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Peter Andre really loves his kids

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BupcakesandCunting · 14/04/2012 23:15

Peter Andre loves his kids so much that:

  1. If you could measure PA's love for his kids in money, his love would pay off the Greek debt ONE MILLION times over.

2. If Pete's love for his kids could be converted into electricity, it could light up the United States for sixty centuries.

3. Pete's love for his kids warmed the heart of Kim Jong Il before his death.
OP posts:
caramelwaffle · 14/04/2012 23:54

Peter Andre is a father?


Never knew that. Nope. Never.

Well blow me down!

And he loves them, you say?

EnjoyResponsibly · 14/04/2012 23:54

Note: it did not stop Neil and Buzz writing PETES A CUNT in the moonsand.


MrsChemist · 14/04/2012 23:54

As an aside, after reading the joke amazon reviews, I always read his name as Peter Andrew, and it makes me snurk.

In fact, I've been been to have another read, and I woke the baby with my snurking.

BountyCack · 14/04/2012 23:55

If they changed every nation's flag to a picture of Peter Andre's heart with his kids inside it, war would be over.

BerryMenlove · 14/04/2012 23:56

Peter Andre invented ''loud parenting''.
You see it everywhere now, in libraries, museums. Parents now having the confidence to show the world how truly intellectual their children are. Pete started that...

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 14/04/2012 23:56

Arf, actual moonsand? They could mould a purple glittery knob from that.

TalcAndTurnips · 14/04/2012 23:57

My pelvic floor is coming under undue stress and strain reading this thread - well done Bups Grin

Pete's love for his kids is one of the reasons that planes are able to stay up in the sky

If Pete's love for his kids faltered for even a nano-second, Earth would be plunged immediately into a mini ice-age

In answer to the Bee Gees' famous hit record "How Deep Is Your Love" - Pete is physically incapable of providing an answer

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 14/04/2012 23:57

You know that song 'the greatest love of all'?
Written in anticipation of PA's love for his kids.

caramelwaffle · 14/04/2012 23:57

"...war would be over." Grin

blackeyedsusan · 14/04/2012 23:58

sarah, you need a "guzunda"

BountyCack · 14/04/2012 23:59

It is Pete's love for his kids that makes magnets go.

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 14/04/2012 23:59

You know that song 'I want to know what love is'?
The answer is Pete's love for his kids.

KatieMiddleton · 15/04/2012 00:00

One day scientists will learn how to harness Pete's love for his kids and when that day comes there will be no cleaner fuel. Let's hope that day comes soon

Kraggen · 15/04/2012 00:01

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

EnjoyResponsibly · 15/04/2012 00:01

Fearful thought.

What would happen if Pete STOPPED loving his kids?

BerryMenlove · 15/04/2012 00:02

It is Pete's love for his kids that will keep the flame alive in the Olympic Torch. The organisers know this and it is said Peter is being paid handsomely for this.

MrsChemist · 15/04/2012 00:02

Peter Andre's love for his kids radiates such loving energy into the solar system, that it single handedly protects the Earth from asteroids.

BountyCack · 15/04/2012 00:03

Grey goo, EnjoyResponsibly, grey goo...

akaemmafrost · 15/04/2012 00:03

This thread has some of the funniest posts I've ever read on MN, I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so much Grin.

KatieMiddleton · 15/04/2012 00:03

Without Pete's love for his kids the earth's core would just be a lump of cold hard rock and the world would be a much, much colder place. #Trufact

EnjoyResponsibly · 15/04/2012 00:04

Bounty the internet might break or some fink as terrible.

KatieMiddleton · 15/04/2012 00:05

A world without Pete's love for his kids? Surely not worth living. Surely.

MrsChemist · 15/04/2012 00:05

In fact, it was thought that the magnetosphere protects Earth from radiation from solar winds. Not true, ir's Pete's love for his kids.

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 15/04/2012 00:05

It's is only Peter's love for his kids and Samantha Brick keeping the printed press alive. There's an Altar of Love on Fleet Street and they make daily sacrifices of jam paninis and soft porn to appease him.

BountyCack · 15/04/2012 00:05

When I went in for a c-section, the anaesthetist asked me whether I wanted a spinal block, an epidural, a general, or Peter Andre's love for his kids

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