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Alcohol support

Day 1 for anyone just starting out

989 replies

Justdonthavethefirstone · 02/08/2020 13:58

Hi all. This is my day 1. I have joined some other threads for support but thought I would start a new one for anyone just starting out on this journey. I have a drink problem. It got worse over lockdown.i have had day 1 before and failed but this time I am starting off prepared. I have books to read. I have joined Mumsnet for support and have told my family and friends.

OP posts:

writingsonthewall · 27/12/2020 14:23

@Fizzi1234 oh mate. I think we've probably all been there at some point so can empathise. Just take the positive that it's served as a good reminder why you're doing this and let it spur you on to maintain sobriety.
Onwards and upwards is the only way. Don't beat yourself up, it's done now xx


Hazelnutmochi · 27/12/2020 14:38

Be kind to yourself today @Fizzi1234. Everything seems a million times worse when you're in the hangover anxiety fog. Have you got anything nice to eat/drink? I felt so awful my last hangover i wrote myself a letter to open if I get really tempted. Can definitely relate, its the booze not you.

Did you throw the cigarettes away @Ynwa12345?

Love that saying @writingsonthewall, well done not drinking the prosecco.

Air pod things sound fab @Sneachta, may have to invest in some.


Hazelnutmochi · 27/12/2020 14:51

Also, there was a thread in chat yesterday, people with horrendous hangovers. I would have been posting on that last year.


Hazelnutmochi · 27/12/2020 14:55

Sorry for multiple posts, keep forgetting things! Is anyone watching the masked singer? Felt a bit twitchy as its the sort if programme I'd always drink with but really enjoyed it.


Horlicks4me · 27/12/2020 15:31

@Fizzi1234 as someone else said we have all been embarrassed the next morning at some point of our journey into the unknown!
Tomorrow is a new day. Sleep well tonight.


writingsonthewall · 27/12/2020 21:08

@Sneachta hi chick. I love my AirPods. Have had them ages, my h bought them for my birthday I think last year and I thought it was a bit extravagant but truly would not be without them. I went to buy stranger in the house last night and it told me I've already bought it!! Pretty sure haven't read it yet though.
@Hazelnutmochi I'm watching the masked singer. Didn't watch it last time but my son watched some of it with my mum and he loves it so I'm watching this time with him. From what I can make out he mostly likes shouting "take it off" at the tv!!!


Ynwa12345 · 28/12/2020 07:00

Hi @hazelnutmochi glad you are doing OK. I forgot where I put the cigs and then threw them yday felt bad as they cost a lot but not as much as health!
I can't wait until January 1st now. My H is slowing getting into idea of doing dry Jan with me!!!


Ynwa12345 · 28/12/2020 07:05

Also H has gone on a 4 hour cycle now. He thinks he's off work so it's his time but what about me? I really need to find a space or corner of the house... There's a back house I guess I could clean up and like I don't know get some headphones (could do with some airpods!) and go there every time I feel like a drink...


Summer7 · 28/12/2020 07:30

There is no help for me... Drink has truly, destroyed my life and I am still drinking!
Good luck, all... ❤️ xx


Imissmoominmama · 28/12/2020 07:37

@Summer7- ask for help.


Hazelnutmochi · 28/12/2020 12:10

That's great your dh is getting into the idea of dry Jan @Ynwa12345. Back house sounds like a good project.

How are you doing today @Fizzi1234?


Fizzi1234 · 28/12/2020 13:13

Thanks for your support @Hazelnutmochi @Ynwa12345 @writingsonthewall @Horlicks4me @Sneachta

I m still feeling it but gonna try and get cleaning done today which will make me feel better.
Also back to work tomoz which I m dreading but I know it's good for me rather than slobbing about feeling sorry for myself .

@Summer7 don't feel your alone in this. I've messed up big time this Xmas. Do you have anyone to talk too?


Sneachta · 29/12/2020 08:05

Morning everyone

Oh @Fizzi1234 you poor thing. It's tough enough at the best of times let alone xmas especially when everyone's drinking rings around them. Have you anyone for support? I couldn't do it without DHs support. My sister got him ipa beers, she knows I hate them so that was clever.

@summer7 honestly I was on my knees about to drive into a wall please now you can fix this x

So back to work today. Loving all the staying strong posts.

