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Peter Andre really loves his kids

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BupcakesandCunting · 14/04/2012 23:15

Peter Andre loves his kids so much that:

  1. If you could measure PA's love for his kids in money, his love would pay off the Greek debt ONE MILLION times over.

2. If Pete's love for his kids could be converted into electricity, it could light up the United States for sixty centuries.

3. Pete's love for his kids warmed the heart of Kim Jong Il before his death.
OP posts:
spooktrain · 19/04/2012 10:22

Orange marches?

The Protestant world's way of honouring PALFHK and Prince Peter of Orange

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 19/04/2012 12:57

If His Orange Oiliness hasn't sued by now, I shouldn't think he will Grin. We've said much much worse than this before. Many times.

DoIgetastickerforthat · 19/04/2012 14:02

Loving those wafers. I'm going to get some and use them for Holy Communion along with a goblet of expresso coffee this Sunday.

"In the name of the Father, the son and the child named Bisto"

"This is my ripped body" (nom, nom).
"This is me blud innit mate, I'm so down wiv da kids, not like some washed up eighties has been Rass". (slurp spit).

SillyBeardyDaddyman · 19/04/2012 14:25

I heard recently that pubs are having to get rid of those patio heaters to cut down on their carbon footprint. But it's ok as PALFHK can warm all the pub gardens in Britain carbon free. Mmm orangey warm...

SlightlyJaded · 19/04/2012 14:39

I think you're all horrible

Before Pete came along, I didn't even know that Dads COULD love their kids.

I thought that they just pretended to like them a bit to make themselves look modern and progressive

In fact, I challenge you to name ONE OTHER DAD who actually really loves his kids. Well? Well? There you go.

Pete has shown us that there is a chance, just a small one mind, that we might one day be blessed to bear a child to a man who REALLY LOVES HIS KIDS.

That man might pick them both up at the same time - one in each arm - and smile beamingly to show us just how happy just holding his kids makes him. He might sit ON THE ACTUAL FLOOR with them just because he wants to be closer to their level. And he might even get tattoos of their names on his arms so that any topless/vest only photos of him will prove even further, his actual real, enormous love for his kids.

So there. God bless you Pete

agreetodisagree · 20/04/2012 14:03

And God bless Elephantsaremadeofelements for pointing this little beauty on another thread.

Its spinnerets are of course powered by PALFHK

Dadwithgingerhair · 20/04/2012 16:40

If you spell "LOVE MY KIDS" backwards - it spells "GREASY SHORT IMMIGRANT".

Dadwithgingerhair · 20/04/2012 16:46

The magical island off "lost" wouldn't touch Andre's kids.

cornsyilk · 20/04/2012 16:49

PA is the reason why nothing rhymes with orange.

Dadwithgingerhair · 20/04/2012 16:56

If Peter Andre and his love for his kids sat on a orange see-saw and Jordan and her love for herself sat on the other side, which way would the see-saw sway?

jenfraggle · 20/04/2012 17:29

PALFHK is the only thing known to beat Chuck Norris in a fight

FannyFifer · 20/04/2012 17:31

Dadwithgingerhair have you not been reading this thread PALFHK is stronger than any love, any energy in the whole world, Jordan, pah!

cornsyilk · 20/04/2012 17:44

peter's little legs give him the advantage on the seesaw

KatieScarlett2833 · 23/04/2012 17:39

I watched his godawful show just to remind myself why he's a cunt over the weeked.

The kids repeatedly told him to "Stop showing off, Daddy"

Not so hands on when the cameras are off Pete? Hmm?

SuePurblyingoodVOICE · 23/04/2012 20:46

You needed reminding?

KenDoddsDadsDog · 23/04/2012 21:17

Please can we have a half orange emoticon?

KatieScarlett2833 · 24/04/2012 16:24

I was looking for material Sue

Unfortunately his self-obsession is not that funny, unlike his oompa loompa-ness.....

SuePurblyingoodVOICE · 24/04/2012 16:58

Could be interesting if you were writing a piece entitled 'The Male SamBrick'

KatieScarlett2833 · 24/04/2012 17:49

Unkind to Sam


SuePurblyingoodVOICE · 24/04/2012 18:26

I know . I hate her for her beauty.

NicholasTeakozy · 24/04/2012 18:36

Don't we all Sue...

SuePurblyingoodVOICE · 24/04/2012 18:37

We do. Except for the menz Wink.

somewherewest · 24/04/2012 19:10

Maybe Sam and Pete could get together. Their babies would be the most beatiful, most loved and most orange babies in the world.

GlitterIsJustVampireAsh · 24/04/2012 20:11

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

SuePurblyingoodVOICE · 24/04/2012 20:17

If MNHQ won't move it to Classics, and I don't think they will, they may move it to Sleb Twaddle. They're nice like that, if you ask.
Then it will live forever.

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