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Peter Andre really loves his kids

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BupcakesandCunting · 14/04/2012 23:15

Peter Andre loves his kids so much that:

  1. If you could measure PA's love for his kids in money, his love would pay off the Greek debt ONE MILLION times over.

2. If Pete's love for his kids could be converted into electricity, it could light up the United States for sixty centuries.

3. Pete's love for his kids warmed the heart of Kim Jong Il before his death.
OP posts:
BupcakesandCunting · 14/04/2012 23:37

"If you Google "Pete's LACK of love for his kids", it returns 0 results"

Just did an actual "HUR HUR" laugh to that.

OP posts:
KatieMiddleton · 14/04/2012 23:39

I believe it is his love for this children that causes the curious orange glow 'cause that is how real love manifests itself. It definitely isn't fake tan or ought.

KatieMiddleton · 14/04/2012 23:39

his children. FFS

BerryMenlove · 14/04/2012 23:39

Sue , tell me more.....

Hang on,

does this work

Nancy66 · 14/04/2012 23:40

He loves his kids so much that the thought of this love makes him weep a river of tears so deep that it would end the hosepipe ban....

BerryMenlove · 14/04/2012 23:40

Oh feck, how much of my life I've wasted with my pathetic strikethrough attempts. It was all so easy in reality....

KatieMiddleton · 14/04/2012 23:41

How wonderful that Peter could cure your affliction Berry

Valpollicella · 14/04/2012 23:41

If you look up the word 'loved' in the newest versions of the OED, the third definition is "kids of Peter Andre"

BupcakesandCunting · 14/04/2012 23:42

Pete loves his kids so much that Bono is envious.

OP posts:
SuePurblyBusinesslike · 14/04/2012 23:42

I can cure the defective! Come to me, ye huddled masses, with strikethrough fails. I spread the good word

Of course, it was the Orange Glow moving in me that helped.

swooosh · 14/04/2012 23:44

testing strikeout


BerryMenlove · 14/04/2012 23:44

He did too, Katie. Gotta love that man. Maybe he will adopt me? He could adopt every human being on the planet with the amount of love he has inside. Except for maybe Jordan. She is the work of the devil of course.

swooosh · 14/04/2012 23:44

"If you look up the word 'loved' in the newest versions of the OED, the third definition is "kids of Peter Andre""

or just a picture

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 14/04/2012 23:44

He did it again!

truly the Love is strong in us.

BeyondTheLimitsOfAcceptability · 14/04/2012 23:45

My DS2 is sulking because he is obviously not as loved as PAs kids.
So he is 9 days overdue and not coming out until I agree to letting him be adopted.

EnjoyResponsibly · 14/04/2012 23:47

Beyond have DH hold a picture of Peter to your vagine. DS2 will come toward the orange light.

Such is the power of the Orandre.

TalcAndTurnips · 14/04/2012 23:47

Pete isn't sun-tanned - it's just a perma-flush of love for his kids

Religious leaders around the world regularly contact Pete for advice on loving kids*




*except Catholic priests

TheCrackFox · 14/04/2012 23:49

Pete's love for his kids is so strong that it actually travelled through time and influenced a lot of Shakespeare's writing. Troo fact.

BountyCack · 14/04/2012 23:49

Peter Andre's love for his kids is so big that when Den served Angie with divorce papers in Christmas 1985, 6million viewers were so distracted by the forthcoming scope of it that they missed him saying " 'Appy Christmas, Ange."

SarahStratton · 14/04/2012 23:50

Fucking bastards.

Now I have to get out of bed, and climb Everest to pee. Again.

BountyCack · 14/04/2012 23:50

Ha ha timetravelling Xposts TheCrackFox

MrsChemist · 14/04/2012 23:50

The love Peter Andre has for his kids is so strong, it could literally make the sun supernova.

Lucky for us, he keeps that power well hidden.

SuePurblyBusinesslike · 14/04/2012 23:52

Peter's love for his kids is so strong it's started to produce a musky odour.

KatieMiddleton · 14/04/2012 23:52

That hot spell last month? It was Peter missing his kids while they were at their mums. Just thinking about them caused hot, orange rays of love.

EnjoyResponsibly · 14/04/2012 23:52

It was the certain knowledge that soon a child called Pete would be born who one day would really, really love his kids that inspired Neil Armstrong to walk down those steps.

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