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ADS and the winds of change

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justasking111 · 09/10/2022 10:35

All set onward and upward friends

OP posts:
Buzzinwithbez · 14/03/2023 12:56

I've just discovered I'm blocked on twitter by Deepti Gurdasani. I could see her posts up until she was terribly upset at catching covid a few weeks ago and could emphasis with her a cev person who was concerned she could suffer grave consequences.
It's funny because I don't post on twitter, just use it to keep up with news in general. I didn't follow her so had no connection with her. I'm just a random nobody. I do like being able to see a range of expert opinions on twitter but it looks like a vacuum is being created.

EmmaEmerald · 14/03/2023 13:43

jlpartners I cannot begin to say how sorry I am for you all.

EmmaEmerald · 14/03/2023 13:49

Buzz some people use algorithms to block on Twitter, especially if they are well known. So if you have liked content that's anti-lockdown - or more importantly, perceived as anti Lockdown - the algorithm will block you.

Like with some people named in the Big Brother report,
if you said you were against mandatory vax, you were flagged up as anti vax by the relevant govt department. So some well known people found themselves named as being possibly anti vax when they had the vax but didn't want it forced on people.

Buzzinwithbez · 14/03/2023 13:56

I assumed it was an algorithm. I don't like posts or tweet. So strange as they're an expert who must be just left preaching to the choir.

EmmaEmerald · 14/03/2023 14:13

Buzzinwithbez · 14/03/2023 13:56

I assumed it was an algorithm. I don't like posts or tweet. So strange as they're an expert who must be just left preaching to the choir.

I actually look at this sort of thing as it relates to the business aspect of being an influencer - all that preaching to the choir will help them get the status they want. To that end, I've reached the conclusion that a lot of people don't believe what they say.

I have someone I know personally who said she cannot tell anyone she even read the Dodsworth book, much less say she thought it was brilliant. In her workplace, anyone questioning the lockdown would be a lunatic.

Society now is just tragic. Was it Zizek (forget his first name) who wrote "First as Tragedy, then as Farce"? It's an old book, but it sums things up right now. (Disclaimer - went to a talk, didn't read the book).

JenniferBooth · 14/03/2023 17:57

it's another way to privilege the laptop classes and shit on ordinary people, except if you post about it on here, you get told you want people to die from air pollution


JenniferBooth · 14/03/2023 18:04

I wouldnt mind seeing Labours WhatsApps as they were calling for longer harder lockdowns

ISaySteadyOn · 14/03/2023 20:13

Same. By the way, am currently listening to The Witch Trials of JK Rowling podcast. It is really good. Hard going at times but well worth a listen.

MichaelAndEagle · 15/03/2023 07:23
CruCru · 15/03/2023 08:05

I need to listen to the JKR podcast.

justasking111 · 15/03/2023 09:00

MichaelAndEagle · 15/03/2023 07:23

This has appeared on site stuff

Ah well. Free speech and all that πŸ™‚

OP posts:
ISaySteadyOn · 15/03/2023 10:14

Well, we've never been the ones who wanted to curtail speech anyway so...

justasking111 · 15/03/2023 11:09

I know my eyes cruised past all the covid threads. They were relentless. Just glad to find this raft to climb onto at times. OH had moments of irrational thought while we were cooped up. So these threads were my only retreat.

OP posts:
CoffeeWithCheese · 15/03/2023 11:31

Just be careful - I would not put it past someone who has devoted the time and effort to holding a grudge for 3 years to now try and get US pulled for a thread about a thread.

We're all moved house and I have to say - I needed to get out of the covid prison house after all those lockdowns. We would have had a much more tolerable pandemic in this house with a big garden and space for people to get away from other members of the family than we did do I believe - and we were not poor by any stretch - just "chugging along getting by" income levels.

justasking111 · 15/03/2023 11:43

@CoffeeWithCheese congratulations on your new home. Just the unpacking to face? You've moved in at a good time of year. Don't have to worry about the garden. See what pops up there maybe some lovely surprises in store.

OP posts:
justasking111 · 15/03/2023 11:44

Are you going to grow wonky vegetables πŸ˜‚

OP posts:
MrsDanversGlidesAgain · 15/03/2023 12:08

EmmaEmerald · 05/03/2023 00:22

Hancock is pretty much public enemy no1 for me in this, in terms of England - and there's a lot of competition.

I've heard it said that he was a pawn who couldn't cope. I don't see that at all. I saw a man revelling in the control he had.

Just found this thread after a long while not following ADs. A journalist in Mail (sorry) wrote a long piece a few days ago about how much Hancock seemed to enjoy his power over people, and I thought, bloody hell mate, where were YOU three years ago when some of us were saying this (frequently to his face on Twitter)? you are your paper were cheering for every restrictive move and calling people covidiots if they expressed the tiniest bit of scepticism about lockdown and masking.

As for Hancock - whatever bad happens to the slimy little toad in his life can't be bad enough. I despise politicians but I actively hate him.

justasking111 · 15/03/2023 12:13

Welcome back @MrsDanversGlidesAgain .

Hancock always gave me the ick. He even overrode Whitty who considered the harshness of the second lockdown saying people would defy the roolz so take your foot off the pedal. Whitty was right you can't keep repeating the same mistakes even the Chinese have woken up to that one.

OP posts:
ISaySteadyOn · 15/03/2023 12:43

@MrsDanversGlidesAgain , slimy little toad? Isn't that a bit unfair on toads? Wink

MrsDanversGlidesAgain · 15/03/2023 13:02

ISaySteadyOn · 15/03/2023 12:43

@MrsDanversGlidesAgain , slimy little toad? Isn't that a bit unfair on toads? Wink

Probably. Apologies to toads and toad lovers everywhere. 😁

The consolation is that his political career is over and with any luck his media career won't get off the ground.

CoffeeWithCheese · 15/03/2023 13:24

Hancock had a Newcastle shirt hanging in the background of his fucking video calls beautifully staged background - it placed him top of the Zoom background wankers list, closely followed by Shapps I think it was who had the fucking UK flags in the background of his.

JenniferBooth · 15/03/2023 13:33

I was already suspicious that that poster was the same one who got the A State of Fear threads pulled. Now im damn sure of it.

ISaySteadyOn · 15/03/2023 13:35

There's an irony in there somewhere. Being so afraid of a book.

JenniferBooth · 15/03/2023 13:38

@MrsDanversGlidesAgain oh i actively hate him too. More than i hate Boris.

CoffeeWithCheese · 15/03/2023 13:46

ISaySteadyOn · 15/03/2023 13:35

There's an irony in there somewhere. Being so afraid of a book.

My dissertation must be bloody terrifying then - I got so sick of the behaviour on here that I wrote it to try to tell of the impact on some of the kids of it all... and it was only the toxicity of the behaviour that kept me going through some of the dark bits of the degree and wanting to have the kids' Covid stories heard... so I guess I thank the bastards for the first class dissertation, first class degree and job in the end.

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