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Alcohol support

Day 1 for anyone just starting out

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Justdonthavethefirstone · 02/08/2020 13:58

Hi all. This is my day 1. I have joined some other threads for support but thought I would start a new one for anyone just starting out on this journey. I have a drink problem. It got worse over lockdown.i have had day 1 before and failed but this time I am starting off prepared. I have books to read. I have joined Mumsnet for support and have told my family and friends.

OP posts:
Sneachta · 01/01/2021 07:03

Ah no @ymna that was extremely mean of your DH. As you say any small thing would have done. And your son noticed that too. I dont know how your all coping over there with your ling lockdown. Home schooling is just a nightmare. We are lockdown again now from today to 31st Jan, schools are taking an extra 3 days off but hopefully will be back in 11th. Hardly any cases in schools here.

A brand New year and hopefully a sober one. Does anyone have any other resolutions? Definitely exercise for me. I say this as I sit on my backside thinking of exercising. And getting to the bottom of why the hell I drank to excess

Sneachta · 01/01/2021 07:06

Dh has put his back out. I got him some panadol and rooted out some Spanish difene. Luckily he googled them as was suspicious about the name 'diarfin' it's for the squits! Going to be a looking day here

Ynwa12345 · 01/01/2021 07:27

Haha oh no how did your H do his back in @Sneachta? Has he become any better with some days off in terms of not coming out of his attic?
I didn't sleep until very late because in the end fireworks plus anger at H and was messaging him and said bunch of flowers would have done. Simple. He said I should have said i did bloody say!! So how will you home school until 11th and work? I'm working Sunday and am worried to be honest. But I guess it is what it is! Cannot wait to detox now for 31 days...I've still got so much rage for H...

Sneachta · 01/01/2021 07:36

Oh I know that RAGE. Hmm dh has been better at coming out of the attic but still disappears! We have a rota for the 3 days. It was either he pulls his weight or I was out that door for the day at 8am! It must be awful over there trying to juggle with it going on and on. Get out for a thumping walk

Ynwa12345 · 01/01/2021 07:55

@Sneachta good idea! I wish i could walk out the door daily at 8am..jist wish there was a time line on when kids can go back.

writingsonthewall · 01/01/2021 18:09

Happy new year all. Day 130! Somehow made it through Christmas and new year without a drink. I have to be honest though, I was white knuckling it a bit, it wasn't easy as you'd hope it might be after more than 4 months.

H has had alcohol every night since 20th Dec and has just had a glass of wine today as we had a roast but he says he's dry again from Monday so that will help.

New Years resolution for me is losing some lbs. my diet has been shite basically since I stopped boozing but the level of shite I've eaten has ramped right up over Christmas so I feel disgusting. Not starting today (can't rush these things!) but as of tomorrow I'm going to follow slimming world.

Went for a 10k run this morning so that was a good start but then I got home and immediately ate a mince pie so kind of defeated the object! It's so bloody cold outside which isn't helping is it.

Hang in there @Ynwa12345 the schools thing is so crap I really feel for you. I will have older 2 here until at least 18th but thank the lord ds7 will be going back on Monday otherwise I have no idea how I would work. Saying that, with cases as they are and all that I wouldn't be surprised if either all the schools shut or he gets sent home to isolate if there are cases in his class again so might be joining you before long. You're right it is the unknown timescales that send the fear of god into me.

@Sneachta pmsl at you giving your h the wrong medicine hahaha

Sneachta · 02/01/2021 07:37

Morning everyone

Oh @writingsonthewall that's the perfect description 'white knuckled' we got through it though hey. Its was VERY triggering. Especially if there was alcholol around. My DH had 4 beers on xmas day. NYE I saw he opened wine lol. He did it very slyly. Dont think he drank the bottle (he tipped it) I used to do SW years ago. Didnt lose a bloody thing in fact put on weight. He is now 5 years old! But i continued with SW throughout my pregnancy and it was brilliant. Didnt have to tell anyone I was pregnant till 27 weeks. So you've reminded me I must try that again. I remember liking some curry? Fair play on the running.

