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ADS and the winds of change

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justasking111 · 09/10/2022 10:35

All set onward and upward friends

OP posts:
CoffeeWithCheese · 09/10/2022 12:31

Placemarking but I'm trying to stay on the low level of MN exposure now the demands for masks and rules are reappearing for the winter.

munchbunch12 · 09/10/2022 12:43

Yeah, I saw a thread earlier today where a lot of people were saying how sensible it would be to wear masks in the winter months. That viewpoint had been encouraged by someone who apparently previously said joggers should wear sanitary towels over their faces when out running! 🙄

munchbunch12 · 09/10/2022 12:46

Tbf, I didn't rtft, and a lot of other posters there just said 'no' so that gives me some hope!

CoffeeWithCheese · 09/10/2022 12:55

We had a ridiculous situation the other day - I'm on a rotation programme between different local NHS trusts and we had the big launch thing at one of the local hospitals which isn't our trust and is still mask-obsessed (although 90% of the staff have their noses hanging out). I cope at work by being just about able to get through a client appointment before needing to rip it off my face - and I've gone through hell to build up to that level of tolerance - and my managers know I struggle and will be back working from home and just going out on visits if they come back in at desks again. Big boss actually has cancer at the moment but still understands there's a balance between "safe" and "can't wear the bastard things" as well.

So we sit through the PowerPoints dutifully masked up... go off for coffee and cake (therefore unmasked and sitting next to each other) - then the photographer from the PR team comes along and we have to go outside, put face masks BACK on, and stand 1m apart for the PR photo for the programme launch. It was fucking ridiculous - then asking us to smile for the photo as well!

The world is bullshit.

ISaySteadyOn · 09/10/2022 13:48

Ugh. Sounds v difficult. I am worried that masks will come back in at DD's school.

justasking111 · 09/10/2022 14:08

Our health trust is demontoring had to go back to the eye clinic Thursday emergency coz of my history. The answer machine blurb "Because of covid rises blah blah blah". I thought bugger and dug out a new mask. I was the only one wearing one. Admin, nurses, consultant blissfully free. Yesterday our health trust announced all scheduled surgeries postponed because of covid. They're lying devious barstewards. We're advertising for our fourth chief executive in seven years.

OP posts:
Taswama · 09/10/2022 16:47

Hello everyone. I've read The Children's Inquiry and found it really well written. Was worried it would be lots of anecdotes but its well researched. Interesting to hear how much worse things have been in the red (Democrat) states with much longer school closures.

DP had a work event in London a few days ago and had to stay overnight. He overheard the following from some Americans at breakfast:
Woman - (cough, cough) Just tested positive for covid
Her colleague: Oh, do you need to do anything?
Other colleague: No, it's just like Texas
All carrying on eating breakfast, DP finishes up as quickly as possible 😂

I've been getting physio privately and have had three sessions: July - no masks, August- masks, September- no masks. No idea why!

CoffeeWithCheese · 09/10/2022 17:11

Other ridiculousness recently - breakaway training. Sat on distancing dots for the whole of the morning... then literally having each other in strangle holds in the afternoon with no distancing whatsoever.

justasking111 · 09/10/2022 20:24

Common sense out the window I'm more concerned about the flu. This year's is a doozy.

The COVID jabbing centre is chaotic my GP said long queues everyone scrunched up together, then you have to squeeze past the queue to get out again. They're breaking every protocol. It's like animals in the auction barns

OP posts:
BakingQueen14 · 09/10/2022 22:20

I've found your new thread. I dropped off for ages (and changed user name a few times). Glad to see familiar names.

Work is surprisingly normal for us (healthcare). I'm noticing more mask wear going on (still have 2 colleagues who haven't stopped) and it makes me feel weirdly irritated. I just wish people wouldn't. I know it doesn't directly effect me and I should be more understanding but internally I just feel pissed off.

I took DS to the theatre last week. A rescheduled performance (it's not something we'd usually do after work/school) and it was so normal. Absolutely packed and really enjoyable. I was trying to remember the last time we did something like that and think it was 2019. Madness.

