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Peter Andre really loves his kids

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BupcakesandCunting · 14/04/2012 23:15

Peter Andre loves his kids so much that:

  1. If you could measure PA's love for his kids in money, his love would pay off the Greek debt ONE MILLION times over.

2. If Pete's love for his kids could be converted into electricity, it could light up the United States for sixty centuries.

3. Pete's love for his kids warmed the heart of Kim Jong Il before his death.
OP posts:
TalcAndTurnips · 15/04/2012 00:06

Pete's love for his kids could actually prevent our galaxy from being absorbed into a black hole

On hearing about Pete's love for his kids, prisoners on Death Row immediately confess to all their crimes and pray for deliverance

KatieMiddleton · 15/04/2012 00:07

Pete's love for his kids is such that it could cure cancer and the common cold. But he keeps it restricted so as not to draw too much attention to himself. He's selfless innit.

Nancy66 · 15/04/2012 00:08

If everyone felt the love for each other that Peter had for his kids we would never have had the summer riots...and people would have been throwing love bombs not petrol bombs

MrsChemist · 15/04/2012 00:08

If Pete travelled back in time, his love for his kids could melt the iceberg that sank the Titantic.

Kraggen · 15/04/2012 00:09

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Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 15/04/2012 00:09

You know that song 'the power of love'?
S'about Peter's love for his kids. But not in a pervy way, it just got sidetracked.

BountyCack · 15/04/2012 00:10

The bit that fell off the Rosetta Stone said "I really love my kids - P. Andre"

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 15/04/2012 00:10

Peter Andre's love for his kids actually started the late 60s Summer of Love years before his conception. Such is the power of this love.

KatieMiddleton · 15/04/2012 00:10

It is only because he loves those kids he hawks himself all over the telly. It's not shameless self promotion. It's his big heart. He can't help himself.

BerryMenlove · 15/04/2012 00:10

Talking of the Titanic, Pete's love could have kept Jack alive in that icy water. His orange face beaming from under the sea.... If only Pete had been born many many years earlier.
I'm actually starting to wonder if Peter Andre is, in actual fact, Jesus Shock

KatieMiddleton · 15/04/2012 00:11

The bit that fell off the Rosetta Stone said "I really love my kids - P. Andre"


EnjoyResponsibly · 15/04/2012 00:12

Petes love for his kids, when harnessed as a chemical and used in proper miniscule quantites is the orange in Sunny Delight, which I think we can all agree is quite orange.

FannyFifer · 15/04/2012 00:12

The Dalai Lama wears orange as a tribute and to remind himself every day that nothing is as sacred as the love Pete has for his children. [sobs]

TalcAndTurnips · 15/04/2012 00:13

Mother Teresa learned everything she knew from Pete and his love for his kids

If you play the soundtrack to the film "Love Story" backwards, it is one, long subliminal message about Pete's love for his kids

Pete's Love For His Kids is actually legal currency in 15 separate countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. The exchange rate is presently Pete's Love For His Kids = £100m sterling

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 15/04/2012 00:13

HAH! at Dalai Lama Grin

Kraggen · 15/04/2012 00:13

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

EnjoyResponsibly · 15/04/2012 00:14

Fanny same with all people in hi vis vests.

KatieMiddleton · 15/04/2012 00:15

When hostage negotiations get a bit tricky the CIA have been trained to murmur just how much Pete loves his kids to defuse the situation.

BountyCack · 15/04/2012 00:16

The Beatles struggled for many months with the unwieldy demo mix of "All You Need Is Peter Andre's Love For His Kids" until George Harrison shouted "Fucking simplify, men"

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 15/04/2012 00:16

Peter's love for his kids is so significant, it's now being used as the official scale of measurement for affection. You can go from zero to Andre, except no-one gets to Andre.

KatieMiddleton · 15/04/2012 00:16

Yeah St Peter of Andre is the Patron Saint of construction workers, bin men and the blokes who do the road works.

Kraggen · 15/04/2012 00:16

This reply has been deleted

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SarahStratton · 15/04/2012 00:16
KatieMiddleton · 15/04/2012 00:17

Except his kids Sue. They always get Andre. All the time because he's such a good dad.

SarahStratton · 15/04/2012 00:17


Outed as a bin man :(

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