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Do you know someone who shares a birthday with their sibling? (Not twins!)

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Midnightpony · 19/06/2023 23:13

Just wondering.
A friend of mine was born on her brother's birthday.
Another friend has her DC X number of years and one week apart (not quite the same!)

I wonder how common the exact same birthday is

OP posts:
iknowimcoming · 19/06/2023 23:17

Yes I do - friends dc are 2 years apart, same birthday

TeaandHobnobs · 19/06/2023 23:17

DNs are born one day (and a couple of years) apart.
I know someone with a DS and a DD born on the same date a decade apart.

capercorn · 19/06/2023 23:17

Yes. And two that share with their mother! I wondered what celebration date was 9 mths earlier for three to be born the same day!

EvenmoreDisorganised · 19/06/2023 23:18

Yes, I know a brother and sister three years to the exact day apart.

UncleHerbie · 19/06/2023 23:19

My friend’s twins were born on her birthday

youwerentthere · 19/06/2023 23:19

A girl in my labour ward had her second DD on her first DD's second birthday.

I think it would be one of those things that seem really convenient, but isn't in practise

Cma1988 · 19/06/2023 23:19

My sister has all her 3 children born in October within a week (first two a couple years apart and the last one 10 years gap - but all in the last week of October

shadowchancesassy · 19/06/2023 23:20

Yes I have a friend with boys sharing a birthday and they are 3 years apart. I also know a son,dad,and grandad that all share a birthday and all have the same name.

EmpressSissi · 19/06/2023 23:21

Not siblings, but me and my sister had our babies born on the same day which I think is really cool. Mine was 3 weeks premature and her’s was 2 weeks late. We call them cousins & birthday twins 🥰

MissBPotter · 19/06/2023 23:21

My friend and her brother are born on the same day, two years apart.

Vergeofbreakdown23 · 19/06/2023 23:21

I have a friend who shares her birthday with her brother but they’re a few years apart and two of my dc birthdays are two days apart (+2yrs)

yutu · 19/06/2023 23:21

yes, and its only 1 year apart!

BootCampSucker · 19/06/2023 23:22

My DSs are two years and two days apart - it's a bit of a pain tbh.

MessyBunt · 19/06/2023 23:23

My friend had two of the same sex about two years apart despite being desperate for No. 2 to be the opposite sex so got pregnant very quickly after her second baby.

No. 3 was born on No. 2’s birthday. Same sex again.

Poor No. 2; wrong sex, middle child, and having to share a birthday.

Millipedia · 19/06/2023 23:23

My brothers share a birthday, five years apart, my mother and daughter also share a birthday.

17to35 · 19/06/2023 23:23

My brother is exactly 10 years younger than me.

SirKurtBored · 19/06/2023 23:25

I had my son on Father’s Day, and my daughter was sue on Mother’s Day!

Austenland · 19/06/2023 23:25

I went to school with a girl who shared her birthday with her brother. He was 3 years younger. They both hated it. 😅

Andylion · 19/06/2023 23:25

Justin Trudeau and his brother Sacha.
Both born on Christmas Day.
(Well, I don’t actually know them.)

RhosynBach · 19/06/2023 23:25

My sister was in labour the day before her daughters birthday and desperately hoping the baby would come before midnight so they didn’t share a birthday. Luckily the baby arrived at 11.30pm!!

PretzelKnot · 19/06/2023 23:26

I know a family with all 3 children born on the same day- a girl then a handful of years later twin boys.

Frozen2fear · 19/06/2023 23:26

Yes, one year apart. It really helps for remembering birthdays.

Unsuredad123 · 19/06/2023 23:26

When dc3 came along DW was told she needed elective section on the same day as Dc2's birthday, fortunately they let us shift a day so they had their own birthdays

justgettingthroughtheday · 19/06/2023 23:27

I know a family where the eldest and youngest were born on the same date, which also happened to be their fathers birthday and their maternal grandfathers too!

goodbyestranger · 19/06/2023 23:27

Two of my sons share a birthday, three years apart. Both were due ten days before they were born - all very neat.

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