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What little bit of luxury do you have for every day?

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Goingdooolally · 13/12/2020 10:23

I’d love to hear.

I love my cashmere snood/scarf. I’m a teacher and have to teach with the windows open at the moment so it keeps me warm and feels amazing. 💗

What do others have that is a little bit of luxury for every day?

OP posts:
NurseNancyandDoctorDavid · 13/12/2020 10:34

A big squirt of Penhaligon's Halfeti, Neom candles, and cashmere wrist warmers.

Turtle doves, make recycled cashmere gloves, wrist warmers, neckwarmers, and scarves, I've got lots of pairs and can really recommend. Smile

NotExactlyMrsCurrentAffairs · 13/12/2020 10:43

I spent a small fortune on lovely plates, dishes and bowls. I always have a little smile to myself whenever I use them. They are so beautiful.
I've never had any matching before. Feel like a proper grown up now.

FinallyFluid · 13/12/2020 10:47

Two squares of Godiva 72% dark chocolate with a cup of coffee made by DH before I go out to work and he goes into the front room to work, we sit at the kitchen table and he scrolls through the BBC website and we discuss the state of the nation, it has become my favourite part of the day.

swayingtrees · 13/12/2020 10:48

Molton Brown hand wash. I have several but pink pepper pod is my favourite 😍

AuntieMarys · 13/12/2020 10:49

Cashmere fingerless gloves.
Perfume every day.

Santaisironingwrappingpaper · 13/12/2020 10:50

An amazing view of the beach from my windows...

rubyslippers · 13/12/2020 10:50

I wear perfume everyday which is usually a Jo Malone or something indulgent

It’s ridic because I’m WFH and am wearing sweatpants mainly Confused

Jessicabrassica · 13/12/2020 10:52

A 40 minute commute with great views where nobody asks me to do anything.

AriesTheRam · 13/12/2020 10:53

Portrait of a lady perfume.

Ragwort · 13/12/2020 10:53

Decent, ground coffee - my favourite is not particularly expensive but it's the one thing I would really struggle to live without. I take my own coffee and filter to work (happy to share with anyone who wants a good cup of coffee) and I also used to take my own supplies when I was a Cub Leader at Camp. Grin

MysweetAudrina · 13/12/2020 10:56

An hour long yoga class every morning at 7am
Neom candles
Nice skincare
2 squares 70% dark chocolate
Nicely painted toe nails ( pedicure booked for Monday)
A hot shower
White bed linen

I like to take good care of myself :)

Purplecatshopaholic · 13/12/2020 11:03

High thread count bed linen. Tom Ford perfume and Molton Brown hand wash. Just little things that enhance my life sooo much - Covid or no covid.

HollyandIvyandallthingsYule · 13/12/2020 11:20

At the moment a lot of mine are Christmas themed:

Lighting my daily numbered candle counting down to Christmas Day (photo attached). I either light it early in the morning while it’s still dark, or late afternoon when it’s dark again. I love the hygge.

Having a cup of Christmas tea and a small serving of pebernødder (spiced biscuits) every few days - We’ve had to cut out our lockdown daily biscuit habit for health reasons but every few days a little treat is fine.

Receiving a Christmas card.

Having a cup of Turkish Delight hot chocolate.

The privilege of a gorgeous view right outside our front door/living room windows.

A bath with my favourite essential oil blend - orange & bergamot.

HollyandIvyandallthingsYule · 13/12/2020 11:21

Oops forgot the photo!

What little bit of luxury do you have for every day?
thosetalesofunexpected · 13/12/2020 11:34

Good thread I really like idea😊

zzizz · 13/12/2020 12:33

I often think to myself that we live lives which Kings and Queens could only dream of centuries ago - central heating, comfortable beds, warm clean clothes, running water, food and drink and entertainment on demand and so on and so forth. So I can't think of a single daily luxury, but I think our lives are luxurious anyway IYSWIM.

Jellycatspyjamas · 13/12/2020 12:43

Molton Brown hand wash here too, it lives in my bathroom away from little hands, though my 7 year old often washes his hands in there now because he loves the smelly soap. Espa salt scrub is a real treat too.

OhioOhioOhio · 13/12/2020 12:46

Estee Lauder foundation. I feel like a diva when I put it on.

OneRingToRuleThemAll · 13/12/2020 12:56

Flavoured latte. Made at home to save £. Only one per day as the calories add up.

S0CKS · 13/12/2020 13:24

A nice car to drive to work and back its not particularly fancy but it's new and reliable the feeling of knowing I'm 99.99% positive my car is going to start after a long day or it's icy in a morning is worth the payment to me.

SinkGirl · 13/12/2020 13:27

My bean to cup coffee machine. We don’t get much sleep and good coffee saves my sanity.

I’ve also knitted myself a couple of scarves from lovely alpaca yarn which make me happy :)

What little bit of luxury do you have for every day?
What little bit of luxury do you have for every day?
Sparklingbrook · 13/12/2020 13:31


High thread count bed linen. Tom Ford perfume and Molton Brown hand wash. Just little things that enhance my life sooo much - Covid or no covid.

I am with you on the bed linen. Like the sort you get in a posh hotel. On a thread about Christmas bedding everyone was on about brushed cotton and 'cheap' bedsets but noooo-even at Christmas I am not compromising. Grin Also Molton Brown handwash and reed diffusers Black Peppercorn

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SmudgeButt · 13/12/2020 13:37

really good milk.

there's a local farm that sells direct to the public at £1 a litre in a recycled glass bottle. I normally would drink about a pint of milk while getting my coffee ready in the morning and this is the best milk you can get this side of the alps. (high mountain milk is the best in the world)

so it's not really expensive but so well worth the drive twice a week to buy some.

Goingdooolally · 13/12/2020 13:41

Oh I’m loving these answers, thank you!💗

I also got some beautiful hand made mugs that make me smile whenever I use them.

I’m not a bath person but I love nice soap and body lotion for after a shower.

I also forgot my extra large thermos mug which is a godsend in school.

OP posts:
VodselForDinner · 13/12/2020 13:41

I’m exceptionally good to myself Grin

My Ugg slippers- so snug and they don’t go smelly.

Lovely toiletries and skincare.

Sparkly Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow every day although I’m working from home and mainly in jeans, and aforementioned slippers.

My AirPod Pros. Expensive but I do a lot of conference calls/video calls so I bought them at the start of lockdown and they’ve been invaluable.

Really good sourdough. I live on the same street as an amazing artisan bakery. A loaf of sourdough is £6 and you have to time the queue right, but it’s worth it.

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