I haven't booked my covid booster. Not sure if I'm going to. I had the first 3 when I didn't really want them and the 4th doesn't appeal.

110APiccadilly · 10/10/2022 02:18

Hello all, and thanks for the congratulations!

Our health board were constantly changing the mask rules while I was expecting (and I had a lot of scans as she was measuring small so I was in a lot). None of the staff ever wore one when they didn't have to though. I've been heartened by how quickly masks have disappeared in general round here (which just demonstrates the ridiculousness of the "it's just a mask, no big deal," people - if it were no big deal, some people would keep wearing one out of habit).

Having said all that, I'm in Wales and who knows what crazy stuff our government could come up with over the winter. I reckon English ADs are probably safe at this point, but I could see Cardiff (who don't have to deal with the economic fallout in the same way) deciding to bring stuff back this winter.

rubydoobydoo · 10/10/2022 03:01

👋 Hi, so glad there's still some sensible people around, I followed the old threads but not sure if I ever posted! I'm a lifelong AD married to a, ummm... D who has been known to accuse people of "killing grannies" if they stand too close to people 🙄 ( not to their faces or we'd be divorced by now!)

I've had appointments at two local hospitals recently. Both still want masks - but at the second once actually in the appointment my consultant said it was up to me whether either of us wore one or not and seemed very relieved when I was happy for both of us to go without!

I've had a cold this last week so have actually worn one in crowded places as I don't want anyone getting my germs.

CoffeeWithCheese · 10/10/2022 08:22

Oh yeah and carrying out things like intensive interaction or any other interventions with PMLD clients with half your fucking face covered so you can't mirror mouth movements or facial expressions effectively... FUCKING SUCKS AND IS SODDING USELESS!!!

Curlygirl06 · 12/10/2022 09:33

Found you! Tortoise is well and says hi.
One thing I've noticed in retail, more people are wearing masks in the shops, but quite often it's under their nose! I'm not wearing one.

BakingQueen14 · 12/10/2022 09:41

I think the real source of my irritation with masks is that they aren't worn properly by the majority. It's just a waste of time having it under your nose, pulling it down to talk, pulling it down to eat/drink. You may as well not bother.

thenightsky · 12/10/2022 10:13

Place marking so I don't lose you all.

Taswama · 13/10/2022 16:55

I've never really understood people who sit on the fence. Eg take a test / have the app when that was a thing but then not isolate. Maybe a novelty factor without really thinking about consequences?
Either wear a mask properly or don't bother. I'm in the don't bother camp personally but understand some people still want to or want to again.

ISaySteadyOn · 02/11/2022 06:57

Hope everyone is coping with the clock changes ok. I found this article on Unherd today:

And wondered what you all thought.

Also, those of you with secondary school age children, how are they organising their homework? DD is struggling with it and, tbh, I am a bit grumpy with primary schools for not really giving homework in y6. It feels like DD was sort of thrown in the deep end of the homework pool and told to swim.

I am going to talk to her form tutor and see if the school has any help available, but, as you all are one of the most compassionate groups of women I know, I am asking you too 🙂

CoffeeWithCheese · 02/11/2022 17:35

Half the bloody NHS who still have to wear them are now openly rocking their noses hanging out of their masks and cursing the damned things.

Hooverphobe · 02/11/2022 17:44

Long time no see ADs!

our charity shops are still wanting masks - and they ask you to do your hands because there’s “so much touching going on”. Aye Doris, I’m sure I WILL catch covid from leafing through a secondhand copy of Jamie’s 15 minute dinners.

JenniferBooth · 02/11/2022 18:06

Hello everyone

Hooverphobe · 02/11/2022 18:23

Very pleased to see you safe and sound @JenniferBooth !

JenniferBooth · 02/11/2022 18:27

Thankyou I dont know how much longer i will be back on here

Buzzinwithbez · 02/11/2022 18:34

That thread in chat about who's life has turned to shoot because of it is a real eye opener. Where was everyone in the beginning! Still, I'm glad it can at least be acknowledged now.

Buzzinwithbez · 02/11/2022 18:34

Apparently autocorrect doesn't like swearing.

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