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Barbie dolls (in a Barbie world)...

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RafaellaOrDella · 08/03/2023 10:44

DD has decided, out of the blue, that she desperately needs Barbie dolls, having shown zero interest in dolls previously. It's her 6th birthday soon, so I'm happy to get a few bits and pieces for her, but not a huge house thing as we don't have room and I'm not sure whether it would get much use. Can anyone give me some ideas of what to get, which sets have most play value, etc? DD's other interests are a bit random and not much help (sharks, pumas, science books, nature documentaries, Horrible Histories, ninjas, climbing). I have got her the marine biologist Barbie as a starting point, but any ideas very welcome!

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whatthebejesus · 08/03/2023 11:45

Have a check out of Aldi as they often have good priced Barbie sets in the middle aisles. My daughter has the tennis set, vet set safari set and several other dolls. They do get played with. We have the Barbie camper which is good. We don't have the house. Too big!


BritInAus · 08/03/2023 11:52

I'd suggest getting a few different dolls so she can make up family groups. Eg a Barbie, a Ken, a Skipper (big sister), a Chelsea (little girl) and some different clothes/accessories/pets. Agree that the camper van is a good alternative to the house - useful for lots of scenarios, but not as large (also often on Marketplace etc for a fraction of the new price).


mummymummymummummum · 08/03/2023 11:54

Mine developed a love of Barbie from nowhere at Christmas! Also 6yo 🤷🏻‍♀️

I went for a camping set with two dolls, and a car from Vinted. She also got a gymnastics set, where the doll is extra bendy! (As in the knees and elbows etc bend). It also has a spinning thing. She also got a Chelsea (little doll) from a friend.

6 go's verdict is that the bendy gymnastics doll is best because she can manipulate it more. She likes dressing/undressing then, and role plays a lot.

Bendy Barbie is called Barbie Extra 😁 Just googled!

This is the Gymnastics Barbie set


Orcubed · 08/03/2023 12:05

My 7yo mostly likes dressing and undressing them and arranging them into families so I’d say get some extra clothes and some different sized dolls - skipper, Stacie etc. Lots of bundles on vinted. Funnily enough the one she most wanted was a mermaid barbie but you can’t dress it so it’s played with the least!


SnowLemons · 08/03/2023 12:11

I would get a barbie and then maybe take her to a shop to choose a friend for it/some clothes


RafaellaOrDella · 08/03/2023 12:28

Vinted is a good shout! Also it will ease my guilt about the plastic. Thank you for the suggestions!

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PeekAtYou · 08/03/2023 12:31

My Dd liked dressing and undressing them in different outfits. she has new dolls but a lot of the clothing came from random places like eBay, charity shops and pound land. Shoes are very hard to keep track of but very popular for a fashion show sort of perspective.


soboredoflooking · 08/03/2023 14:15

I feel like I have ALL the Barbie stuff. The dream house, the caravan another house, the Chelsea house, the food truck, Barbie extra vanity set, a few cars and many, many other sets and dolls.

My 2 seem really keen on the Chelsea ones in particular they are almost 6 and 3. Although they also play with the other dolls too so it becomes the Barbies are the mummy lol

This one belongs to my youngest and it's actually really good value and she's been playing with it lots:

Also have 2 different versions of this one and they take them in the bath so they get well played with:

This one's another fav for the Chelsea ones:


Carsarelife · 08/03/2023 14:16

My DD 8 loves the Barbie gymnastics set and the camper van. The camper van I bought new and she has played with it for 3 years.


SoonToBeQueenCamilla · 08/03/2023 14:16

Charity shops often have Barbies or similar dolls and their accessories eg cars


spottydottyknotty · 08/03/2023 14:21

My dd has plenty of Barrie's most come with accessories.

Her favs seem to be mermaid, merman and the mermaid/ merboy children.
And the made to move ones (one comes with a cat tree and some cats)
And the ones with babies! (Babysitters inc) or a nurse with a baby

She has a camper van too which came with lots of accessories (boat, fishing rods, cups, plates, cutlery etc)


RafaellaOrDella · 08/03/2023 22:26

Thank you for all of these ideas. Looking forward to some Vinted action!

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