@ymna yea meant to say throw the fags away. Oh my God that would be fantastic if your DH did dry jan honestly you wouldn't know yourselves :)

Walking the bejesus out of myself every morning and relaxing. Havent heard any of my pals moan about hangovers which is annoying lol.

Yes I'm watching masked singer @hazelnutmochi and @writingsonthewall I do that do and discover I have read them, couldn't be that good lol


Sneachta · 29/12/2020 08:13

@Newernewist how are you doing?


Newernewist · 29/12/2020 08:27

Hi everyone, hope you all had a good xmas.
I had a very sober one, I'm day 132 now and doing well.
I speak to my AA sponsor regularly, lots of meetings on zoom.
I put my sobriety down to AA, the God thing does my head in a bit, but it is like therapy.
I have learned so much about myself and my behaviour and why I became an alcoholic.
It's not for everyone, I know that, but if someone out there is struggling it might be worth a go.
Thank you to everyone who keeps me sober on here and in AA.
Seeing you lot do well spurs me on.
We had a bit of bad news yesterday, my DP mum died v unexpectedly, it's made me really think about a lot of stuff.
I did consider a drink, the house is full of it, but I didn't, it wouldn't have made anything any better and trying to support my partner drunk or hungover is not going to happen.
All I can do is be there for him, and I need to be sober


GRMA · 29/12/2020 08:31

Every morning I get up and think today is the day I give up and by 5pm I am on my 2nd very very strong Bacardi & Coke, (1litre bottle lasts 2 days) this time last year I had lost 3 stone but over lockdown I have put it all back on due to the excessive drinking, eating and excessive painkillers (Co-Codamol) with no exercise, my OH says I am a functioning alcoholic as I am holding down my job (and do it very very well) I look after 2 of my youngest grandchildren aged (2 & 4) at least 3 times a week but as soon as they have gone and I have finished my work for the day I run to the kitchen to get my Treat, HOWEVER over the last three days I have noticed how it is affecting my health I need to do this as I do not want to become a Covid Statistic, my Kids, Grandkids and OH need me, so I am determined by the time we go back to work in the office (could be June time fingers crossed) I want to have given the drink and painkillers up and hopefully the weight may start to drop off, Thank you Justdonthavethefirstone, for starting this thread, if you don't mind I too am going to use this as part of my go to for support.


Ynwa12345 · 29/12/2020 13:56

So pleased that you are doing amazing on your sober journey @Newernewist! So so good. I'm so sorry to hear about your DPs mum you guys must be feeling a lot of emotions at the moment but you still didn't pick up the drink you should be proud. Hope DP is OK.. Must be so sad I'm so sorry.
@Summer7 there's a lot of support online these days and literally cramming with books and things will really help.. Or just even 1 person in RL to talk to without judgement?
I have struggled yes but always come back to the group. I have started couch to 5k and haven't had a drink for a few days but I'm determined. It's my birthday new years eve and even then I know my H will say oh have a glass of champers. But he's slowly getting more and more into dry Jan and if we both do that month together it'll be way easier (as he drinks every single day yday was whiskey!)
@GRMA great to have you on board and yu are thinking about doing what's right for you may it be now or in June... Just don't have the first one started this back in August but she hasn't been on since unfortunately but she spurred a few of us all one which was great!
@Rupertpenrysmistress hope you are OK?!
@Sneachta sorry you are back to work lol dont worry your friends will moan about hangover new years day!


Ynwa12345 · 29/12/2020 14:01

How are you doing @Fizzi1234?


Sneachta · 30/12/2020 07:54

Morning everyoe day 162 here

@Newernewist congrats on your days and what a shock about your DPs partner. Your so bloody strong with a house full of booze. You hit the nail on the head for me the fact you have worked out why your drinking and the behaviour around it. That is my aim for 21, I'm not drinking as I will lose everything and that's easy but I need to work out why to be truly content with this decision.