I think I mentioned all the vits I'm on a while back but about 3 months ago I started 'mag 365' it's a powder you take with hot water at night. Supposed to put you in a deep sleep? Not sure about that BUT my god its helped with hormones. Normally a week before I'm awful with moods, general wanting to kill someone. Hasnt happened the last 2 months. No pain in ovaries and it just arrived without too many cramps. Maybe I'm delusional but I honestly put it down to this magnesium. I lob it in now mind about a tablespoon and take magnesium tablets also with my bits earlier.

As you were...

Hope everyone else is doing good Smile

Ynwa12345 · 02/01/2021 08:33

Morning @Sneachta always good to hear from you! I have the powder mag and take it sporadically not every day. I defo need help with my emotions and hormones...i did notice when I didn't drink my p was without cramps etc I'm sure a lot of my ailments are due to drinking and smoking it's been about 6 weeks plus no smokes and I'm on day 2 no drinking feels like second nature to be honest now.
H IS STILL PISSING ME OFF. Eldest has footie this morning (wierd as schools are closed we are in tier 4 covid raging but close contact footie.. I don't mind but am scared) I'm going to work tomo too. I need to realise its not gonna go any of this soon so need to just get on with it. My friends and family are recovering slowly so u know we can get through this if we get it!!!
Enjoy your Saturday people.
@writingsonthewall your running is amazing. I couldn't get past run 2 on couch to 5k.its not for me I don't think. Also SW good on ya. I am so lazy with cooking...
I am looking into getting a piece of gym equipment not a treadmill or rower as nowhere to put it...

Sneachta · 03/01/2021 08:33

Mornimg everyone another weekend down Smile

@ymna running isnt for me either with an old injury. Walking does make me feel less stressed and healthier. Can you even get out for half an hour? Save throttling DH? Lol

I read on another thread that Adriene has a new 39 day yoga up called breathe. Going to start that when I've finished sitting kn my hole and the kids are up. It's a thread for over 50s, not there yet but very good tips. Vitd spray from boots is one.

Loving the dry jan threads. Just realised I no longer need my refreshing drink at trigger time. I no longer seem to have a trigger time. Just the very odd day when I just want to go mental and knock a load of wine back but it passes.

Hows everyone? What are the day counts? Especially new people

Ynwa12345 · 03/01/2021 09:51

Yes I've been walking @Sneachta 30 mins. I'm defo looking into something for home but it's expensive. I've been standing outside work for ages normally manager is here at 6am lol. I'm getting anxiety. Lots of patients due it's a day out for them the eejits. Hope vaccine will come soon for patient facing etc and everyone else.
Adriene sounds awesome but will home schooling now and h back to work in office there's no time.. Vit d spray sounds good.
I'm on day 3. Very happy but been drinking a lot of sugary drinks... The dry Jan app is awesome too.
Hope everyone else is OK x

Sneachta · 04/01/2021 06:39

Morning everyone

Fair play on day 3 @ymna I hope you got through your work day and actually got in. Sorry I do forget you over there are in serious lock down. Schools here delayed by only 3 days so I honestly can never imagine doing that home schooling ever again. It must be just torture and no free time.

Horrible Monday feeling. We took extra days off.
Started my new skincare routine before bed, I've to do it again now then force myself to do yoga.

Have a good day everyone

GRMA · 04/01/2021 06:54

Happy New Year everyone, just an update I have had no painkillers since 27th Dec and no booze since New Years Eve where again I had only 1. I even turned down an offer from OH to go out to the shop to get me a bottle I promptly declined. However I have started my health kick I am now walking every day (12,000 steps or more in the last 2 days), It is hard as I am waking up with a raging headache every morning but I am sleeping in bed all night (I used to be wide awake after a few hours sleep) so I am already seeing the benefits :) I hope everyone is ok and staying safe.

Hazelnutmochi · 04/01/2021 09:38

Belated happy birthday @Ynwa12345!!
And well done @GRMA
Day 134 here! Feel likes it's been very much one day at a time over the last few weeks but starting to get my sober mojo back.
Realise we don't have much space left on this thread so will start a new one and try and post a link.

Hazelnutmochi · 04/01/2021 09:42
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