345 · 10/08/2020 09:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PantsToThis · 10/08/2020 12:25

@Ynwa1234 it happens. You did really well to stop at 1. Try not to beat yourself up, no judgement on this thread! You can do it today, come on here if you're struggling 👊
I read somewhere that when you want to drink think HALT. Are you Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired? These are often triggers and if you recognise them in time it really helps. For me I like to drink on an empty stomach so if I eat early it takes away the urge. I think @OrchidJewel mentioned the teeth brushing too.

OrchidJewel · 10/08/2020 13:02

Im exactly the same re drinking on an empty stomach pants, I have also changed my dinner time to kids time

OrchidJewel · 11/08/2020 07:43

How's everyone? Another morning up and hangover free :)

I saw this quote on the forever free thread

**it's not your fault that you have an addiction, but I'm afraid it is your responsibility

Think this is very true, for me anyway

Ynwa12345 · 11/08/2020 08:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrchidJewel · 11/08/2020 09:14

@ymna1234 your're very honest. One bud light and no wine is brilliant. Keep in touch though, no one is the alcohol police Smile hope we can get our7 year olds under control Smile

@pantstothis @noel66 seems to be just us now

Ynwa12345 · 11/08/2020 09:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

noel66 · 11/08/2020 10:48

I'm still here orchid 🙂day 8 for me and waking up with a clear conscience and no hangover is amazing. My sleep is def improving. Ynwa well done for staying off the wine.

noel66 · 11/08/2020 10:49

Love that quote btw orchid🙂the this naked mind book is really sticking with me and helping. Little bits of it just stay in my mind and remind me why I'm doing this.

OrchidJewel · 11/08/2020 11:54

Thanks noel66 I need a new read for next week. Thank goodness for the Kindle as no one can see the front. My sleep is amazing now, woke up 2 minutes before my alarm this morning and yesterday. Definitely regulating now. I had the 4 year old sneak in beside me, didn't even stir. All things to be grateful for now to sober

noel66 · 11/08/2020 15:42

Yes definitely Smilecan't remember the last time I slept so well. Just keep reminding myself it's because I'm not drinking. Look in the mirror and my skin and eyes look clearer. Anxiety is far far less. It's all making me realise how bad for me the booze was.

PantsToThis · 11/08/2020 16:45

Hi, just checking in, Day 6 for me. Sleep is mixed, but it has been hot and I'm also dealing with the dreaded peri-menopause. @OrchidJewel you sound like you're doing great, what a difference 3 weeks makes! @noel66 good to hear your sleep is better, and you've noticed other positive changes too.
@Ynwa1234 you know where we are if/when you want to come back, hope you get on well with moderation and do check in if you can Smile
I'm reading The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Grey. If you haven't read Quit Like a Woman by Holly Glenn Whittaker, I highly recommend it.

Rupertpenrysmistress · 11/08/2020 17:14

Hello everyone, I have been quiet for a bit but still sober - 10 days, I feel good today didn't really feel that great for a few days. I felt a bit depressed and not sleeping well.Those things are now improving.
Ywna will miss you! Pop back won't you, I hope all go a well with your DC. You know where we are if you need us.
Am currently listening to Mrs D is going without, it's quite inspiring but I still struggle to think no more wine.

Nice to see how everyone is doing.

OrchidJewel · 11/08/2020 23:40

Good to hear from you Rupert, wasn't sure who was sticking. It's great when you start to feel the benefits.

I'm definitely chirpier, going from knocking it back so I can get to bed early to sleep and forget about shit to sitting on sofa now not wanting to go to bed as my book is good and I want to watch another episode of The Good Fight. What a difference 3 weeks makes Smile

DH still away, temptation is there. 6.30 gagging for a glass (bottle(s)) I said 'Ill give myself an hour and head and get some'. 'ill malke my dinner', i enjoyed that (stuffed) an hour passed, said I'll head in another hour to get one. Made tea, chocolate. Never did get that bottle :) I'm finding if I go with that stupid voice instead of lalalala (fingers stuck in ears) it's easier to ride out. If any of that makes sense

Ynwa12345 · 12/08/2020 06:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rupertpenrysmistress · 12/08/2020 08:45

Ynwa, you are so determined I always hear that through your posts Keep going. Mrs D is Dana's she says exactly what is going through my head, the inner voice how can I have fun without wine? Surely one won't hurt, we know where that ends though.
I slept so well last night probably helped by my 13 hour shift yesterday in full PPE that was fun in 30 degrees!
I am loving damages to glad you are enjoying it Ymna. How are you doing this morning orchid*? It's going to be really warm again with thunderstorms thrown in to add to the fun.

Need to motivate myself to move now, wasting time sitting listening to cheesy pop on Spotify. Always improves my mood though.

Have a great day all check in later at witching hour.

Ynwa12345 · 12/08/2020 09:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrchidJewel · 12/08/2020 17:00

Just stay on this thread ymna. No rules here :).

Back to work today after nearly a month off PITA. It was so stressful (only office job no PPE required Rupert Smile). But at 3 I said 'fuck it I'm drinking tonight' drove home. Got my Craig Beck book, he was on about his sore liver and opened the tonic water (Jesus very early for my tonic lol). So picking kids up shortly and will take them for a cycle. My moment is gone (thank God) but I have to find ways of mentally managing my work stress that I don't cave (if anyone else has an answer)

Ynwa12345 · 12/08/2020 17:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rupertpenrysmistress · 12/08/2020 19:15

orchidthief well done you, a month of work must make it really tough to go back. Maybe plan something to look forward to I always plan something nice for dinner after work, it might be a bit different for you but, I finish work at 8 so I make sure I have some special shower gel and body lotion, hop
in the shower wash the day away and let work go. Do you enjoy work otherwise? Is their anything you would change?

I am about to have a nice green tea and pomegranate drink! Went to the supermarket earlier and it was hard not to pick up the wine, was considering a can of monster! Have a great evening.

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