@GRMA you sound like you have a mad busy life. I was a 6 o'clock starter. Couldn't help myself even though it was nearly making me sick. I went to my GP as I knew I couldn't do it myself (full description on page 1 as orchidjewel) with painkillers too (I used to knock them back aswell) I knew I needed medical support). Would your OH be supportive? It's the most important thing as ymna says to have one support in RL. Have you downloaded any books? Make a little haven somewhere in the house for yourself at trigger time with a drink that gives you a kick (mine was tonic). What is your plan basically? These boards are bloody fantastic for keeping you on the straight and narrow. Hangover free is the best thing ever. It's tough with withdrawals for a few weeks and sleep etc (I had libruim and sleeping tabs) but picture if you start now by February you will be over the worst and outlook is so much brighter. I will never forget one day my youngest said (he was 4) ' Mammy why do you always smell of beer'. Fecin awful. If you can go off the radar for a week or 2 and get your head fully into it without feeling you have to help other people in your life. You can do it. The depression and anxiety lifts so quickly, it's an amazing feeling altogether.

@ymna fair play on the couch to 5k and sober few days :) the exercise really makes a difference doesnt it (killer in the beginning) I'm enjoying my early walks. I'm sure the champers will be flowing tomorrow but dry jan then. Hope DH is on board with you.

This year is going to be about pampering! I'm going to pick a body part and throw the book at it. First are my trotters! DD and I are going to pamper them for 2 weeks. Then move onto another poor neglected part. My skin is fab at the moment. I'm wearing lovely eyeliner and mascara every day and like looking in the mirror (not in a I think I look like Ariande Grande way) So finally I'm seeing no alcohol benefits.

Hows everyone else? Too many to link but strong arm emoji


GRMA · 30/12/2020 10:32

@Sneachta thank you so much yes I it has been 3 days no tablets unfortunately last night I succumbed to 1 drink (3 finger bacardi) which was really good for me lol :) I do have a plan of exercise and come midnight on New Years Eve I will say goodbye to Alcohol for good hopefully, I have downloaded a load of books and have picked a room in the house to be mine I am serious this time xx


Newernewist · 30/12/2020 11:15

@sneactha thank you for kind words, it's a horrible thing to be dealing with.
You inspired me to finally stop btw
I remember reading back when you were orchid, the health problems you were having were like mine, I've got MS, and I put a lot of it down to that, but certain things have improved.
I didnt need medical withdrawal surprisingly, maybe I did but I battled through stupidly.
Your very right in needing to get to the bottom of why we have become alcoholics.
In AA meetings it's weird because everyone has a different story, but the same one.
I'm on the list again with NHS for some kind of counselling, probably CBT
Which I don't think the 2 rounds I had before worked because I was still drinking.
I think I'm ready to take it all on board now.


Newernewist · 30/12/2020 11:19

just take one day at a time.
When I joined this thread, I saw other people who had sober days under their belt and thought I couldn't get there, but I did and I feel so much better
I battled with my sleep cycle, but its back now, I love waking up not hungover and wondering if I upset anyone, knowing I've not wet the bed.
My DC are proud of me and I feel so much closer to them, but it's all only for today, I now know if I pick up a drink again what I stand to lose.


GRMA · 30/12/2020 11:57

@Newernewist will do thank you, look after yourself also you are doing so well xx


Sneachta · 31/12/2020 20:38

Happy birthday @ymna hope your having a lovely (probably not so peaceful day lol) must be so weird to be an age in 1 year for 1 day lol iyswim

@Newernewist your posts are inspiring, we know the road now and @GRMA wow for your days already with NO 'assistance' it's amazing.

Wont go on being NYE and all - back to my jigsaw

Hope everyone else is doing good bring on a very sober happy 2021


Ynwa12345 · 01/01/2021 00:03

Thank you @Sneachta j was sleeping but got woken up by fucking fireworks!!!! Ffs and some wierd noise either coming from next door or downstairs haven't been able to work. It out yet! I got regifted a Xmas gift from sil. Flowers from another sil. Absolutely nothing from H and I cried for 2 hours lol because first time in 17 years he didn't get me anything.. His card was delayed also. He said I wasn't making up my mind in what I wanted I said a 5 pound token gift wouldn't go amiss but I was in bits of course alcohol didn't help my emotions so here we go dry Jan and beyond... I'm still seething hahaha my kids were sk lovely tk me cheering me up! Eldest said ill definitely buy u flowers come mothers day bless him and he told me to take a deep breath! I think everything got to me lack of sleep busy day also H did get me a cake and j went out for a walk to see my mum on driveway... Omg the fireworks are rally loud now wtf
Also I'm having to home school my kids for the next few weeks so that's kind of fucked me up a bit but u know I also don't want them bringing home covid. Anyway happy new year people!!!!

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