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How many days off sick have you had this year?

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Biancadelrioisback · 11/06/2019 16:10

Ive had 3 and I've been told that's high. I had 2 days (back to back) back in Feb due to suspected mild pnumonia. I worked from home for a week before but 2 days I could barely move let alone work.
I've had one more day recently due to a cold. I was coughing up a lot of gung and it triggered my gag reflex and I was sick so they send me home.

I work for a very small company so I think only one other person had had a sick day but so far I've had the most. It's definitely more noticeable in a small team too so I don't want to be seen as a piss taker.

So, is that a lot in the space of 6 months? How many have you had?

OP posts:
HilaryBriss · 11/06/2019 16:20

None so far this year. I don't think 3 days/2 instances is particularly high though - if you are ill, you are ill!

denimjacket · 11/06/2019 16:20

2.5 in 9 months.

I don't think yours is particularly high.

happypotamus · 11/06/2019 16:21

I haven't had any days off sick yet this year, but I think it is down to luck more than anything. Also, I have gone to work when I probably wasn't well enough to be there, both physically and mentally, if I am honest, and that's not something to be proud of.

BrieAndChilli · 11/06/2019 16:22

I’ve had 0 sick days in at least 3.5 years. I’ve taken some last minute holiday a couple of times when kids were sick /I was called to pick them up from school.
I did work from home for 2 years so there were probably a couple of day’s I would have rung in sick but as I could sit at home in my pjs and work I was able to get the essentials done. Since working in an office for the past 1.5 years I not had a sick day

Missmonkeypenny · 11/06/2019 16:22

Since financial year (April), I’m on my second today with awful morning sickness.
In a year long period, I’ve had 4 days ( 2 with norovirus, 2 morning sickness)

LuckyLuckyWoman · 11/06/2019 16:23

None, in fact I've only had two days off in the last 7 years. Then again I'm sure I've gone to work when I perhaps shouldn't have.

DontMakeMeShushYou · 11/06/2019 16:24

None. Last sickness absence I had was March 2018 when I had flu.

3 days isn't particularly high, but it certainly isn't low either.

tinytemper66 · 11/06/2019 16:25

Work in a school but unsure how it is calculated as too high as until last September I had only had odd days with migraines over the 13 years I have been there. I broke my leg in September and was off for 10 weeks.

MrsPnut · 11/06/2019 16:28

I’ve had two lots of two weeks off this year but had one day last year for a vomiting bug. I do have a chronic autoimmune disorder which is what has caused this year’s absences.

TickleMyFanny · 11/06/2019 16:28


Allyg1185 · 11/06/2019 16:29

2 but one was when my ds hurt his foot on the trampoline and the hospital advised me to keep him off school the next day. The other one was when I had a migraine.

We are allowed 6 paid sick days a year. Anymore and you would be called into the office for an investigation

Lovelydovey · 11/06/2019 16:29

None in at least 5 years....

Rockbird · 11/06/2019 16:29

3 lots of 2 days in this academic year. I work in a school and have to abide by the 49 hour rule when I catch one of their grubby little bugs Wink

BeyondMyWits · 11/06/2019 16:31

Zero so far this year, 6 weeks last year (recovering from a heart attack).

Surely it varies very,very wildly depending on illness.
Generally I am well - usually very well, hale and hearty... haha.... Generally I have no time off sick. Last year had a big surprise and the shoulder pain that came on suddenly was not a pulled muscle after all.

Undies1990 · 11/06/2019 16:33

One day sick in the last 10 years

Three days in 5 months is considered a lot in my view. Did they consider the day you were sent home because you were physically sick a full day sick?

Fluffa · 11/06/2019 16:33

None of you work in the nhs then?

ThereIsIron · 11/06/2019 16:33

3 sick days in last 14 years

BalloonDinosaur · 11/06/2019 16:34

None since April 2018. 3 instances of sickness in a rolling 12 month period would trigger stage 1 of sickness management. I think I've been on this once in the 10 years I've worked there.

fromthefloorboardsup · 11/06/2019 16:35

I haven't had any, I usually have 1 or 2 a year. Average for the UK is around 4 a year but it's going to really vary person to person I think. I wouldn't say yours was particularly high as it's around the average.

sweetkitty · 11/06/2019 16:35

3 weeks (my longest ever)

I fractured my sternum how? bungee jumping? Abseiling? Horse riding?

No I was moving my coffee table and fell on an ornament. It was so painful though could hardly breathe, had to have heart function tests as it’s usually associated with hitting a steering wheel in a crash. Worse thing was I heard it!

BalloonDinosaur · 11/06/2019 16:35

@Fluffa I do.

babysharkah · 11/06/2019 16:36


fromthefloorboardsup · 11/06/2019 16:36

(I consider instances rather than days when I look at it, so if it was 3 days but 2 instances I'd look at that differently from 3 days over 3 instances)

JMAngel1 · 11/06/2019 16:39

0 - NHS here too.

Megan2018 · 11/06/2019 16:40

In my area it is the number of instances that matters more than the number of days.

We can have 4 instances or 10 working days before you hit disciplinary (short term sickness only - long term sickness is exempt).

I have had 1 episode (2 days) but that is pregnancy related so also exempt.

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