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ADS and the winds of change

450 replies

justasking111 · 09/10/2022 10:35

All set onward and upward friends

OP posts:

Hooverphobe · 02/11/2022 18:37

Auto-carrot was invented to help us with spelling. Instead it leaves us looking like illiterate swamp-dwellers.

@JenniferBooth what did you do to be smote?


JenniferBooth · 02/11/2022 18:47

It was a long line of stuff, Ive written a post in the thread that Buzzin with Bez mentions. It was in reply to two other posters , one who wondered where a lot of us had gone and then the second poster quoted her and mentioned my old user name. IMO a lot of posters were likely suspended and/or banned from here for misinformation that has since turned out to be true.


Taswama · 02/11/2022 18:51

Was in tears earlier today reading about the Exeter student who killed himself after hardly any contact because of Covid restrictions.
He was studying physics which is the sort of thing DS1 is likely to do in a few years time.


Hooverphobe · 02/11/2022 18:53

The stories on that thread are heartbreaking- but I’m not sure I’ll ever forget the AD whose clients were being pimped out by their mother. Banana bread my arse.


JenniferBooth · 02/11/2022 18:54

That thread is heartbreaking And still people still couldnt talk about in peace without posters jumping in to defend the lockdowns.


BogRollBOGOF · 02/11/2022 19:40

Why hello! 👋

It's about a year since our last new thread and I always saw it as a good thing that it was a long, slow burner.

There's been so many heartbreaking "we told you so" things emerging.

One horrific fact I've encountered in recent weeks is that more young people have died by suicide than from Covid itself. I remember fairly early on raising that suicide would be a long term toll of prolonged lockdown. It was not well recieved to put it mildly.

I'm hoping and fairly optomistic that life will be generally quite normal this winter. There's a strong appetite for normality and we've gone through a few cycles/ peaks without too much hoohar. Specifics like the NHS are different.

The thread title made me smile. That song was playing on my car radio when I pulled into the car park for my final pre-mask-mandate supermarket shop in July 2020. It stuck in my head at it fitted the moment.


MooseAndSquirrelLoveFlannel · 02/11/2022 19:49

Hey everyone, long time AD, new name.

I am noticing in work how much the impact of covid is really starting to hit home. Mental health services are shot to shit, I have never dealt with a situation were out of 25+ antisocial behaviour cases every single one is due to a mental health issue.

My own son at 11yo cant get help for his mental health that was decimated by the lockdowns and being accused of being a walking germ vector.

And now we have the CoL crisis bought about by huge furlough debts and a stagnated economy that everyone took advantage of once the world opened up again.

Not to mention I reckon covid paranoia and isolation is what pushed Putin over the edge!


JenniferBooth · 02/11/2022 20:28

@BogRollBOGOF You were one of the ones on here who helped to keep me sane


justasking111 · 02/11/2022 23:32

Well in Wales they're talking about a four day week in schools to save money on heating. Aye that'll work fine (not)

Read today the NHS is in a bigger mess than during covid 🙄

Society has become more insular, polarised and downright nasty. A mix of thinly disguised aggression unleashed verbally and all over the internet. Our MPs being a prime example. Obsessed with partygate when we're in a 51 billion debt hole.

I could slap the lot of them

OP posts:

NannyGythaOgg · 02/11/2022 23:43

ISaySteadyOn · 02/11/2022 06:57

Hope everyone is coping with the clock changes ok. I found this article on Unherd today:

And wondered what you all thought.

Also, those of you with secondary school age children, how are they organising their homework? DD is struggling with it and, tbh, I am a bit grumpy with primary schools for not really giving homework in y6. It feels like DD was sort of thrown in the deep end of the homework pool and told to swim.

I am going to talk to her form tutor and see if the school has any help available, but, as you all are one of the most compassionate groups of women I know, I am asking you too 🙂

I think this nails everything
that we have been saying from the start.

Before the first lockdown, I said to my sister 'This could be catastrophic and the end of civilisation as we know it - she laughed at me and said 'Don't be ridiculous'.
A couple of weeks later I was saying it, once a few people have had it, will join the realms of other flu and cold viruses and she was totally panicking because it spoiled her (very expensive) holiday plans.

She is wealthy, I am not. I have lost all respect for her.


justasking111 · 02/11/2022 23:49

@NannyGythaOgg it's certainly sorted out the wheat from the chaff

OP posts:

JenniferBooth · 02/11/2022 23:53

cost of lockdowns crisis


MxEWeatherwax · 03/11/2022 00:07

Just seen on Twitter that we have more excess deaths that moment, than during COVID. Missed other health conditions coming home to roost!
My own DM is a shadow of her former self. Covid has destroyed her mental health and she barely now leaves house. All her confidence has gone.
Plus where are all of the people who were going to wear masks forever 😷. I barely see a soul wearing one. I still have about two masks in my bag, never been washed for over 2 years. 😂


ISaySteadyOn · 03/11/2022 05:52

Depends where you are, I think. I live on the border of two boroughs. 1 v dementory and the other not really. So I still see masks in that one.


BogRollBOGOF · 03/11/2022 12:06

MxEWeatherwax · 03/11/2022 00:07

Just seen on Twitter that we have more excess deaths that moment, than during COVID. Missed other health conditions coming home to roost!
My own DM is a shadow of her former self. Covid has destroyed her mental health and she barely now leaves house. All her confidence has gone.
Plus where are all of the people who were going to wear masks forever 😷. I barely see a soul wearing one. I still have about two masks in my bag, never been washed for over 2 years. 😂

I've lost 4 people this year, 3 family.
Two were elderly and end of life, but the last two years took a lot of independence and quality of life away.

One a school friend who was diagnosed with cancer early 2020. I don't know if treatment was affected, but again far fewer quality of life options.

And a young relative ended their own life. I don't know the specifics. It's still very raw and closer family can't talk about it at present and while I never had the opportunity to develop much personal relationship with them, it's a huge wrench that a relative, and younger than me has been so desperate to do that, and the desperate grief the rest of the family is now feeling. It's truely awful. I don't know what role that past two years has played, but it can't have helped in any way and just put more pressure on support services and healthcare even if it wasn't an active influence.
I was always aware of the risk as a general principle and raised it as a concern. I didn't expect to be personally touched.


Hooverphobe · 03/11/2022 13:40

I’ve lost 2 uni friends this year. 1 in wales died of cancer 5 weeks after his eventual diagnosis - I wonder how long he’d been trying to see a GP F2F.

I myself had investigations grind to a halt during lockdowns. In the end I lost my sight this summer and eventually received a diagnosis. I’m bitter. I’m hanging onto my driving license by a thread and had I been diagnosed and put on meds 2.5 years ago I probably wouldn’t have lost my sight. Thankfully it came back - but it will always be a weakness and I don’t know if I’ll wake up tomorrow blind again.


BogRollBOGOF · 03/11/2022 13:57

Such high, high costs.
I hope it remains stable for you xx


MxEWeatherwax · 03/11/2022 16:49

My deepest condolences @BogRollBOGOF .
I still feel furious about everything, but also can’t be bothered to do anything anymore. Everything is an effort.


SierraSapphire · 03/11/2022 16:59

Nice to see people's names again. I'm a name changer. To my surprise I became a cancer statistic. There's no cancer in my immediate family, and I feel that the huge amount of stress and upset I experienced though being excluded from financial support despite having been successfully self-employed for 8 years, plus having to look after my frail DM with no help contributed to it (possibly caused it). Plus I might have gone to the GP and caught it sooner if health services weren't effectively closed. Hopefully it's all been taken out but I'm currently going through chemo to reduce the risk of recurrence. I've never caught Covid despite only having the first two vaccinations. I've been spending a lot of time in hospital and I can confirm there is a lot of under nose mask wearing!


LivinLaVidaLoki · 04/11/2022 06:30

@SierraSapphire Thanks


ISaySteadyOn · 04/11/2022 06:35

Flowers to everyone. It is good to 'see' you all.


Hooverphobe · 04/11/2022 08:49

💐for you Sierra.


BogRollBOGOF · 04/11/2022 09:15

I hope all heals well @SierraSapphire


JenniferBooth · 04/11/2022 21:30

@BogRollBOGOF My sympathies to you

@SierraSapphire Flowers


MopeyDopey · 04/11/2022 23:14

Hey guys
I was an original AD.

I can't actually remember what my name was before. I found being here, and other social media, made things harder.

I'm so sorry to hear about everything here. My damage is mental health and I'm not sure what I am allowed to say here, but there's a couple of stories on other threads about people having sight problems. Same has happened to a neighbour. Horribly shocking, he's young and had been terrified of getting ill and eager to take measures to prevent it.

I'm really glad to see some familiar people here. I was worried about some of you but being on MN at that time was just impossible.

I think I am annoying some people IRL as I am quite blase about some of the stuff that horrifies them now - but it was also effing obvious, I can't see why people are shocked.

I can't really talk about it as it all makes me so angry but I wanted to say hi to people on this board.

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